Day 1713
Compassionate Eating/Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/Lissatarian/Whatever!




🥗 Salad:
1 head romaine lettuce
4 heirloom tomatoes
1 long English cucumber
1 red bell pepper
1/2 cup red onion rings thinly sliced
🥗 Dressing:
1 lemon, juiced
5 medjool dates
2-3 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp tahini
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp dried oregano
1/8 tsp hot pepper (optional)
Blend with 1/2 cup of water. Add more water if you like it less thick.

🥗🥗🥗 SPAGHETTI (Recipes in my Dips n’ Dressings and Meal Plan Volume 2)
🥗 3 spiralized long English cucumbers
Marinated veggies were marinated in my “rawmen” sauce (recipe in meal plan 2)
🥗 Marinara: Recipe in Dips n’ Dressings recipe book but you can also find it by searching “Lissa N8 spaghetti” here on YouTube 💗

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K2 (sometimes):
(Sometimes) Iodine


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Fruit on!! xo Lissa

Vegan Egg Replacer: How To Substitute Eggs in Recipes

Eggs are traditionally used in a variety of ways, from scrambles to desserts and baking. Choosing the right vegan egg replacer, then, is largely determined by what you're planning on cooking. For example, you will not be able to fry up ground flax seeds, but you could certainly fry medium-firm tofu. In this article we'll take a look at basic vegan egg substitutes and talk about how they're used.

Ener-G Egg Replacer : This is a commercial brand of egg replacer that can be found in many conventional grocery stores. The brand name varies depending on where you live in the world, but the concept is the same – it's a starchy powder that you mix a specific amount of water with to replace eggs in baking, like cupcakes and cookies. It can be found in the baking aisle of your grocery store by the flours.

I've used this with much success, and it's great if you only want to replace one or two eggs. My mom has used it in recipes that call for 3-4 eggs with excellent results, although not everyone is fond of it in higher amounts.

Use this in any kind of baking, since it's all-purpose like that. However, this will not work for anything egg-based, like quiche or meringue.

Other starches : When I'm without Ener-G, I opt for cornstarch – usually 1 tbsp mixed with 2 tbsp water for one egg. I've heard that other starches like arrowroot powder also works well, and I would assume potato starch would also be functional since it's a main ingredient in Ener-G. Use cornstarch (or other starches) in baking goodies, but not eggy things like quiche, just like the above egg replacer.

Ground flaxseeds : Ground flax makes a great binder in baking, though it does impart a slight flax-y taste. If you mix 1/4 c. warm water with 1 tbsp ground flax for one egg, mix it up and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, the mixture will turn gelatinous, perfect for baking. I like using flax in healthier baking where its mild flavor is not too out of place.

Ground chia seeds : chia seeds do the exact same thing flax does – make goopy gelatinous water – but with absolutely no flavor so you can use them in virtually anything. 1/4 c. warm water mixed with 1 tbsp ground chia seeds should do the trick for replacing 1 egg. Use in baking.

Bananas : This works very well as a binding agent in baking. 1 medium, well-mashed banana is enough to replace 1 egg. Obviously you would not want to use this in a recipe where the taste of banana would be unwanted, but it does work very well otherwise.

Vegan yogurt : In recipes that call for a lot of eggs, like cheesecake, I've been known to replace some of them with vegan yogurt, since it's thick and goopy, adds moisture and helps bind ingredients. Most cheesecakes call for a lot of eggs (usually around 4), and I like replacing 2 eggs with starches, and the other two with yogurt (or soft tofu which I mention below).

Soft or silken tofu : Tofu is a great egg replacer, although it's usually more annoying to use than the other egg replacers mentioned above, since you have to open a package, use only a little bit, and then let the rest of the package take up precious space in your fridge. On the odd occasion I do have tofu kicking around, though, I've been known to use it in baking with lots of success. Make sure to use either the soft or silken kind – firmer tofus get a chalky taste when they're blended. It's also very important to blend the tofu in a blender before adding it to the recipe, or you'll have little white specks in your pumpkin pie, and that's just sad.

