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Petit tour des 8 exagérations du crudivorisme vegan pour les démonter et permettre à tout le monde de vivre en mangeant sainement sans se décourager par la tâche à accomplir.
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My Best Raw Food Diet Advice after 5 1/2 Years

I want to share my best raw food diet advice with you today. This is just some practical stuff from my experience on a plant based diet over the past 5 1/2 years. I’m not 100% anything and I’m not crazy about labels but I’ve done a very high raw vegan lifestyle. www.rawtropicallivinggear.com

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Kohler 5E Generator Raw Water Pump Impeller Removal and Installation

Changing the raw water pump impeller on a Kohler 5E marine generator is actually very easy as long as you can fit in the small work area where the pump is. The generator is a closed system with a heat exchanger mounted on the top of the generator. You will only need a few hand tools to get this job done. A new impeller is readily available at your marina or a local marine supply store.

First you need to shut off the raw water supply at the hull fitting. Locate the pump, mine is mounted on the starboard side of the vessel even with the water line, yours could be on the opposite side. Remove the four 1/4″ bolts that fasten the pump to the generator. The only things you really need to take off of the pump is the cover with the o-ring and then get the old impeller out of the pump.You might have to slide to pump partially off the drive shaft and then back into position to get the impeller to stick out a little so you can grab it with your pliers. If you have any problems getting the old impeller out you will have to remove the whole pump to work on it.

If you have most of the impeller vanes on the old impeller there is no need to worry. If there are only a couple of impeller vanes on the old impeller it is a good idea to flush the system with a garden hose to make sure you have a good flow of water and most of the vanes are out of the system. Check the rotation of the pump by touching the start button on the generator control panel and observe which way the shaft has moved or if the impeller still has vanes on it install the new impeller with the vanes running in the same direction.

The next thing to do is to install the impeller in the pump. You should lube the impeller with Vaseline or liquid soap for ease of installation and start up. The easiest way of getting the impeller in the pump is to pull the pump from the generator a little bit, place the impeller on top of the pump and twist it in the proper direction to get it started (vane tips are trailing rotation) then align the impeller with the flat(s) on the drive shaft and slide it into the pump body. After the impeller is installed the o-ring needs to be placed in the groove in the pump housing with a little bit of lube on it and the cover replaced with the bolts and tightened.

When the cover is in place and tightened it is time to open the valve for the water intake, checking for no leaks. After all looks well there it is time to run the generator to make sure the whole system is functioning properly. There should be an ample supply of water coming from the generator exhaust port while the generator is running. This will become a normal yearly maintenance job on your vessel with normal generator usage.

Sometimes these impellers will last a few years with only periodic use but most will have to be changed yearly if used frequently during the boating season. Different brands of vessels will have the same type of system and are very close to this procedure. The one major difference might be the pump used on the generator but it still should not be a large pump.

After the first time of doing this maintenance item and getting to know your vessel it should only take about 20 minutes to complete this task. The first time might be up to 90 minutes give or take according to what you will study, focus on and observe.

This procedure was done on a 2006 Searay, 280DA with twin 5.0 Mercruiser engines.

15 Foods You Should Never Eat Raw

Some celebrities swear by a raw food diet, and it’s certainly true that consuming fresh veggies like carrots, broccoli, and cucumbers is way better than snacking on processed potato chips. But that doesn’t mean you should eat everything raw.


Certain foods need to be cooked to taste good, while others can be dangerous when they’re consumed raw. Keep this list handy the next time you’re prepping a salad or planning a raw food diet. These are the foods you should always cook before eating.

1. Potatoes

potato Potatoes contain a toxic compound. | YelenaYemchuk/iStock/Getty Images

Lots of veggies taste delicious raw, but you’re unlikely to find slices of uncooked potato in your crudité tray. That’s because raw potatoes contain a toxic compound called solanine, which could make you very sick.

Most potatoes don’t have enough solanine to kill a human, but green potatoes or any that are starting to sprout have high solanine content, which can cause symptoms including stomach pain, headache, and paralysis. You should avoid green potatoes even when they’re cooked for this reason.

At the very least, consuming raw potatoes causes severe gas and bloating — and they don’t even taste good. Try roasting, mashing, boiling, or frying your potatoes for a delicious starch that won’t poison you.

Next: The fruit is fine; the seeds are not.

Celebrity chefs turning viewers into dirty cooks, study finds 

Celebrity chefs can turn viewers into dirty and unsafe cooks as they pick up their bad habits, a study has found. 

