Raw Food Diet – Getting Started

The raw food diet has been getting quite a surge in popularity recently, and with good reason considering this diet-lifestyle can help with a large number of issues. From weight-loss to chronic illness, eating primarily raw is proving more and more to be greatly beneficial. However, even with this good reputation, few people are comfortable actually starting this diet for a variety of reasons. The method I use to help people get started is explained below; maybe you can use it to help you get started on your healthy raw journey too.

The first step is to start adding more raw foods into your diet. This can be very easy if you start with something simple like fresh fruit or smoothies. I like to start off with smoothies because you can add green leafy vegetables to them easily without changing their taste much. Greens are the number one missing item in our diet these days and can work wonders on our health if we just find ways to consistently get them in our bodies. One of my favorite smoothies is quite simple: 2 bananas and 2 handfuls of baby spinach, add enough water to blend it all up and enjoy!

The next thing I like to work on is familiarizing yourself with a couple of really delicious raw food recipes that you love. Get to where you can make them quickly and easily, that way when a craving strikes you have something to combat it with. One thing that got me through my first raw trial was knowing how to make some delicious raw desserts. It is hard to feel like you are being restricted by your dietary choices if you are eating dessert every day!

One last thing that I feel is very important in the beginning of this change in your diet is finding some support. Whether it is friends, family, or a trained coach, it helps to have someone to talk to about all the changes you may experience and to give you support if things get a little rough for you.

Adding more raw foods in your life can be simple and fun. Just keep experimenting with your favorite fresh foods and new raw recipes. You will start to see improvements pretty quickly and that will give you the motivation you need to keep adding more raw foods every day. Before you know it, you will be eating almost an all raw diet and feeling great!

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