Medium or firm tofu : When making scrambled "eggs", quiche or frittatas, this is what you'll want to use. I find that medium-firm tofu is the most egg-like in texture and I love using it in scrambles, with plenty of seasonings so it is not bland. All you have to do is heat a little oil over medium heat in a pan, crumble in the tofu, season to taste with salt, pepper and herbs, and saute for 10-15 minutes. Throw in vegetables if you like. Adding a 1/4 tsp of turmeric gives it a nice golden "eggy" color.

These vegetable egg substitutions cover 99% of recipes I make. Eggs are surprisingly easy to bake without, and multiple egg replacers work just as well as others if you do not have access to a certain ingredient. Tofu is not a perfect substitution for scrambles but it's delicious in its own right – just be sure to season it well, because tofu is quite bland by its lonesome.

The best part of using a vegan egg replacer? There are no worries about eating raw cookie dough.

Workers use bare hands at ‘shocking’ US chlorinated chicken factory

Kate Quilton was shocked by the undercover footage from the chicken factory (Picture: Channel 4)

US factory workers are touching raw chicken with their bare hands as it ‘piles up’ on the production line, an investigation has found.

Channel 4’s Dispatches sent an undercover reporter to work in a poultry processing plant in Texas, operated by the country’s biggest poultry producer, Tyson Foods.

They found the factory relied on chlorinating chicken as a ‘fail-safe’ to kill bacteria caused by a range of ‘unhygienic’ processes.

Presenter Kate Quilton, who is fronting the investigation, described the undercover footage of the factory as ‘shocking’.

She told Metro.co.uk: ‘The product line was being run so fast workers weren’t able to pack the meat quick enough.

Chicken was left stacked up on the production line (Picture: Channel 4)
Kate described ‘very, very little cleaning’ taking place (Picture: Channel 4)

‘It means chicken was left stacked up on the sides. That’s where bacteria can grow.

‘The team working on the meat also had questionable protective equipment.

‘They wore flimsy little plastic aprons on top of their own clothes and their own shoes. That causes a grave risk of cross-contamination.’

thumbnail for post ID 9775190Brits missing after attempting unclimbed Himalayas peak ‘may never be found’

On several occasions, the undercover reporter reported ‘supervisors touching chicken with their bare hands’.

Kate also described hose water, used for cleaning, being ‘backed up on the floor and going back onto the product’.

She continued: ‘The drains were all bunged up and clogged up.

‘This meant there were pools of stagnant water everywhere, which becomes like a kind of Mecca for bacteria.

Chlorinating the chicken can be used as safety net (Picture: Channel 4)
The undercover reporter said they saw supervisors touching the meat with their bare hands (Picture: Channel 4)

‘There was very, very little cleaning going on. We’re talking chicken caught in the cracks of machinery for God knows how long.’

In some Tyson Foods factories, workers have been known to wear adult nappies while on the production line – although the undercover reporter found no evidence of this happening at this plant.

But Kate was shocked to hear some employees claim they were unable to take a toilet break, calling it a ‘gross infringement of human rights’.

thumbnail for post ID 9774013Neymar posts Instagram video denying claims he raped woman in Paris hotel

One employee also had to have three fingers amputated after being asked to operate a machine they hadn’t been trained to use.

The investigation found two other recent incidents of workers losing fingers.

Washing chicken in chlorine and other disinfectants was banned by the European Union in 1997, but the practice is still widely used in the US.

The fear is that chlorine washing can be used as compensation for poor hygiene standards throughout the product line – and if a post-Brexit trade deal with the US goes ahead, the meat could end up on British supermarket shelves.

Pools of water were left all over the floor (Picture: Channel 4)

Scientists at Southampton University recently reported that washing the chicken in this way only kills 90 per cent of salmonella.

The US has a much higher rate of food poisoning than the UK, with 14.7 per cent of the population suffering from illness every year, compared to just 1.5 per cent of Britain.

