Preparing a raw food diet for our dogs

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16 replies
  1. Maxwell
    Maxwell says:

    I feed chicken leg quarters, get them at Walmart for . 49cents a pound(or less) and chicken feet, gizzards, spinach and eggs. Sometimes I feed a little ground beef and I give her the gristle from my steaks. But I don't grind anything, she pulverizes bones easily with her teeth which helps keep them clean

  2. Chet Loves America!
    Chet Loves America! says:

    Chicken leg quarters are cheaper than dog food,☆""my oldest dog to live was 21 years,old,,(,,Bear );a Male White Somoie .My 2nd oldest dog 17.5 years Sweet Pee ,,female short hair Sheppard, used in Alaska for sled pulling.I learned different dogs have different diets. (NO LOVE LIKE PUPPY LOVE !-♡.),lol.-man ,,your videos are looking sharp,
    Peace -!☆☆☆

  3. Mark Neff
    Mark Neff says:

    Very impressed and healthy.
    We had to put weight on our dog and the vet said a good recipe to beef him up was-

    1 lb Cooked ground beef.
    1 or 2 Can of green beans.
    1 tub of cottage cheese.

    He went crazy over it. Sure gained weight as well good luck and pup is [email protected]@KING good!
    👍'S UP
    🇺🇸 GOD BLESS🇺🇸

  4. wolco003
    wolco003 says:

    Kick ass dude.
    I fed my GSD and my cat raw for 7 years. The comments on Chicken Leg Quarters are legit. Backs are great. Dont wast your time grinding!!!! Even a cat can handle some unground bone. Fed him Cornish hens (quarters) a lot but his favorite is Pork. Balance meat and bone (phosphorus and calcium) and keep the stools moving with liver! As far as stomach contents, numerous studies on Wolf kills in Isle Royal National Park showed that Wolves rarely eat the stomach contents…Some folks feed "green tripe" to simulate this ridiculousness…I still have almost all of what I bought in the bottom of the freezer…smells like cow shit and dog gave me a look like I was nuts to suggest he eat cow shit…the only think he ever refused…Wanna see them go nuts? Venison. Their real food. Emu was also a favorite if you can source it. PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR STOOLS!!!!! easy to give too much bone or meat. The enzymes they need for digestion are on the raw meat. THEY NEED TO CHEW THE BONE!!!! ONLY reason to grind for a dog is if they gulp their food…grinding it will encourage gulping!!!

    I know you are not asking for feedback but I have years of real word experience with this. BTW, half a chix (hack that shit in half with a serrated knife) and some liver is about perfect for a dog not allergic to chicken. Actually cut the back out for a third meal with some ground meat! About the right portion for your 90 pound dog. Alternate white and dark quarters for the smaller ones with a bit of liver and or gizzards and hearts with the leg quarter. If anyone feeds cats raw, you MUST feed hearts for extra taurine or they will go blind over time. Changed the cats life. both eat high quality grain free kibble now and are fine…Raw is a pain in the ass. They would both prefer raw most times I think., At least if it was Pork. These fuckers will eat you while you are still warm if you die in the house btw…Oh and Pork hearts are a cheap nutritious favorite…neither of mine would eat beef heart…add that the the green tripe for the dog. Not fully refused but he would have to get hungry to eat it. Pure joy in the eyes of raw fed pets…Kibble is only like 70 years old…My pets do not go to vet. No reason. Shelter cat had a weepy eye and was told would have to put shit in his eye for ever. Fed raw and cured. He was an asshole. Fed raw and cured. My dog has not had shots since before he was put on a plane at 9 weeks. No rabies no dog flu no parvo. Rabbit is an excellent option for those who can raise them!!!!! Pricey if not!! Duck is a favorite for both. Duck necks are a good way to provide variety if can source. Find a co-op that drop ships cases but Leg quarters can usually be found cheaper for $0.59/pound or less.

  5. Roddzilla71
    Roddzilla71 says:

    We feed our Euro Boxers raw, they love it and look so healthy. Sadly they are allergic to poultry so that drives the cost up using other meats. Keep an eat out for pink/reddish looking paws or pink skin on their bellies, could be allergies.

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