Eve's Garden preps raw, vegan meals so you don't have to – Dothan Eagle

The menu at Eve’s Garden is probably most surprising for what it lacks.

There’s no meat, first of all. The Chickless Salad contains no chicken. The Tunaless Salad has no fish in it. And the enchiladas are made with walnut meat. Cheese is either a vegan cheese or a nut-based recipe designed to look and taste similar to cheese.

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Inside the Weird World of ‘Fruitarians,’ Who Only Eat Raw Fruit – VICE

Folk wisdom tells us an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Some bloggers are taking the saying to a new extreme, making fruit the sole component of their diets. They follow an extreme form of vegetarianism called fruitarianism; the diet varies, but some followers eat fruit for 75 percent or more of their daily food intake. Most fruitarians follow a raw diet. Others go a step further, only eating fruit that falls off trees or vines. As Hugh Grant discovers in this date scene in Notting Hill, they want to refrain from harming the plant that created the fruit.

Bloggers have contributed to the diet’s rise in popularity. Norwegian brothers Mikkel and Mads Gisle Johnsen started chronicling their fruit-based diet on their YouTube channel, Sweet Natural Living, after they became interested in health. “Every animal has a diet specific to their species, and they always eat their food raw,” Mikkel Johnsen says. “This made me wonder about the natural diet for humans. I soon realized that even though we can eat a wide variety of foods to survive, that doesn’t mean it’s our ideal diet.”

After investigating raw food, he found fruit: “The only food that appeals to our senses in its raw state, as it appears in nature, is fruit. Fruit is the only food that looks, smells and tastes good to us as it is.” Since starting a fruitarian diet, Johnsen believes he has achieved a superior level of health. “My shit don’t stink (seriously),” he says. “My mind is clear. My motivation is high. My energy levels are consistent. My blood sugar is excellent. I could go on and on.”

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Fruitarianism is becoming more and more mainstream. Almost 600 people came together last year to convene at the Woodstock Fruit Festival, paying more than $1000 each for lectures, opportunities to meet other fruitarians, and unlimited fruit and vegetables (attendees consume over 100,000 pounds of produce at the event). The fruit eaters liken the diet’s effects to a spiritual experience.

“I’ve experienced fantastic health and vitality since adopting a fruitarian diet,” writes ultra-marathoner and Woodstock Fruit Festival admin Michael Arnstein on his blog the Fruitarian. “I’ve become almost super-human when compared to the standard population in both physical, mental, and emotional strengths.” Arnstein eats 25 to 30 pounds of fruit a day to maintain his energy levels, claiming his diet has made him immune to illness and allowed him to excel as an elite runner.

Steve Jobs is perhaps the world’s most famous believer in fruitarianism. He often took his diet to further extremes, claiming that his eating patterns helped fuel his creativity. According to the biography Steve Jobs, he once proclaimed, “I’m a fruitarian and I will only eat leaves picked by virgins in the moonlight.” Fruitarianism even inspired him to name his company Apple: He visited an orchard and found apples “fun, spirited, and not intimidating.” At some point, he would reportedly eat only apples and carrots for weeks at a time, often developing an orange glow.

Mikkel and Mads Gisle Johnsen run the YouTube channel Sweet Natural Living. Screencap via YouTube

Jobs diet would later prove the dangers of fruitarianism. In an attempt at method acting before he played Jobs for a biopic, thespian Ashton Kutcher attempted to follow his diet, eating only fruit for a month. The diet backfired: “I ended up in the hospital two days before we started shooting the movie,” Kutcher said at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. “I was doubled over in pain, and my pancreas levels were completely out of whack, which was terrifying.”

Fruitarians often experience these symptoms. “Fruitarians often have low levels of vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, iodine, and omega-3 fatty acids, which can lead to anemia, fatigue, and a weak immune system,” says Lisa DeFazio, a certified registered dietician, cookbook author, and health expert. “When you eliminate vitamins, fats, and proteins, your body goes into starvation mode, which slows down your metabolism to conserve energy.”

She sees the benefits of lots of fruit in the diet, but warns dieters to also consume other foods to stay balanced and healthy: “Fruits are high in vitamins and antioxidants, including vitamin C and beta-carotene, and research shows fruits can reduce the risk of many diseases,” she says. “It’s critical to include nuts, seeds, and vegetables with every meal to provide the fat and protein you need. Protein and fat slow down blood sugar spikes from eating fruit.”