Kate said: ‘Chicken in America costs a fifth less than chicken in the UK. The plants work at the fastest pace possible to ensure maximum profit.

thumbnail for post ID 9774386At least five injured as cruise ship smashes into dock in Venice

‘Now the Trump administration has plans to deregulate the meat industry even further, which means the production line is likely to get even worse.

‘The concern across the industry is that if we allow in this very cheap chicken into the UK, our farmers will be forced into adopting similar practices in order to compete.’

A former food inspector analysed the footage that the undercover reporter recorded.

Ron Spellman, now Assistant Secretary General of the European Food and Meat Inspectors Association, said he was surprised by the ‘low standards’ of the US factory.

Kate was shocked by the lack of workers’ rights (Picture: Channel 4)

When asked if he thought the UK should adopt the same processes, he said: ‘Definitely not. This would be a really, really big step backwards for us.’

Tyson Foods said they would need to review Dispatches’ footage before they could give a detailed response.

A spokesperson said: ‘Our plants only operate in the continuous presence of US government inspectors who, along with our own food safety staff, ensure we’re producing good food that’s safe to eat.

‘Tyson Foods cares deeply about the safety of our employees and consumers.

‘We have a robust quality and safety program that includes training for new employees, continuous safety education and daily meetings at our facilities to keep safety top of mind.

‘Employees are encouraged to report any workplace safety concerns to their supervisor, a member of management or our compliance and ethics hotline.’

The Truth About Chlorinated Chicken – Channel 4 Dispatches, is on Channel 4 tonight at 8pm.

Raw Food Diet Summer Challenge for Everyone

I’ve got a raw food diet summer challenge for everyone to share with you today. I don’t care where you currently are on your plant based diet or even if you’re following one yet. The raw vegan lifestyle can be extremely satisfying in summer!
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Is There Enough Food for Everyone?

If there is enough food to go around everyone on earth, why does not it 'go around?'

Population growth, food production and water rights affect all of us.

Malthus argues that the actual population in a society tends to push above the supply of food. For example, suppose a country has seven million people and the population rises to eight million. This means the food which previously fed seven million must now be divided among eight million. Malthus argues that the poor live less well or worse. Also, as there are more labourers available and more than the market needs, the price of labor will tend to decrease and the price of food will tend to rise. The laborer has to work harder to survive. Malthus suggests voluntary absence and the postponement of marriage until the laborer is able to support a family as a solution. A sooner than argument you might say.

Now we have intensive agriculture where chickens live cooped up, cows munch their rations standing on concrete, and industrial-sized greenhouses grow near perfect tomatoes by the truck load. Fewer people are involved in producing food as mechanization reduces the number of workers needed. Fast transportation brings a colossal variety of foodstuffs to our local supermarkets from all over the world.

The population of our planet is estimated to exceed seven billion. We need oil, essential to global food transportation, power generation and agriculture. What if oil prices become exorbitant? What if oil runs out? The world will need to produce 70% more food by 2050 to feed a planned extra 2.3 billion people (2009 report by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization). Professor John Beddington warns that a growing population, falling energy reserves and food shortages will create a 'perfect storm' by 2030.

Famine, an ever present threat, can hit the headlines with, for example, a television picture of a fly buzzing around the face of a malnourished child with sunken eyes. We feel sad and want to do something.

Many people living in Ireland during 1845-51 relied on the potato as a food source. Blight blackened and withered potato plants. Starvation, disease and emigration followed.

The land tenure system did not help – a wealthy landlord employing an agent to collect rent from an impoverished peasant who in turn sublet to a family member.

Britain ruled Ireland at this time, so who did the soil belong to – the Irish or the British? Disputed territory is still a cause of conflict.

Excessive bureaucracy, Molly Maguires, the gombeen man and the pawnbroker are all part of the history of the Great Potato Famine in Ireland.

We need to learn these lessons, again. Fiction is one way of doing so.

