Raw Diet…Beef Ribs

My apbt Nikita eating a beef rib.

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25 replies
  1. AnimalLover
    AnimalLover says:

    I have given my dog a large bone and he tries to swallow it but he can't, then he tries to chew it to break it but it takes him like half an hour. Should I give him smaller bones to he doesn't choke in case he trie to swallow them?

  2. kojimapromeatspin
    kojimapromeatspin says:

    i like how this dawg dont waste no time licking it for 5 minutes. (clicks tongue) No lookin around the room for other dogs comin to snatch his new catch up, no pathetic bird bites neither. THIS dog just goes all out like a REAL dog munchin all kinds of muscle and bone. Tall hear it snap like popsicle stick? aha! (clicks tongue) Am i right?

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