You should be forced to be vegan.

Despite the potential health risks, YouTubers make fruitarianism look like a lifestyle. Freelee the Banana Girl is one of the internet’s most popular fruitarian vloggers. (She was not available for comment at press time.) An attractive, blonde, peppy Australian, Freelee documents her daily life as a fruitarian for her 723,387 followers while wearing bikinis and eating as many as 51 bananas a day.

While many raw diet gurus come off as aging hippies and write in the of a Dr. Bronner’s bottle, Freelee presents herself as your typical modern lifestyle vlogger. Her Twitter bio reads, “Bananabitches [sic] Unite,” and she posts photos in Kendall Jenner-esque lingerie reminiscent of fitness models. She’s courted controversy for posting a video asking whether people who know about the impact of the meat and dairy industry should be allowed to live if they continue to consume animal products. “You should be forced to be vegan. The situation the planet is in, we cannot wait for you to get your shit together,” she muses, adding, “Do I want to kill people? No, I don’t want to kill people.”

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Johnsen and his brother take a gentler approach on their channel, documenting his earthy lifestyle and preferring to explain the various developmental stages of the coconut and how to make a breakfast out of peaches and nectarines. “We get a lot of positive feedback and it’s very encouraging,” he says of his 36,771 followers. “People tell us about how our videos have inspired them to seek health and eat more fruit!”

Critics claim fruitarianism can act as a guise for orthorexia, an eating disorder focused on excessive healthy eating. (The National Eating Disorder Association recognizes the illness, but DSM-5, the diagnostic manual for mental disorders, does not.) “When a person is limiting their diet to one or two food groups, and becomes paranoid to eat certain foods, that can lead to eating disorders,” DeFazio says. “If a diet harms your health, it is not a good thing.”

Johnsen knows doctors have critiqued his diet. Like many internet celebrities, he brushes them off as haters. “We get plenty of hate and negative feedback, but that’s fine,” he says. “There are a lot of frustrated and angry individuals out there, all of which are likely suffering a serious lack of fruit and sunshine in their life!”

Some Fad Diets And Their Premises: Do They Work?

More and more fad diets are going out in the market nowadays. One after the other says you'll lose weight in as little time as possible. You'd like to think that this and that fad diet will make losing weight easier. Most of them say "eat a few of these foods" and "eat only in this way" and you'll lose weight. There are fad diets that result to quick weight loss, and there are some that are difficult to follow. What you particularly have to watch out for are the fad diets that can put your health in danger. Here is a list of the most popular fad diets:

  • Raw Food Diet – It is basic knowledge (and experts advise) that eating more fruits and veggies while cutting back on junk foods makes you shed off pounds. What the raw foods diet suggests, on the other hand, is to avoid cooked and processed foods. Adherents of the raw food diet say that cooking destroys the nutrient contents of foods. It makes sense, in a way, because cooking does reduce the nutrient levels of some munchies. However cooked vegetables are still loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Another advantage of cooking is that it actually enhances the nutrients found in some foods and kills bacteria at the same time. You can say that the raw food diet is an extreme form of veganism. Its drawback is that food preparation is totally impractical. If you want to stick to the raw food diet, be willing to spend hours blending, juicing, sprouting, dehydrating, cutting, germinating, rehydrating and chopping your foods.
  • Alkaline Diets – Other names for this diet are the alkaline acid diet and the alkaline ash diet. You're required to consume more fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts when on the alkaline diet. What you should avoid are alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat, sweets and processed and artificial foods. There are positive points to this because it could spur weight loss, but it does not affect your body's pH at all. The fact that your body's pH affects your weight has not been scientifically proven. But the alkaline diet is labeled as a very strict and complicated diet. It bans dairy, meat and alcohol that are part of a healthy eating plan.
  • The Blood Type Diet – According to this diet, your blood type determines your reaction to the foods that you eat. It's mainly a chemical process. If your blood type is O, for instance, you're better off eating fruits, vegetables and lean meat. You should avoid dairy and wheat. Meanwhile, the blood type diet says that type A individuals should go vegetarian, whereas type B dieters should avoid wheat, corn, peanuts, sesame seeds, tomatoes and chicken. The glitch of this fad diet is that it is not scientifically-proven and it is very restrictive, depending on your blood type.
  • The Werewolf Diet – This diet is also called the lunar diet. Sticking to this diet means you'll have to fast in accordance to the lunar calendar. During a new or full moon, you'll be fasting, taking only juice and water. The werewolf diet claims that you can lose six pounds of water weight in one day. The drawback of this diet is that it is ineffective. You'll lose weight because you've skipped eating and the moon has nothing to do with it. Plus, your weight will come right back.