Burritos Market Research Report by Types, Application, Raw Material and Geography – Global Forecast To 2023


Burritos Market report contains a detailed data and information that provides present and future opportunities to explain the future asset in the market. In addition, report is created by keeping in mind all the major aspects of the market research that brings market landscape straightforwardly into focus. Moreover, it also includes historic data, present market trends, environment, technological innovation, upcoming technologies and the technical progress in the related industry.

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Burritos Market Segmentation Analysis:

Major companies are as follows:

Amy’s Kitchen
Ruiz Foods
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Yum! Brands
Jack In The Box
Camino Real Kitchens
Del Taco
Tavistock Freebirds
Ramona’s Food Group

Burritos Market Classifications:

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3

Burritos Market Applications:

Application 1

Target Audience of the Global Burritos Market in Market Study:

  • Key Consulting Companies & Advisors 
  • Large, medium-sized, and small enterprises 
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Reasons for Buying this Report:

  • This report provides pin-point analysis for changing competitive dynamics
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Detailed TOC of Global & Regional Burritos Industry Production, Sales and Consumption Status and Prospects Professional Market Research Report 2018-2023

Chapter 1 Industry Overview

1.1 Definition

1.2 Brief Introduction by Major Product

1.3 Brief Introduction by Major Application

1.4 Brief Introduction by Major Regions

1.5 Brief Introduction by Major Distribution channel

1.5.1 Wholesalers

1.5.2 Retailers

1.5.3 Supermarkets/Hypermarkets

1.5.4 Online Retail

1.6 Brief Introduction by Major

Chapter 2 Production Market Analysis

2.1 Global Production Market Analysis

2.1.1 2012-2017 Global Capacity, Production, Capacity Utilization Rate, Ex-Factory Price, Revenue, Cost, Gross, and Gross Margin Analysis

2.1.2 2012-2017 Major Manufacturers Performance and Market Share

2.2 Regional Production Market Analysis

2.2.1 2012-2017 Regional Market Performance and Market Share

2.2.2 United States Market

2.2.3 Europe Market

2.2.4 China Market

2.2.5 Japan Market

2.2.6 India Market

2.2.7 Market

Chapter 3 Sales Market Analysis

3.1 Global Sales Market Analysis

3.2 Regional Sales Market Analysis

Chapter 4 Consumption Market Analysis

4.1 Global Consumption Market Analysis

4.2 Regional Consumption Market Analysis

Chapter 5 Production, Sales and Consumption Market Comparison Analysis

5.1 Global Production, Sales and Consumption Market Comparison Analysis

5.2 Regional Production, Sales Volume, and Consumption Volume Market Comparison Analysis

Chapter 6 Major Manufacturers Production and Sales Market Comparison Analysis

6.1 Global Major Manufacturers Production and Sales Market Comparison Analysis

6.2 Regional Major Manufacturers Production and Sales Market Comparison Analysis


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The Importance of an Alkaline Diet

Chronic fatigue is becoming a way of life for many people in today's fast paced society. We blame it on many things; increased workloads, longer working hours, longer commutes and, not incidentally, on the increased stress thought about by all of these things. But did we ever consider that what we are eating may play a distinct role in our collective exhaustion?

The Effects of Acidity and Alkalinity on the Body

To understand the difference between acidity and alkalinity one must first understand what an alkali is. An alkali is the ionic salt of an alkaline earth metal or earth metal element. These salts have a pH of greater than 7.0 and easily dissolve in water on the other hand, something that is acidic is derived from an acid; a chemical mixture which has a pH of less than 7.0 and, when it's dissolved in water, it produces a compound with a high hydrogen ion activity. When we take into account the fact that everything that we eat or metabolize produces either alkaline or acidic bases into the bloodstream depending on its constituent components, as well as the fact that the human body achieves optimum performance at a pH level between 7.33 and 7.4, it makes sense to say that a diet that leans towards alkaline foods makes the most sense when we're looking to achieve optimum health.

