Raw Food Diet, Juice Fasts and Mono Meals

My thoughts about mono meals and juice fasts when following a raw food diet. Personally, I recommend a progression. Simply start by following a whole food plant based diet and work your way towards the raw vegan lifestyle.

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17 replies
  1. Roejimbo
    Roejimbo says:

    Yeah i been yappin about the juice in your comments, thanks for sharing your view on it. Im on day 5 of a john rose style juice fast and i don't think it's that much of an ego thing, atleast not socially, i don't know any other raw vegans im trying to impress. But i spiritually feel called to it at the moment, it wasn't something i planned on, and i did a 4-5 ramp onto it, no real end date or goal in mind. Ive been working on cleaning up the diet for almost two years now, and the timing just feels right. If i start feeling bad, i figure ill just break the fast slowly, and hang out in the raw zone. Even then, i see juice being a real component of my diet, its delicious, I've been having allot of fun. So far my only negative reaction has been a bit of a headache today, but i had headaches all the time before, so id say im doing alright. Anyways, thanks for sharing your view of the juice.

  2. Jeff Sekerak
    Jeff Sekerak says:

    Just finished a 27-day juice fast. On nothing but cucumber, tomato, garlic, & ginger. I’ll say this. It’s a good parasite cleanser. A good discipline builder. A good weight-loss tactic. And a good way to reset the taste buds. Especially if you’re in a state where you’ve noticed yourself sliding. And eating more cooked food than you’re comfortable with. That’s where I was at. Now? After my longest all-juice diet? I’d say there’s a decent chance I’ll never touch cooked again. My overall review of juice fasting: If you’re looking to boost health to a level you may not have experienced before. Try it it’s worth it.

  3. Gabriel. F
    Gabriel. F says:

    Day 24 of juicing, not stopping till i get this serpent out of me 🙂 Am drooling looking at banana and avocados. If you havent done a juice fast you dont know what your missing man! You wont lose any lean muscle if you do a juice feast properly, youd be surprised how much filth you got inside you, im only 18 and at day 24 its unbelievable. Ive also been high raw for about a year, also jumping into a juice fast is one of the BEST WAYS to start tour journey! BIG STEPS for BIG MOTIVATION!

  4. YogiRyan
    YogiRyan says:

    Jack been really loving the videos lately. You channel is very simple and even though you do a lot of reporting videos they are still very interesting. Keep it simple is def the best way I have found to do this lifestyle and love your message. Keep it up.
    On A side note: I find juice feasting to be ok I would rather do water fasting. I routinely incorporate 24HR water fasts a couple of times per week right now. Its a really good practice bc you get the benefits of fasting but also still are able to eat everyday and for me I get the benefits of fasting and raw vegan for that one day. 🙂

    As far as juices a good thing I learned from my health coach is my base for my juices is celery and romaine I do 2 of those a day just 8oz each. Its like a supplement to my diet. Def dont do all fruit unless its more of a melon juice, Love watermelon juice thats my favorite.

  5. Deepak Guttal
    Deepak Guttal says:

    Hydration on a cellular level is key from my personal experience, juice feasting helped me improve hydration drastically in a very short time other than getting rid of a lot of junk in the trunk ☺. Juice fast/feasts can certainly help expedite the transition from cooked to raw. Not eating solid foods for a period is much easier than trying to eat right

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