These are some of the most popular fad diets. If you're eager to lose weight, it may seem tempting to try these diets. However, do the necessary research so that you'll find some of the most effective fad diets.


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Feeding your dog a Raw Food Diet may be the healthiest choice you can make for your buddy. Did you know that cooking food kills it? Who would have thought, since we came from the caveman who cooked in caves, or did we? What about your dog? The dog has only been domesticated for a few hundred years. Before that, they were out killing game for their meals.

NEW FLASH: Dogs do not start fires. They do not know how and they head for the hills when they see fire. Mother nature did not intend for dogs to cook food. And who's to say she intended people to as well? Well, this article is written for canine friends, so we'll save the cooking ethics of humans for another day.

Dogs are carnivores. They do best on meat and flesh … preferably raw meat.

If you give a dog kibble, you are basically giving it cereal, mainly corn. Also rice and wheat. Dogs in the wild do not eat plants, unless they are lacking in vitamins or have a tummy ache, then they'll go for something soothing, like grass.

Funny thing to observe though is that dog's who are eating a raw diet do not eat grass nearly as much as those given kibble.

Another thing about kibble, is that you often find the kibbles to be "chicken" or "beef" or "fish", etc. These are merely flavorings to get them to eat the food. Grains are tasteless and non-appealing to dogs. The kibble companies have to add these things to make the product sell. They also add other ingredients such as preservatives to keep them from spoiling on the shelf.

When you feed a dog Raw Food Diet, he or she will immediately begin to improve its health. Almost overnight. Sometimes they'll need some adjusting, but it's okay, because they instinctively know that they are getting what nature intended.

So many vet bills are needlessly spent to track down illnesses associated with cooked foods and kibbles. Allergies for example, can lead to expensive testing and treatments. Medicines are given to alleviate symptoms of allergies, which were caused by the kibble diet. Canned food is just as bad because it is cooked.

Other symptoms caused by a cereal diet are stress on pancreas, skin allergies, hot spots, itching, scratching, dry skin and even ear infections! When you cook food or increase the temperature above 110 ° Fahrenheit, you are killing off the water soluble vitamins, minerals and enzymes. So on your road of research about the Raw Food Diet, take these thoughts into consideration and help your dog to the road of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

How healthy is the raw food diet? – NetDoctor – Netdoctor

​’Eating raw’ means much more these days than just crunching on a carrot stick, or choosing salad for lunch. It is a whole lifestyle approach and the latest of the many ‘clean eating’ movements to capture the attention of health enthusiasts everywhere. And if the amount of raw food products that are now appearing in health-food shops, supermarkets and cafés is anything to go by, it’s a trend that is gathering some serious momentum. But is the raw food diet promoting better health, or is it just another dietary fad?

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What does the raw diet involve?

​The theory behind the raw food diet is that raw foods are packed with natural enzymes, and that heating them above 116°F will destroy most of the vitamins, phytonutrients, and enzymes they contain. In short; when you cook it, you kill it. Most followers adhere to a vegan, entirely plant-based diet, consisting of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs. Some followers add raw, unpasteurized milk and cheese, raw honey and raw fish – even raw meat. Legumes and grains are sprouted and eaten raw, and other allowable foods include extra-virgin olive oil and raw virgin coconut oil.

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What are the benefits of a raw food diet?

​There are certainly some benefits of such a diet. By placing an emphasis on plant foods, and putting a ban on cooking, your diet becomes full of fruit and vegetables – the richest source of valuable nutrients. Eating raw also encourages the consumption of foods in their most unprocessed form. And, from a weight loss point of view, eating more raw foods has been shown to be beneficial, possibly due to the fact that raw foods are harder to digest, meaning the body has to work harder (and burn more calories) when digesting them. It’s also virtually impossible to overeat raw foods.

​However, whilst introducing more raw foods into your diet can have a wealth of health benefits, experts agree that eating a diet entirely based on raw food should be considered very carefully.

