Raw Food Diet – 6 Must Haves When Preparing Your Kitchen For Long Term Raw Food Dieting

Well-prepared cooking needs good equipment like pots and pans, microwave or oven, not to mention a whole list of cooking utensils needed to cook a fairly simple meal. Going to the grocery store to fill up your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables is only the beginning to raw food dieting. Unless you want to spend your raw food experience eating carrots and celery sticks, you better get equipped! Kitchen equipment is not essential in the beginning. You will find your recipe cookbooks will require more than a kitchen knife and a cutting board.

High-speed blender

A strong high-speed blender like a Vita-mix or Blend tech mixer is the first essential tool you will require. Because you will use your blender several times a day, investing in a high quality blender will service your raw food diet cooking needs for many years to come. With the high-speed blender it is possible to prepare smoothies, hot soups, drink mixes, and sauces. You will also be able to prepare thick mixes which you will need for your dehydrator to make bread for sandwiches and cake bottoms. The best part is that you will never burn your food ever again. A good high-speed blender is anywhere from a $400-$700 investment

Food dehydrator

Once you start using this tool, you will never know how you had managed without it. A dehydrator is basically a warm oven which extracts moisture from prepared foods such as vegetables, fruits and tasty thick mixes over a period of 12 to 24 hours. Dehydrated food can be kept for a long period of time and makes great snack foods. The raw food dehydrator is also used in preparing mixes for cakes and pies to be used as the bottom replacing dough mixes. Most raw cookbooks call for this kind of preparation in many raw food recipes. Generally a good food dehydrator can be purchased between $200-$500 depending on the size and cooking needs.

Food processor

With the volume of vegetable preparation that you will be doing, a good food processor will get the job done much quicker. Raw food cooking takes the same amount of time for preparation as regular cooking does. Compared to regular cooking the only time savings is in the preparation of food because a lot of recipes require chopped ingredients.


Making fresh fruit juice or vegetable juice mixes is best made with a high-quality juicer. This is the best way to get a plentiful intake of your fruits and veggies in one day. There are many inexpensive juicers on the market but they generally burn the enzymes therefore degrading the quality of your food. Ceramic juicers on the other hand squeeze the juice out of the vegetables and fruits so as to preserve these precious enzymes. Of course this type of juicer can run into a $300-$500 investment.

Sprouting tray

Since salads are a big part of everyday raw cooking, a sprouting tray is essential. This is a three or four level plastic container with tiny holes at the bottom of each one. There are a variety of seeds which can be purchased at the health food store and sprouted in these containers using only water. Within several days you will have plenty of fresh sprouts to toss into those tasty salads. They are truly the freshest and easiest way to get top-quality nourishment for your new found health.

A bookshelf

The day start your journey and discover raw food cooking, you will end up buying plenty of books to expand this new found experience. This way of preparing foods is so exciting and cannot be compared to any conventional way of cooking. Your taste buds will discover fresh and exhilarating flavors that you will never find even in the best of restaurants unless it offers raw food on the menu.

Even though you may have purchased the best of the best in kitchen equipment, your cupboards presently filled with flour, bread, pasta, sugar and other needless ingredients will all have to be replaced with new ones. Your new cookbooks will call for olive oil, nuts, seaweed, condiments, spices and herbs, many of which you will never even have heard of before.

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