Raw Family Vlog – A 6am Food Shop & What I Eat In A Day | SJ STRUM

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This is a very raw family vlog! I love capturing our family days and realised it’s been a while! I was up so early with the kids waiting for everyone else to get up – I always weigh myself on a weekend after losing 4 stone on Cambridge Weight Plan. I’ve gained weight this week but I’m not worried as I’m still in my target range.

My weight loss playlist:

SJ xx

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5 replies
  1. Letícia Ribeiro
    Letícia Ribeiro says:

    How can someone look pretty at 7am. I'm literally a zombie, please share your secret with us haha Evelina sure has a temper and it's the cutest thing ever. The goodnight kiss melted my heart. I think I mentioned before that I struggle with anxiety and really Strong PMS. It's crazy how it affects some of us like…in some weeks I don't even recognized myself but Rosemary tea is a must-have for me during that time. It really really helps with the emotions, cramps, everything. Maybe you should give it a try in the bad days xx

  2. Amelia EverythingBabyNames
    Amelia EverythingBabyNames says:

    When I logged in to Youtube this was the FIRST VIDEO that popped up! It made me so happy! Your boys look like little cherubs. And Evelina is a DOLL! Freddie is so good with Evelina! Oh my gosh, the geological advent calendar is so cool! I have a childhood friend would have loved something that, she was obsessed with rocks and crystals. I'll have to send her the link. (She doesn't have kids yet but her favourite names are Annika and Nikolai) When we were growing up I think there were only the basic chocolate advent calendars. I feel like my scale is stuck just under 129ish… But I'm nearly 5'8 so that's probably quite a healthy weight for me. I lost over 20 pounds this year. I'm quite happy with myself, although some of that weight loss had to do with changing medication, the first initial push was all due to change in diet. A lot of intermittent fasting and just being so determined. And now I'm 10 pounds less than when I graduated high school! I'm so sorry for the huge novel-length comment. You're probably like "Oh my gosh Amelia… I don't need your life story!" Anyways love you. This was so nice to watch on a Sunday.

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