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Reasons to be cautious of trying a raw food diet

​1. You could be at risk of nutritional deficiencies

Particularly for vitamins B12, D, selenium, iron, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Without taking additional dietary supplements, it is very difficult (and for B12 impossible) to obtain sufficient levels of these nutrients from a raw plant-based diet. Studies have found raw food dieters have lower or marginal levels of B12. Vitamin B12 is needed to keep red blood cells healthy, prevent anaemia and protect against heart disease.

​2. Some foods are more nutritious when cooked

Cooking tomatoes increases the bioavailability of the powerful antioxidant lycopene by 5. Similarly, cooking carrots makes the beta-carotene they contain more easily absorbed by the body. Cooking also breaks down plant cell walls, and this releases many nutrients, making them more available to our body for digestion. Root vegetables, for example, provide a range of nutrients, but are difficult to digest unless cooked. It’s true that certain nutrients such as vitamin C and folate are destroyed by heat, so from a nutrition standpoint, a combination of both raw and cooked food is likely to provide the most health benefits.

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​3. Limited choice

“Eating only raw foods will limit the foods you eat in your diet, and you may struggle to source them all,” says Registered Dietitian Priya Tew. “Eating out and social occasions will be especially tricky. Sticking to a more limited range of foods could also lead to you getting bored with your meals.” In addition, the prep work required for a raw food diet can be extensive, and for some individuals prohibitive.

​4. May cause digestive issues

Eating a raw plant-based diet can put the digestive system under a lot of strain, especially in conditions such as IBS or IBD. This is largely due to the high intake of fibre, which can cause gastric discomfort to a sensitive gut – or when increased in the diet too quickly. If you suffer from digestive problems, consult with a dietitian, as too much raw food may not be suitable for you.

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The Raw Food Diet

A Raw Food diet advocates believe that it provides more energy for the body and lessens the risk of disease. However, further studies are needed to prove such. As some researchers believe that raw diet can also deprive important nutrients from the body, which could potentially lead to severe undernourishment.

Raw foodists, as these people are called, lives out with dietary patterns that consist of uncooked and unprocessed plant-based foods in their most natural state. Raw food diet is believed to be the most healthful for the body. According to them, it is a lifestyle, and not just a plain method of weight reduction or dieting. The uncooked foods which compose more than 75percent of the dietary patterns are prepared in by ways like peeled, chopped, strained, blended and dehydrated. Aside from whole vegetables and fruits, among the staple food ingredients for raw food diets include seaweed, sprouts, seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, dried fruits and nuts. On the other hand, processed and refined foods like sugar and caffeine are prohibited.

As raw food diet is a subtype of vegetarianism, raw foodists mainly do not eat meat in their diets, but some do eat eggs and cheese as long as they are derived from raw and unpasteurized milk. A raw food diet is prepared through food dehydrators that make the vegetables crunchy. The dehydrator heats the food, but not as high as 115 to118 degrees. Several recipes are also widely known nowadays utilizing raw fruits and vegetables.

There are many challenges in raw diet, though. Medical literature on the raw food diet is limited. Researchers focus vegetarianism and veganism and the health benefits of a plant-based diet, but only a few focuses on the specific effect of cooking the vegetables that reduces the nutritional contents of the vegetables. Although, a study that reflects the effect of raw food diet on certain cancers like that of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, and gastric system gives raw food diet a positive light. Additionally, the the raw food diet is a diets That workTel fast . The downside is that one study showed that a diet of only raw food can cause interruptions to the menstrual cycle due to drastic weight loss.

Whether raw food diet is healthy or not, the final decision is yet unknown because studies are still ongoing. Accordingly, raw foodists have been found out to have adequate levels of vitamin A and carotenoids which are seen on raw and fresh fruits and vegetables. These certain chemicals are known to protect the body against chronic diseases. However, they are also seen to have low levels of lycopene, which is only derived when tomatoes are cooked. Lycopene plays a great role in preventing diseases like cancer, etc. Another thing would be the limited acquisition of vitamin B12, which is available on animal foods and products. Vitamin B12 deficiency results to anemia and neurological impairment. In addition, raw foodists do not eat fish, they may not get enough essential substances like omega 3 fatty acids. For the raw foodists who are slim, there can be risk of low bone mass in the hips and the lumbar spine and hip.

Should an individual decide to be a raw foodist, a complete nutritional requirement should be focused to suffice the body's daily need. This is achieved through variation of the different foods raw food diet could offer, alongside with the necessary supplements to maintain a healthy diet.


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