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I eat a lot of food raw for the obvious health benefits and I am vegan, but I have never intentionally eaten entirely raw for a day – so I decided to try out some fully raw vegan recipes and share that day with you guys. Raw food maintains the original nutrients and they are often more bioavailable too – so I think incorporating plenty of raw food is a great lifestyle choice, and the more tasty recipes you have under your belt the better!

A raw food day – my eats;
– mandarin and lemon water
– berry smoothie – 2 bananas, 5 dates, cup of berries, 2-3 tbsp flax meal, 3/4 cup water
– Lunch salad – greens, tomato, red onion, cucumber – garlic/avocado dressing
– some kiwifruit
– raw falafel wraps – cabbage, chick peas, garlic,pumpkin and sunflower seeds, carrot, lemon, onion, curry powder, salt, pepper tomato, capsicum, red onion, avocado
– date balls – almonds, dates, cocoa, water, shredded coconut

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How to Meal Prep 101 for a Plant Based (Vegan/Vegetarian/Raw Food) Lifestyle | Part 2

In this video we will learn how to meal prep for the plant based lifestyle (vegan, vegetarian, raw food).
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Irène Grosjean : recettes végétales crues #2 / raw food recipes #2 [bande-annonce / trailer]

2h30 de recettes végétales crues exquises en vidéo. (English below)

Quelques années après le succès du premier opus de recettes végétales crues d’Irène, Damien et sa naturopathe préférée remettent le couvert.

Cette fois, nous voilà dans l’intimité d’un stage, chez Irène, pour découvrir toute une nouvelle série de recettes en compagnie des stagiaires, mais aussi de Christophe du Chou Brave et d’une nutrithérapeuthe aux multiples casquettes, Martine. Au programme, 3 jours de stage et de recettes et des entrevues et témoignages, en tout plus de 2 heures 30 d’informations et recettes plus élaborées et poussées :

– Les Ustensiles De Crusine
– Lait De Tournesol
– Chips de Khalé
– Yaourt
– Jus Verts
– Faux-mage
– Oignons Caramélisés
– Crackers
– Houmous
– Pâté De Champignons
– Poivronnade
– Salade Algues Et Graines Germées
– Trilogie De Choux
– Salade Turque
– Sushis
– Pizzas

A few years after their first success editing recipes videos, Damien and Irene did it again. A full 2 hours 30 minutes ofmore advanced recipes:

– The Machines
– Vegan Nuts/Seeds Milk
– Khale Chips
– Yogurt
– Green Juices
– Vegan Cheese
– Onions Chutney
– Crackers
– Humus
– Mushroom Spread
– Red Pepper Spread
– Sea Weeds & Germinated Seeds Salad
– All-colors Cabbage Salads
– Turkish Salad
– Sushis
– Pizzas


FREE EBOOKLET This is what kept me motivated to keep going with the raw food diet when I first tried it out about four years ago!

I found that after a meal of just fruit or a simple salad I did not experience the common after dinner fatigue that I was so used to. As I kept experimenting I noticed how I felt after eating cooked foods, fatty foods and I didn’t like it. Over the course of a couple of months I switched to a 100 % fully raw diet of just fruits and vegetables and I was fueled by a motivation to feel great all the time – including after I ate!

Fruits and tender vegetables are the most easily digestible foods for humans. They do not require as much energy to digest as more heavy food does. This means more energy for other activities than digestion!

Our anatomy is actually that of a frugivore. Fruit is the food our digestive system is designed for. Sure, we can eat almost anything for survival, but the optimal diet is certainly raw fruits and vegetables.

Give the low fat raw vegan diet a try by experimenting with big monomeals of your favourite fruit and see how you feel afterwards! Even better, try it for a few months and reap the full benefits!

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How A Raw Vegan Diet Turned This Man Into A 10 Time US Running Champion In His Late Thirties

Prior to 2004, Tim VanOrden was sedentary, ill, depressed and on the verge of homelessness. But thanks to a major lifestyle shift to a Raw Vegan diet he completely turned his life around.

We caught up with Tim at the 2015 Toronto Raw Vegan Food Festival to ask him a few questions about his journey and transition.

For our full recap of the Toronto Raw Vegan Food Festival check out this video:

Mark Passio Changing Our Diet Raw Foods & Juicing Documentary

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Easy raw dog food for small dogs/update video in description

Update video:

I decided to make this video because someone asked for my help when they wanted to start feeding raw. I remember how hard it was to get the hang of when I first started so I made this video to try and help others. I have been feeding raw 4 years now. I feed kibble when I don’t have raw food, I enjoy buying a bag of raw food from the pet store every now and then. Sometimes I like to give my dogs healthy treats that are good for everyone, including coconut, avocado, sardines, yogurt, eggs, etc. They still get dog treats and bully sticks are a favorite. I know some enthusiast may disagree with my feeding method, but I don’t believe dog food is such a black and white issue; please see my last tip under Tips and Warnings at the end of the video.

PS. This raw method words great for CATS. Its just the right amount of food for most cats. The only change you need to make is to include heart meat on meat only days. Chicken heart and beef heart can be found at the grocery. Cats need heart meat to provide them with taurine.

Weight Loss On 2 Weeks Of Raw Food! – Raw Food Retreat

10 people get on camera get on a scale after eating only Raw Foods for two weeks straight on our Raw Food Retreat here in Vilcabamba Ecuador. Some of the results are miraculous, which aided them immensely in their weight loss journey.

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