Raw Food Diet Results: Have a Little Patience!

When it comes to raw food diet results, you have to have a little patience! A plant based diet is incredibly healing for the body but it’s not going to happen overnight. The raw vegan lifestyle works when you give it the chance.

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10 replies
  1. Scott V Grube
    Scott V Grube says:

    One of the health food shops I visit, the fellow believes for every year of eating the western diet allow 1 month to cleans and heal. 25 months down 25 months to go……however my liver and cholesterol healed in 6 months. 😉

  2. KoalaMama 2.0
    KoalaMama 2.0 says:

    When I first switched from a high fat animal diet to HCLF high raw vegan, it only took a couple of days to start getting great energy, but I was also taking glandulars to help my body adapt. My digestion, however, took 6 weeks until I could eat dates or raw broccoli without gas or bloating. I always use the baby and bathwater analogy, so I guess I'm old 😜 And stop (or keep?) luring me with the amazing watermelon pictures..!!! =P ' ' ' 😍

  3. charlotte Yarbrough
    charlotte Yarbrough says:

    I made a smoothie of like 10 bananas and my step daughter wanted it so I gave it to her. She is used to eating a sad diet but she drank it down then wanted another one. I made it and she ate it to. 20 bananas. She didn't even complain. I can't believe she ate all that and it didn't bother her when not used to it. When I first started this I couldn't eat that much without stomach trouble. But probably was good for her lol

  4. Melanie J. Roberts
    Melanie J. Roberts says:

    I think that is why so many people say "well I've tried everything." I think, nah, you haven't. "Trying" for a week or two is not giving anything a really good chance. It's going to take time to reverse years of damage. Thanks for putting that out there Jack and keeping it real.

  5. Sonia Stoltz
    Sonia Stoltz says:

    I totally agree. It bugs me when people just tell all their followers that the raw food diet didn't work for them therefore will not work for anyone. People see that and then they talk shit about it and they haven't even tried it themselves 😂😂

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