Viewers pick up basic hygiene errors including wiping hands on tea towels, not washing chopping boards between preparing different ingredients, using finger tips to sprinkle salt or pepper and not washing hands after coughing, sneezing, scratching or touching their hair.

Professor Andreas Hensel, who carried out the study for the German Federal Institute For Risk Assessment (BfR), said: “The results show that important hygiene measures are often neglected in cooking shows, with one hygiene error being observed every 50 seconds on average.

“If you always wash your hands thoroughly after touching eggs, raw vegetables or meat, for example, and if you clean chopping boards after every working step, you can protect yourself and others from foodborne diseases.”

The researchers analysed 100 episodes of popular cooking shows to see if any health rules were broken.

There were errors on average every 50 seconds, with the most common being dirty hands wiped on a tea towel and chopping boards being reused without first being cleaned.

They then tested two groups of participants making chicken salad with home-made mayonnaise based on a cooking video – one of which showed a chef who followed recommendations and another which showed a cook with poor hygiene. 

The Healthy Diet Plan That Works

Whether you want to gain or lose weight and regain your health, this healthy diet plan actually works to help you achieve your goal weight.

The importance of protein

From our schooldays, we learn that proteins are the building blocks of life. They are needed for growth and repair. Therefore, the diet has to be protein rich.

Lose weight now

If you are not sure of your protein and calorie requirements, take the average and work your way from there. For women that translates into a 1200 calorie daily diet which supplies around 100 gram of protein. For men it means 1500 calories and 150 gram of protein. The physically active or athletic person will need more protein and more calories.

In order to lose weight, simply replace two meals a day with a portion-controlled and healthy protein shake mix. The main meal of the day should combine healthy foods with lots of color in it.

Snacks should be low calorie but nutritious. And have lots of vegetables and fruits. Do not forget the importance of exercise.

Maintain weight loss or losing weight slowly

For either of the above, simply replace one meal with a shake. Have healthy low calorie foods and avoid junk foods. Make sure that your diet is protein rich.

Gaining weight

Not everyone wants to lose weight. Some people are too thin and want to build their body. For them, it is important to have sufficient calories and include protein shakes to every meal as extras. Various supplements and high protein can be had as snacks. Make sure that you do not exceed more than 50 grams of protein in any one meal.

Planning your meals

  1. When planning your shakes, mix the protein powders with low fat or skim milk or soy milk. Add fruit for additional nutrition.
  2. Have high protein snacks, whether bars, soups or nuts. These will keep hunger pangs away and add nutrition to your daily diet.
  3. Your meals should be based on a main protein like white meat, lean red meat, or soy substitute for vegetarians. Add lots of vegetables and fruits for vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Whole grains or bread and pastas made from whole grains will provided added protein and nutrition as well as fiber.

Do you need supplements?

If your calories are restricted, you bought to use supplements, which provide more bang for your buck in the form of added nutrition. These can help you with your metabolism, give your energy and eliminate unnecessary fat from your diet.

They will boost your immunity and help you manage stress. They will also take care of heart and bone health, keeping your fitness and energy levels high.

Taste Organic Food With A Fruit Salad

Organic food has so much more flavor than conventional produce. Conventional peaches can be extremely mealy with little or no flavor. Caution: eating organic peaches can turn you into a peach snob! There are worlds of difference in flavor between organic and conventional peaches, not to mention other fruits.

Fruit is such a great dessert, because it curbs your sweet tooth and boosts your daily fresh fruit intake. We should eat at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Some doctors say eight.

Organic food not only has more flavor, but it is healthier for you and the planet. Organic fruits are cultured using no pesticides, which decreases your risk of cancer and retains rich soil quality for generations to come.


2 organic bananas

2 oz. organic strawberries

2 oz. organic blueberries

2 organic peaches

Slice bananas into medium-sized bowl. Rinse strawberries and blueberries, then pat them dry with a towel. Cut strawberries into quarters. Add strawberries and blueberries to bananas in bowl. Using a knife, carefully cut around the entire circumference of a peach. Twist the two halves in opposite directions until they come apart. Now use the knife in the same manner to slice each piece in half again. The peach pit may be easy to remove, or you may have to coax it out by cutting around it, depending on how ripe the peach is. Your mouth will water in direct proportion to how juicy the peach is! Cut each peach quarter into three chunks.

Add peaches to the mix and gently fold with a large spoon. This fruit salad serves two.

