Raw Food Diet Before and After Skin

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2 months on the raw food diet – before and after skin pictures

Gorgeous Skin Secrets:

As we increase our negative charges through raw plants and distilled water, our skin texture changes.

We anti-age, with minimal pores & wrinkles, and more translucency, because our cellular water is cleaner.

1. Clean out cellular water for increased clarity & glow

2. Feed aerobic bacteria on skin

3. Increase topical vit/min & fats

I’ve been documenting all of the changes I’ve experienced detoxing.

This video is: Raw Food Diet Before and After Skin changes.

This was only 2 months into my detox. I’m at 5 years now.

My skin has shown improvement in my rosacea, large pores, wrinkles, stagnant lymph on the face, and moles.

The body can heal itself, including our skin.


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