Puppy Training @ 7th, 8th, 9th week Raw Diet, house breaking, No Harness

Puppy Training @ 7th, 8th, 9th week Raw Diet, house breaking, No Harness
Peter Caine Dog Training

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11 replies
  1. Laura's Life
    Laura's Life says:

    Peter another channel I watch with a young girl (below 16) and they just bought a white GSD and are giving it huge meaty bones .We know they need it crushed up. Her channel is Muddy Pawz. I'm concerned they'll hurt the pup. 🙁
    Great little pup you have there 🙂 Yay Peter I get very wide collars for my puppies . Thumbs up. I left a link to this video for her. Finn is really cute but then I'm a collie trainer lol 🙂

  2. iilliamna
    iilliamna says:

    Oh brother… body harnesses are the worst, they're just pulling reinforcing armbreakers.
    I definately agree with you with being prepared for waking up during the night with puppies, a lot of people don't understand that. I also love your humor, it's the best Haha!

  3. Stephen Ashe
    Stephen Ashe says:

    Quickly getting hooked on your videos. You make sense man. I couldn't get my dog to retrieve and watched your other video last night now my dog is holding it in his mouth without spitting it out. Thanks man, sick of saying my dog doesn't like fetch. He's gonna fuckin like it

  4. samiamisme
    samiamisme says:

    I never understood the harness thing. Growing up our dogs had collars and not one had trachea damage. What in the hell are people doing to their dogs if they're getting trachea damage? Crazy. Just found your channel a couple days ago and I'm looking forward to learning from you. I need a service dog but won't get one until I'm confident I can train him. I'm super nervous about screwing the puppy/dog up. I'm trying to figure out where to begin in your videos. Is a raw diet a new fad? I've never heard of doing this before. I, gonna have to learn more. Boy that puppy has a mouth on him. 😂😂😂 I love black and white animals. I'm just drawn to them and that little boy is adorable.

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