Raw food diet and weight loss PART1- Lilou interviews Karyn Calabrese

LIlou interviews Karyn Calabrese on raw food diet and how it can help with weight loss and maintaining weight loss and energy . This interview is in 4 parts. you will discover raw food recipes, how to become a raw foodist, how to detox to be ready for a raw food diet and more.

Interview by Lilou Mace

Filmed and Edited by:
Elena Katardjieva
[email protected]

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41 replies
  1. Jen58 Wilcox
    Jen58 Wilcox says:

    helicart I know a lot of people who have full lives that are sick all the time. Your life can't stop just because you feel tired or have allergies or have PMS. As far as her being a model, you do know that the pictures you see are photo shopped right. Stop hating just because you can't do what she is doing.

  2. helicart
    helicart says:

    Seriously, has anyone critically stepped back and listened to the contradictions Calabrese keeps parroting year after year? In every interview she does, she says:
    – I was sickly, tired, PMS, allergies…etc etc.
    – at the same time she was a model and professional dancer.
    Surely I am not the only one who believes these two claims are mutually exclusive.

  3. Supriya Raut
    Supriya Raut says:

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  5. Claudia R
    Claudia R says:

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  6. Lê Hà
    Lê Hà says:

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  7. DietIsCulture
    DietIsCulture says:

    Karyn is giving ppl the breakdown on how what we consume into our bodies plays a significant role in how we feel, look, how we view reality & think etc. In essence she's giving a break down of why this world is what it is, without specifying. I agree w/her 110% on the fact that the digestive tract in human beings wasn't designed to digest raw or cooked dead animals. Nothing she says should be taken lightly.

  8. Md sohel
    Md sohel says:

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  9. uzair1578
    uzair1578 says:

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  10. jibon khan
    jibon khan says:

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  11. Riaz Ali
    Riaz Ali says:

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