Raw Food Diet for Dogs (Chicken) #1

This video shows you how I process the chicken for my boys raw food diet. Their chicken is complete with bones, skin, tendons, etc. Make sure to watch my videos on how I do the veggies for my boys diet. Also, make sure to check out my video on how I cook the chicken for my dog under going Chemo. It’s a great alternative if you still want to keep feeding your pet “raw” but they have a compromised immune system or a low white blood cell count.

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22 replies
  1. fabio Aleixo
    fabio Aleixo says:

    I have an American bully I made him raw meat and he does not eat it at all he.
    I need to figure something out becasue I want to eat raw
    the previous owner only fed him cheap food.
    he is 85 pounds.
    he cant walk 2 blocks !!

  2. casegovia1
    casegovia1 says:

    In response to Jasmine Jazz: That's great that you found my video. I was just like you, tired of chopping by hand AND having to clean up the mess after my boys ate. Hehehe, yea youtube has it's share of trolls. What are you going to do right? Yes, the grinder will save you a ton of time. You'll still have to take time to clean the grinder, but it's not that bad really. Good deal on the pork for that low price. I'll have to check around here to see if I can find that kind of price. And yes, that bone will do wonders to their teeth. Sometimes I give Snoopy a banana, if they've gone mushier than I prefer. hehehe. He loves them! I've never done the yogurt but that sounds like a great idea. You ever give raw eggs? Great for a smooth shiny coat. That's surprisingly high for chicken. I would think it's less than that. Huh…good to know! Thanks for the tips and thanks for watching!

  3. Jasmine Jazz
    Jasmine Jazz says:

    Hi there casegovia, I ran into your video when doing a search for bone grinders. I've been chopping up chicken (and pork sometimes) by hand for my oldest girl for almost 3 years and my youngest for about 10 months and I'm soooo over it. LOL! So I'm looking into getting a grinder to make it easier to prep my girl's food, especially since I now have 2 dogs. I have to chop everything up into tiny pieces because they're "inhalers". Thanks for uploading and I admire your strength in rebutting some idiot's inconsequential remarks. Do your thang, girl! =D Everyone's going to have a different method of feeding their dogs. I feed my girls chicken (whole @ 99c or less per pound). I love using the whole chicken because it contains the back and generally comes with the neck, and/or heart, gizzards, liver which I think are an important part of a dog's diet. I'll still have to chop it up into sizable portions for the meat grinder to handle but it'll be a lot less work than having to chop it all by hand. I'm going to add pork to their diets as soon as I get the grinder especially when I see pork shoulder on sale for 79c per pound! Pork meat is really dense so it takes longer to chop than chicken. Plus that huge bone will keep my girls entertained (outside of course) for hours! =D Sometimes I see beef ribs on sale so I get them some too. I like to vary their protein source due to different ratios of nutrients and avoid 'food boredom". Like you, I like to add veggies and fruit in small quantities. I also a spoonful of yogurt to assist their digestive system. I was just brushing up on the BARF diet to see how I can improve and I was reminded that a dog's diet should be 10% bone. Then I did some research and saw that whole chicken is about 31-35% bone! Yikes! The different parts of the chicken has slightly varying ratios of bone to meat (leg quarters 27%). Anywho, I wish you and your happy dogs a long and healthy life! =D

  4. casegovia1
    casegovia1 says:

    This comment is directed toward Devils Anse. I was trying to reply to their comment and accidentally removed it. This is what they wrote, "pure raw is very expensive. You should find a good holistic kibble and mix in some raw  lean for good protein." My response is that you would actually be surprised at the cost of feeding raw versus some kibble. Yes if you buy a giant bag of Alpo (not hatting, just an example) it might cost less than $20 and then yes raw would be much more expensive. Snoopy used to eat Nutro and his 20 pound bag was about $35. Feeding him this diet actually costs about the same. I buy two 10 pound bags of chicken at $7.90 each, 3 heads of cabbage at $1.50 each, a bag of celery for $1.50, plus a bag of carrots at $2.50, and all the canned food for less than $10 total. After taxes you come to right around $35 or $40 and the food lasts him about 3 weeks. So I'm spending about the same as I used to on kibble. Thanks for watching!

  5. Amanda Hazel
    Amanda Hazel says:

    I hope you are feeding more than just Chicken quarters… They need to have 80% meat 10% bone 5% Liver and 5% other organs… They also need to have 30% fat, and red meat NEEDS to be their staple which chicken is not a red meat nore a good staple meat. You also need no less than 3 protien sources so say Venison is your staple meat (that's my dogs staple) then you need to have say pork, beef, and chicken as well but a dog cannot have JUST chicken.

  6. powwowasu
    powwowasu says:

    Everybody want to be an expert. These leg quarter are just fine. I feed them to my Rottie. I feed them whole. He gets two a day. Everybody commenting that they are bad are wrong. That is just a matter of opinion. 

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