Raw Cat Food DIY

How to make a Whole Prey model raw food diet for your cats at home! This recipe is also suitable to feed to dogs 🙂

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33 replies
  1. Purple Vintage
    Purple Vintage says:

    I'm vegetarian but I really want to change my cats food because I saw a documentary about glucides in cat and dog food. I realized they need real meat to be healthy for the rest of their life (they are 3 years old for now). Thank you for your recipee because I cant find anything in french.

  2. koo koo
    koo koo says:

    I really want to change into raw food . But I have some serious doubt. I am living in developing country. Here raw meat is not guaranteed that it contains no deadly bacteria or virus. My cat I'd he eat raw food then tends to play a lot and bite us . Everyday I get some wound. So giving them raw food is risky?? Bc of raw food all those bacteria and viruses will stay in its mouth and Saliva

  3. Chloe M
    Chloe M says:

    Hi Catherine, Thanks for the great video! I’m getting my kitten in a couple of weeks – she already eats ‘commercial’ raw but I’m definitely going to be making my own! Just not sure on quantities to give her a day – and how many servings? 😊 she’ll obviously be much smaller than your two 😊 also do you think she’ll manage the chicken wigs as they are or should I cut them a bit smaller while she’s little? (Already on the CRAP fb group! It’s ace! ) thanks in advance

  4. Angie Rodriguez
    Angie Rodriguez says:

    I just started this raw diet for my new kitten, but can I still cuddle with her without getting me sick ? She’s was playing with her food and licking herself after the raw meat feast, then run to me for kisses … and I’m a little afraid to kiss her now…. help please??

  5. Sadie Baker
    Sadie Baker says:

    Love their names btw am a huge LoZ fan myself! I have two kittens and have found your video so helpful! Would you recommend this for kittens also? Theyre 2.5months. Also when making the tubs, would each tub be 1 days food per cat? And then portion it out throughout the day?
    When getting the tubs out the freezer also would i be defrosting on the side or in the fridge? Or both? As my cats dont like cold meat. From trialing them on turkey mince when i got them.
    I’ve also read to give eggs with egg shells too? Is that necessary or not?
    Any other help would be very much appreciated (also added to the Facebook group)

  6. 610822222002 anglwng
    610822222002 anglwng says:

    this to me is the most understandable vid like u break it all down vr well! bt wanna ask, can the canned sardines b replaced w fresh ones? also ive seen ppl talk abt changing up the proteins every once in a while. was that ever necessary for ur cats?

  7. michael debolt
    michael debolt says:

    They are loving the raw food diet. Ox is not readily available in Alberta, we are however famous for our beef. I substituted beef chunks and beef liver and chicken hearts. They are so happy. Love watchinf them eat what they evolved to eat.

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