Quick and Easy Weight Loss Using the Banana Diet With Baby Food?

So can you achieve quick and easy weight loss using the banana diet and baby food? Heck, what in the world is the banana diet anyway? This article will give you all the answers you need to know to achieve a healthy weight loss WITHOUT doing anything drastic!

Quick and Easy Weight Loss

First off, what is the banana diet?

It's a diet where you eat 2 bananas BEFORE breakfast, 2 BEFORE lunch, and 1 more BEFORE dinner. That's basically it. Eat 5 bananas a day.

Are you allowed to eat normal meals on the banana diet? Yep! You can eat whatever you want, but of course you'll get better results if you eat a little more healthy.

How much weight can I expect to lose doing this? You should average around 1.5 pounds lost each week … or 6 pounds a month.

That is a solid and safe amount of weight to lose each week … WITHOUT even having to do much of anything let alone totally change your diet.

Now, here's a bonus tip to help you even more. EAT BABY FOOD for snacks.

Baby food is higher quality food with VERY LOW calories. The government regulations on baby food make it so they have to be higher quality. So basically, anytime you're hungry between meals, eat a little jar of baby food.

Just be sure it has 80 calories or less. Personally, I prefer the banana baby food, but it really does not make much of a difference which you choose. So if you were to eat 2-3 baby foods along with the 5 bananas as part of the banana diet, you should achieve a RELATIVELY quick and easy weight loss without any problems whatever.

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