Raw Food Diet For Gut Issues and Skin Disorders

Sharing some news about raw food diet for gut issues and skin disorders today. I’m going to be working with someone who has actually dealt with these issues and has had great results from following a raw vegan lifestyle. She has also recently finished a course covering the nuts and bolts of a plant based diet.
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7 replies
  1. Jennifer Kohler
    Jennifer Kohler says:

    Having psoriasis is the main reason that I went vegan. I see progress at times and then other times, it just seems to not be making any gains. I know it can take a while so I am trying to just be patient. I try to watch as much as I can about the connection between veganism/clean eating and psoriasis!!! They say that gut issues are connected to psoriasis, so I'm just hanging in there! Thanks for the great content <3

  2. GamerAndreHD
    GamerAndreHD says:

    I've been having gut and skin issues for more than a year. Wholefoods vegan diet doesn't help at all. Raw diet consisting of mainly fruits gives me some benifit but if I go too high in fat the issues seem to return.

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