Raw Diet for 9 lb separation Anxiety Dog

Raw Diet for 9 lb separation Anxiety Dog. Pharaoh is a 4 year old Maltese
Peter Caine Dog Training

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4 replies
  1. Dhc Trading
    Dhc Trading says:

    I add calcium tablets to my dog since his chicken sometimes doesn’t have enough bones…I use my calcium without D3 recently ran low and having hard time finding calcium without D3. I found one that is calcium, magnesium and little D3
    What happens if a dog eats D3 I know he can’t digest it but does it hurt him? Thx??

  2. Jagoda Szubert
    Jagoda Szubert says:

    These past few videos I noticed Pharaoh looking physically better and even though I know little about raw diet I can see through your videos how well it works. It's confirmation. Many thanks for this video! I'm looking forward to the chicken video if you post.

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