Blueberries are bursting with vitamin C, manganese and vitamin E. They are also packaged with the antioxidant anthocyanidin, which neutralizes free radical damage to collagen cells and tissues, helping reduce your risk of cancer.

Bananas contain loads of potassium, which is very helpful in reducing blood pressure, heart attacks and leg cramps. Bananas are also chocked full of vitamin C, A1, B6, magnesium, iron and tryptophan. Vitamin B6 regulates blood glucose levels, and tryptophan is a natural mood-calming chemical. So bananas are terrific for dissipating PMS, depression and seasonal affective disorder!

And those little strawberries pack a lot of vitamins! They're brimming with 130 percent the daily requirement of vitamin C! And that's not to mention also containing vitamin K, potassium, folate, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, and even omega 3 fatty acids.

As for peaches, they are not only drip with flavor, but they contain vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and even calcium. Vitamin A promotes healthy vision, skin and teeth – and even boosts the immune system.

With a mouth-watering fruit salad made from organic food ingredients that's just bursting with vitamins and flavor, who needs sugar?

Raw meat-based products may harm pets and their owners

(Reuters Health) – Although raw meat-based diets for pets have become increasingly popular, the meat may be contaminated with bacteria and parasites, a new study from the Netherlands shows.

In particular, E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella were found in commercial frozen raw-meat pet food from Dutch companies.

Raw meals include dried treats such as pig ears, home-prepared meals and commercially-prepared meals with meats, meaty bones, organs, vegetables, eggs, grains, yeast, milk and yogurt.

“The pathogens can be transmitted . . . to owners by direct contact with pets (sleeping with pets, licking the face, stroking the fur) or by cross-contamination of foods and utensils in the kitchen,” study coauthor Dr. Paul Overgaauw of Utrecht University told Reuters Health by email.

More than 200 commercial raw meat-based pet food products are available in the Netherlands. Overgaauw and colleagues analyzed the 35 frozen products most popular among pet owners across the country.

They looked for two strains of E. coli (one that’s associated with renal failure in humans, and one that’s considered antibiotic-resistant) as well as Listeria, Salmonella and several parasites.

They found the first strain of E. coli in eight products, antibiotic-resistant E. coli in 28 products, one strain of Listeria in 19 products, additional strains of Listeria in 15 products and Salmonella in seven products. Parasites were found in 10 products. Only five products weren’t contaminated.

In contrast, dry, semi-moist and canned pet foods rarely contain pathogens, the study authors wrote in the journal Veterinary Record.

“We have known for many years already that there are risks associated with raw meat diets for pets,” said Overgaauw.

“In nutritional terms, these diets are often deficient in several nutrients and may therefore lead to serious health problems,” he and his colleagues point out in their report.

“The most concerning aspect, from our public health point of view, is not only the high prevalence of potential pathogens that we found, but also that we found multi-drug resistant bacteria,” Overgaauw said.

“Sometimes owners almost become religious about these diets and don’t think there are any downsides,” said Dr. Oskar Nilsson of the National Veterinary Institute of Sweden in Uppsala. Nilsson, who wasn’t involved with this study, has studied the problem of E. coli in raw pet foods in Sweden.

“Simply put, all meat has bacteria in it if it is raw, and it doesn’t die if you freeze it,” he told Reuters Health by phone. “Some people think about frozen meat as sterile, but think about this as if you were feeding yourself. You cook it.”

The study wasn’t designed to find out whether and to what extent bacteria and parasites from these products actually get transmitted from pets to humans, and whether humans get sick as a result.

Nilsson also noted that because only a small number of products were tested, the numbers and percentages may not be generally applicable.

“You shouldn’t take them as absolute figures, but it proves the case,” he said. “Now we want to know more.”

Food safety technologies could help reduce the risk of bacteria in the products, said Dr. Jeff Bender of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, who studies food safety and antimicrobial resistance.

“The prevalence of E. coli was higher than I would expect, especially considering the potential for serious injuries in children,” Bender, who wasn’t involved in this study, told Reuters Health by email. “We should encourage the pet food industry to consider pasteurization for those using these diets.”

Warnings and handling instructions on packaging could help pet owners be aware of the possible bacteria and parasites in the products and know the proper hygiene for preparing meals in the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination, Overgaauw said.

“We cannot prohibit these products on the market because we are living in a free country and every owner may decide what to feed his or her pet,” he said. “However, the hazard has been demonstrated, so the question is: How do we minimize the exposure?”

SOURCE: bit.ly/2BQuyuZ Veterinary Record, online January 11, 2018.