Raw feeding Doberman | Chicken – Ground Beef – Eggs

Kaia the raw fed Doberman eating raw chicken thigh, 2 eggs, and ground raw beef. Kaia is a 90lbs 2 year old female doberman eating 2-3 percent body weight split into two meals a day.

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48 replies
  1. Mee Her
    Mee Her says:

    please take out the chicken bone except the soft bone cause we have a cousin that gave it like this to his dog and the bone got stuck on the dog neck or something and later died I don't want this to happen to any else dog to please take out the chicken bone before giving it to the dog it's really a sad and awful scene that they had to witness so please take out the chicken bone expect the soft bone that you could give to ur dog

  2. Lisa Love
    Lisa Love says:

    My dog won't eat raw meat I tried more then once I have a 100 lbs German short hair mixed with Dane she just turned 6 and started to lick her paws raw both front and one back paw after I spend $1, 000 at vet after vet they tell me its food allergy's I have never had her on like cheap dog chows or store brands I always got her pet store food for years Merrick no corn or fillers but the last year she's been showing sign's that something in the food isn't agreeing, so I go buy chicken beef she will sniff it pick a peace up and make the most funny face like WTF do I do with this lol end up is she carry around a hunk of meat finally try to bury it and will actually go get a 50lb bag of food and drag it to her food bowl lol

  3. Lisa Love
    Lisa Love says:

    Your right she's been on Merrick so long they do have the raw infused frezz dried Merrick I just got a bag it's like $20 more going to see how it works, I'm gonna try to snap a pic of the face my dog makes when givin raw it's to funny it's the same face she makes if she catches a spider I have no clue why but she kills and eats bugs and will make that grossed out face lol

  4. David Bruce
    David Bruce says:

    Next time, by your eggs from a local farm, if you can, and let them eat the shell also. That's what I do with mine. It's more natural. You'll never see dogs in the wild cracking the eggs open and throwing the shells away. Great source of calcium and roughage. 🙂

  5. Stan Day6
    Stan Day6 says:

    I wanna start doing this but I have a Yorkie who's VERY picky. He wouldn't eat until I mix something in his food or when he's just hungry. He eats once a day or not at all. Plus I have the brand of food Royal Canine and seen so many horrible reviews, I wanna change his food to something else. But I don't know if this would work for him since he's a toy breed.

  6. lili galstian
    lili galstian says:

    i have cane corso male 2 years old, and vet didn't recommend raw meat, i'm cooking every day for my sweet boy, mixing cooked meat with Merrick dry food, adding fish oil, eggs, rice, carrots. but i always wanted give him raw meat, but kind of afraid. what i should do? how to start ? should i start from small portion?, i'll really appreciate if you give me some advice. thanks P.S sorry for my spelling, English is my 4th language, soon i'll write better 🙂

  7. jefito22
    jefito22 says:

    Ok maybe I can get some answers how can I transition my 6 month old labrador from kibble to raw? I hate all this junk food I beeing feeding him all he gets is rash and allergies and Vets don't care all they want is to sell their junk kibble. Alson would this food be enough I mean the food in video and how many times a day do you feed a puppy raw food. Any good advice much appreciate it. Thanks

  8. Hershey's Adventures
    Hershey's Adventures says:

    Dog Pile, I did it! I changed Hershey's diet to raw and I must say, her poop doesn't smell so horrible anymore (still undergoing potty training). She liked the raw chicken better than dry kibble, that's for sure; licked it all up. I'm worried and all but I believe I'll be able to balance it out over time. As for now, she's doing well on ground beef combined with blended green peas and carrots, and chicken breast with some raw bones every now and then. I'll get to feeding her heart and liver soon but as of now, she seems very content with her food.

    My vets had advised me to mix Royal Canin in her diet because of her lack of appetite for kibble, and I don't blame them since they're sponsored by the brand, and though it did help with her enthusiasm for food, I knew that I'd have to remain dependent on some sort of wet food if I ever was going to coax her to eat.

    Now, she's excited when I bring out the tupperware from the refrigerator. She chews her bones really well, but I'd have to teach her to slow down on the chicken fillets.

    So, woohoo! There's a short update. She's such a natural eating raw. Didn't even turn her nose up. Barked on it for a minute and then gobbled it down. Problem is, she's fine with me touching her and petting her when she eats, but when we're with another dog, she growls and snaps. It's bad enough that her "brother" isn't much help either, with his possessiveness over food to from his older sibling who'd steal his meals when he let his guard down. My neighboor seemed skeptical about my feeding her raw, because I fed her outdoors, positive socializing and all, but her dog came to sniff in her dog bowl and she bit him; not too hard for a wound or anything, but nevertheless bit him. I'd like to adress the issue.

    I have another neighbor who absolutely believes that kibble is the only way to go, and scoffs everytime he sees me feeding her.

    Well, to sum it up. Hershey's doing great on raw. Still some skeptics, but I truly believe that it's the way to go, after half a year's research, way before Hershey ever came in my life.

    Thanks, Dog Pile! Good night/morning.

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