If that is not enough, consider the fact that the human body is composed of rough 75% water. Alkaline bases dissolve easily in, and are easily absorbed by water, unlike acidic bases which, while they break down in water, leave what is known as an "acidic residue" which can build up and eventually cause bodily functions to "slow down" hence that tired feeling) and sometimes even to malfunction or shut down altogether. Also, if the body's pH goes too far below 7.0 (acidic) the body will find a way to counter it. It will borrow from internal alkalinity sources, usually minerals such as calcium, magnesium or potassium which it will leech from the bones. Depletion of calcium is one of the key causes of osteoporosis. Plaque is another problem of a diet high in acidic foods. Plaque can take the form of plaque on the teeth – but also plaque in the treaties, which is a primary contributor to heart attacks.

But even without the major concerns like osteoporosis or heart disease, high acid levels have been shown to encourage the growth of bacterial, viral or even fungal infections, all things that we could easily keep under control if we were to maintain the optimum pH balance. Keeping all of this in mind it an alkaline diet may sound perfectly reasonable, but there is just one major problem; the average diet of western society produces high levels of acid. It is a diet that we have grown accustomed to over the last 100 years and which takes some determination to change, but once it has been adopted has proven to yield phenomenal improvements to one's overall health.

What Constitutes an Alkaline Diet?

There are two ways to increase one's pH balance: eating more alkaline-rich foods, and decreasing acidic-based foods. The optimal solution is of course to do both until your body has maintained the optimum pH balance. But first it is important to know what your body's current pH balance is. This is easy enough to do by purchasing urine or saliva test strips at most any drug store. Remember, you are aiming for a pH balance between 7.33 and 7.4. Roughly speaking, a balance between alkaline and acidic can be maintained by eating approximately 75% alkaline-rich foods and 25% acidic foods. High alkaline foods include things like most vegetables and fruits (although it is recommended that fruits be ate in moderation), non-dairy and non-meat proteins (with the exception of cottage cheese, chicken breasts and eggs) and drinks such as koumbacha , herbal or green tea. Unfortunately, high acidic based foods include things like all meats, almost all grains, sugars and sweeteners, butter, cheeses and all alcoholic drinks (complete lists of high-alkaline and high acid foods can be found online).

Strangely enough, even water is not immune to the western tendency towards acidity. Tap water in particular has been shown to have a high acid content thanks to the additives that are put into the water to make it "safe" for drinking. Drinking bottled water or water that has been ionized by a water ionizer such as those made by Chason Water have been shown to bring the pH level of water to a more alkaline level.

A Balancing Act

The good news is that while we may have subjected our bodies to years of acid abuse; abuse that is coming to light as increased infections and chronic fatigue; we can undo the damage by bringing the body's pH balance back into alignment. Optimum health is a poor balancing act, but with practice, all of us can learn to walk the wire.

New restaurant and lounge with ‘L.A. feel’ replaces EMC Seafood & Raw Bar – Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Valencia Town Center visitors may have noticed a white banner announcing the opening of Black ‘N Blue, a new entertainment destination replacing EMC Seafood & Raw Bar.

The restaurant and lounge promise to bring features such as a large 360-degree bar, games and gourmet-style food menu with what owners called “a Los Angeles feel.”

“Black ‘N Blue will be more of an entertainment venue,” said Lee Kan, general partner of Zao Brands, which owns the new restaurant, The Bunker Hill, Wokano and other eateries across Southern California. “Santa Clarita doesn’t have good entertainment areas so I want to bring this all under one roof. Restaurants offer a two-hour experience. I want to offer four hours.”

Kan revealed EMC, which opened August 2018, had struggled to stay in business due, in part, to its location.

“One of the challenges that we have in Valencia is that it’s a very saturated area. There’s lots of restaurants and not enough eaters,” he said. “We have nine other locations for EMC that are performing well but this one did not, unfortunately.”

To offer something different to the area, Kan said the project will offer a 50-seat bar with “regular cocktails on one side and higher-end drinks like scotch and whiskey on the other,” as well as a section for billiards, wine tasting, a lounge patio with fire pits and live music.

