Raw Diet For Cats Recipe

Hello all!

I’ve had a lot of people ask how I prepare my two bengals, Cabela and Jade, Raw diet. I have finally gotten around to making a video.

Here are the ingredients to the raw diet

You will need a grinder

10 lbs Bone In Skin On Chicken thighs
1lb of chicken hearts and gizzards (combined)
10-13 ounces of chicken livers
daily supplements for cats
one container (5 ounces) of plain Greek yogurt
One cup of water

Cut the chicken thighs into the appropriate size for your grinder

Add the water to the vitamins for easy mixing

Grind all the chicken, hearts and gizzards, and liver

Once all ground, add the vitamins and yogurt, mix well

Separate the finished mix into containers and proportions of your choice. I put a 1/4 cup of food into a half cup container.

Make sure to leave some food in the fridge for feeding. Nothing worse than having to defrost food while your kitty screams at you.

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4 replies
  1. Lady Lone Star USA
    Lady Lone Star USA says:

    Your furbabies are gorgeous! We have 3 cats (all gorgeous, too!). You don't put fruits or veggies in them food? (I heard you mention spinach). Is too much fiber a bad thing for cats? I tried feeding my cats ground whole chicken, chicken hearts & livers…they vetoed it real fast! It was like it was a consistency thing or something.
    You ever used white vinegar instead of bleach? I'm all about as natural as I can get, taking chemicals outta our lives and home.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kitty BooBoo
    Kitty BooBoo says:

    You don't need to mush it all up. Cats eat raw pieces in the wild, not mash. Cats have better teeth than we do. Even small Kittens are capable of eating a Chicken neck, something that we cannot do. I cut up beef, chicken, pork, and Organ meats, into pieces and let them chew on it. Chewing is good for them and helps satisfy their need to mangle. 10% of the meat should be Organ meat. Organ meats are extremely nutrient dense so should be limited to 10%. Chicken hearts are rich in Taurine. My Kitties love Pork Kidneys also. I also give them one Raw Chicken neck at night to clean their teeth.

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