Raw Chicken Sashimi – Food in Japan

3 Japanese dishes prepared in Osaka: Chicken breast Sashimi, Chicken Tataki (Tartare) and Chicken liver – all chicken meat is raw, chicken breast Sashimi was excellent. Beware: Don’t eat raw chicken meat in your home country, it can make you sick – – Prices: 20 USD for all dishes including Sake, details at the end of the video – Location: 2F, 1-11-1 Dotombori Chuo, Osaka, Japan

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  1. GamersBar
    GamersBar says:

    Technically speaking if its specifically grown and carefully processed to be eaten raw chicken can be safe to eat raw , a lot of why its so bad in most of the world is how chicken gets processed . Just like red meat you can eat chicken raw but its much more prone to bacteria you need to litterally be growing it and processing from packaging to preparing knowing its going to be eaten raw. It does not have backteria in it while its alive it gets it after its dead when its processed in a factory (a lot of it has to do with the big industrial type factory's we use).

    also the backteria is on the outside and this appears to have been boiled or some how the outside has been slightly cooked to kill any backteria , the outside is generally the dirty part.

    All that said , i dont think id bother eating it but its not a big deal .

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