Black ‘N Blue will also offer a formal dining experience with a limited menu geared toward serving smaller plates, as well as some EMC-inspired dishes due to popularity. “The food will complement the drinks, as opposed to the other way around,” said Kan.

The new venue is in the remodeling stages and is slated to have its soft opening Tuesday, June 18. Business hours are expected to run from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

A celebratory event is scheduled for Monday, June 17, from 6 to 9 p.m., where attendees will have the opportunity to preview Black ‘N Blue’s food and drink menu. There is an entry fee of $20 and all proceeds will go toward the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley, said Kan.

Black ‘N Blue is located at 24300 Town Center Drive, Suite 110.

Ideal or Real Food Cost in the Restaurant Business

Most culinary schools today are still teaching their students how to compute the wrong food cost. Granted the math is right, but the dollars involved are hurting the bottom line of our restaurants. The problem arises from the separation of percentage points and dollars.

Banks Use Dollars, not Percentages Points

One thing I am quite sure of is that banks do not accept percentage points as deposits, believe me I've tried! For some reason the teller just looked at me dumbfounded then just started chuckling. Matter of fact she had so much fun with it she showed the caller next to her who responded in much the same manor. I did not find the humor in it since I had bills to pay, product to buy, and employees wanting their cash too. To rectify the situation I cowed to the pressure and made out a revised deposit slip using their required dollar standard.

So if you can not deposit percentage points why do most restaurants use this as their key focus goal? Should not the establishments focus on dollars instead? Your darn right they should.

A Higher Food Cost Does not Mean Theft or Waste

It's the end of your period and the accountant just brought in the p & l. A quick scan shows your food cost is 35%. What! The first thought that runs through most operators and managers minds is we have a theft or product waste problem . Well, that may be true, but before you go running to the staff and start ranting and raging you have to find out if that is the truth. You may very well have to eat those words after you get through this article. Matter of fact they may need to be prepared instead.

What Is Ideal Food Cost Then?

Well let's take a look at what the real food cost value is and how it is divided. To compute real food cost you take the cost of the product you needed to produce the food and divide it by the sales revenue of that food. You can compute the food cost for an individual plate, or over a specific period of time. For example if it costs you $ 3.50 for the product and you sell the item for $ 12.00 your food cost is $ 3.50 / $ 12.00 = 0.2916 or 29.16%

29% Food Cost, That's Great

Yes, 29% food cost is not bad, but is it the best thing for the restaurant? Let's take a look at sample full service restaurant. Looking at a few of their menu selections we have a chicken dish which is on the menu for $ 15.00, steak for $ 19.00 and a steak and lobster dish for $ 28.00. When we look at the cost side the chicken is $ 4.00, the steak $ 7.00 and the steak and lobster $ 12.00. We do our food costs on these to come up with the chicken dish running a 27%, the steak 37% and the steak and lobster a 43% food cost.

It's pretty clear, if you want to run below that magical 30% food cost number, ell chicken! But, as I said when we started the bank does not like percentage on the deposit slips, so convert them to dollars. Okay, since they sold a chicken dish for $ 15.00 and it cost them $ 4.00 that's easy, $ 15.00 – $ 4.00 = $ 11.00. Are they happy now? They have their 27% food cost, and banked $ 11.00. All great until someone tells them of their error. Sure they ran a nice food cost, but they could have banked more money. How? By selling either of the other dishes. The steak, which cost them $ 7.00 to produce and sold for $ 19.00 would have banked them $ 12.00 and the steak and lobster would have bought in a whopping $ 16.00.

If it were me going to the bank to make the deposit I would much rather be depositing $ 16.00 for the steak and lobster versa the $ 11.00 for the chicken and would take the associated 43% food cost with a smile. So, next time your actual food cost numbers come in run your ideal food cost numbers to compare before you fly off the handle with your staff. The difference between your real and actual food costs is where any associated problems can be found with respect to theft or product waste issues.