Raw Food Diet and Healing: Is Their Only One Path?

Let’s talk about the raw food diet and healing today. Is there only one true way to heal and regenerate the body on a raw vegan lifestyle? There are so many ways of doing a plant based diet that it might be confusing at times. www.rawtropicallivinggear.com

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12 replies
  1. Matt Ramos
    Matt Ramos says:

    Hey Jack. Recently came across your videos and they have been super informative and helpful! I've been vegan for 2 years now and am very interested in becoming Raw. Was wondering what brand of Spirulina you use. Thanks and keep up the great videos!

  2. Jaxxs herblover
    Jaxxs herblover says:

    Jack can you tell me how we can get adequate iodine on raw foods? Stinging Nettle infusion has iodine and other minerals. I make a quart of this dried herb. 1 oz to a quart mason canning jar filled with boiling water and capped with a canning ring and lid steeped for 4 to 10 hours, strain and drink chilled or warm throughout the day. It is best to build up to the amount you consume as well and not drink it all at once if you aren't used to it. And if anyone is curious, no the boiling water does not destroy the nutrients. How do I know? You can feel them.

  3. tattooed vegan
    tattooed vegan says:

    I'm not sure if you're aware of kidney filtration., the latest thing I've been into is dry fasting for kidney filtration.. If you pee in a jar & its clear ,no matter what color, you're kidneys are not filtering.. If you go to Dr. Morse on face book this is what everyone is trying to do.. Your pee is actually supposed to look like a snow globe… Do you know about this? Doesn't this scare you? Problem is, is I just cant stay raw long enough to make it happen..

  4. Arjun Sharma
    Arjun Sharma says:

    Hello Jack, I have been eating a raw vegan diet for about a week now to help with my candida, and it seems to be helping (transitioning from a normal vegan diet). After I eat, I get some mucus buildup (I think it's in my throat or lungs, because I notice it when I cough). Any explanation as to why that is and what I can do to fix it? I usually eat only fruit for breakfast and lunch, and have a big salad for dinner. I also had this problem before I started eating a raw diet.

  5. Jess Eats Fruit
    Jess Eats Fruit says:

    As a species we are the same, almost identically. The difference lies in the level of toxicity.

    How many vaccines have we had, how many prescription drugs, recreational drugs, alcohol, processed meats have we consumed in our life.

    The reason that no other species needs different things or responds to foods differently because no species has spent the majority of their life time consuming poisons.

    I agree with you on this pyramid. And that the most simple, and easiest way to heal is to give your body as much attention to healing as possible.

    Also, I think it's interesting that in the pyramid that by the time they cut out animal products they're already plant based, because processed foods cut out first. I personally might cut out fats before steamed or boiled veggies.

    Anyway, great video 😍
    I'm on day 2 of a juice fast.

    It's not my first and my first was more or less just an experiment. But a lot of health issues came up, after an entire year of being veeeery low fat raw. To the point where I'm not digesting food at all and I have no energy. It's been pretty crippling. I tried a lot of different whole food experiments, monofruit and greens didn't do it, just mono fruit, then just smoothies… then I got discouraged and just ate a bunch of nonsense.
    Now on day 2 of a juice fast I already feel insanely better. Like I have some energy for the first time in months.
    I don't believe everyone needs juice fasts. I think if you don't have healing to do, it can be really restrictive and shut down your metabolism and start a cycle of using juice fasting as a quick fix. And it is somethin that I have no real basis of when to stop. I just did research on what causes food not to digest and came to the conclusion that my pancreas isn't functioning properly, and fruit juice is the easiest and most healing. I don't know why I'm rambling about this.

    Great video as always Jack

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