Raw Pet Feeding – Rabbit for Breakfast

The cats get to chow down on some raw rabbit this morning for breakfast. Their primary food is raw cornish hens (chicken) and turkey, but I try and mix it up with more small game a couple times a week for better balance. It takes me only a minute or two to prep a meal for four cats.

Two cats eat on a towel in the kitchen, and two eat in individual cages that I can wipe the bottoms clean.

3 reasons NOT to go on a 100% Raw food diet (The Rawfoodfamily)

Get our best raw food recipes to enjoy delicious, healthy and easy to make food, but maintain a life outside the kitchen as well!

This is a taboo topic in the dogmatic raw food world, I bring it up anyway. Me as Ka Sundance from The Rawfoodfamily, I do believe in this message!
It is better for some to NOT follow a 100% raw food diet!
I believe it is not even necessary to become truly healthy AND happy!
Why? Watch!

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DAN THE MAN IS BACK IN THE HOUSE, keepin’ it real, bringing you more background health information on just how and why the raw food diet works for humans, and why some days you may feel worse off than before you started on the raw food path! It is all part of the journey to health and increased healing and awareness, so have no fear…

Keep on keepin on!


Love, Dan

Nutritional Health : How to Eat a Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet can be a healthy choice because raw foods maintain their fiber and vitamin levels much better than cooked food, so they offer higher food volume in addition to more nutrients. Consider transitioning into a raw food diet with advice from a licensed dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on healthy eating.

Expert: Heidi Kaufman
Bio: Heidi Kaufman is a licensed dietitian and nutritionist, and she is a certified diabetes educator for Partners in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Filmmaker: Rendered Communications

Diet & Nutrition : How to Start a Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets are based on the idea that cooked food reduces the level of positive enzymes, which many people believe are important for health. Find out how to lose weight on a raw food diet with help from a licensed dietitian/nutritionist in this free video on raw food diets.

Expert: Heidi Kaufman
Bio: Heidi Kaufman is a licensed dietitian and nutritionist, and she is a certified diabetes educator for Partners in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Filmmaker: Rendered Communications

RAW FOOD WEIGHT LOSS 178 pounds! Dave the Raw Food Trucker VIDEO #10


I love juices smoothies and salads. Raw living foods will change your life. Get your energy high with juices like this. Peace.

Vegetable Juice Recipes for Weight Loss *

VIDEO #10 of my weekly chats
w/ my friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker! ❤

For those new to this series, check out preceding videos at & this quick backgrounder on Dave’s amazing story of natural healing!:
My friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker tells his story of how he came from the brink of death to heal himself of several diseases including colon cancer, type II diabetes & kidney disease, all via the consumption of raw foods. Not to mention his amazing weight loss of 178 pounds over the last 16 months, and he’s not stopping there. He’s going to go ALL the way with his health, and wants YOU too as well. This guy is a TRUE SUPERHERO!!

*****VIDEO #10 UPDATE*****
This week, Dave’s with me here at the RV making what may be the most powerful & amazing juice recipe that mankind has ever known!


These ingredients are what Dave uses to make 3 gallons worth of juice at once, to last him 3 days on the road. This is an ULTRA LOW-glycemic juice & Dave credits it for helping to cure his body of Type II Diabetes & Stage IV Colon Cancer.

Dave is ALL about having his produce be 100% organic. As he healed himself of serious conditions & his body still isn’t done healing himself of all the excess weight, he feels this is vital. But you just do the best you can!

* I n g r e d i e n t s *

**In the preceding Video #9, Dave
went over all of the ingredients below…
Visit to see that first!**

— 5 bunches Spinach (w/ stems intact; not just the leaves)
— 2 bunches Red Chard
— 3 bunches Collard Greens
— 3 bunches Kale
— 4 bunches Cilantro
— 1 bunch Fresh Basil
— 4 bunches Beet Greens (Dave ONLY juices the greens of the beets & NOT the actual beets, as he’s still recovering from the diabetes. For those not dealing w/ diabetes, feel free to juice the beets!
— 6 Red Bell Peppers
— 4 Yellow Bell Peppers
— 2 heads Fennel
— 4 heads Celery
— 12 Cucumbers (unpeeled if organic; peeled if inorganic)
— 2 dozen on-the-vine Tomatoes
— 3 heads Broccoli
— 1 pound Baby Bok Choy (or 1 bunch Bok Choy)
— 1 bunch Mustard Greens (use a smaller amount if the flavor is too strong)
— 4 bunches Parsley (2 Regular, 2 Italian)
— 1 bunch Asparagus
— 1 large Fresh Aloe Leaf (inorganic ok; organic is rarely available…also, only juice the lower portion of it & always juice a bit & taste, juice a bit & taste, as it can be VERY potent)
— 1 bottle of E3Live Algae
— Rainbow Light Advanced Systems Digestive Enzymes (to help control gas, especially when you first jump into a program like this! If you can’t find this brand, look for a type that’s raw vegan & whole-plant sourced)

*Dan added a couple more ingredients,
picked fresh from the garden!*
— 1 bunch wild Lamb’s Quarters
— 1 bunch wild Plantain

* B e n e f i t s *

** Refer to previous video for more benefits **

— Plantain ~ Moves the lymphatic system: Pulls mucus, etc. out of the body
— Tomatoes ~ For delicious flavor!
— Aloe Leaf ~ Soothes the GI tract, especially if there are ulcers and/or inflammation!
— Broccoli ~ Some call it the “answer to cancer” but what do you think? 😉

* I n s p i r a t i o n *

— Green Herbs Heal! + Fruit Energizes!

— CUCUMBERS, BELL PEPPERS & TOMATOES are all technically fruits!

— Nothing in this video constitutes medical advice in any way, shape or form! We’re just 2 dudes who get super healthy when they eat fruits and vegetables & want you to be healthy too!

— As you start to dive deeper into getting healthier through eating & drinking highly nutritive raw fruits and vegetables, the life force within you dances more & more freely!

— The skin on the backs of Dave’s elbow are all irritated w/ some mucus even coming out. But that’s a good thing! His body is just releasing old toxins that he wants OUT!

— WARNING: This juice tastes like pizza in a glass! The herbs & tomatoes are so flavorful!