How to feed Cats a raw diet!

Natures Menu vet friend Vicky Payne BVetMed MRCVS explains all you need to know.
How much to feed, what to feed and why feed raw. Plus answers to questions such as should you add vegetables to the cats meals? and Do cats need supplements?

The Raw Food Diet Saved My Life!

Rev. George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres explains how at 42 he was healed of colon cancer. Up till that time he believed the Bible was only a spiritual book and spiritual issues but later he found out that it is also a physical book and also teaches about diet and health also.

Raw Food Diet | Recieps To Lose Weight | How To Lose A Pound a day with Raw Diet Raw Food Diet

How to Start a Raw Food Diet!
My 40lb weight loss on a Raw Food Diet! Before & After video/photos
What I’ve Learned After 30+ Years on a Raw Food Diet
12 Best Ways to Avoid Mistakes on the Raw Food Diet
11 Best Ways to Lose Weight on a Raw Food Diet
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Day 14: Top 10 reasons you are bloated on a RAW FOOD diet
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How To Start A Raw Food Diet: The Easy Way
Raw Food Diet
Weight Loss Reason # one: The raw food vegan diet omits all forms of fatty, saturated meats.
Raw Food Diet
The raw vegan diet is becoming increasingly popular in today’s age as a powerful slimming gizmo and means to get healthy rapid. A combination of of the world’s healthiest diets, this powerful diet duo offers incomparable results and benefits that modern diets cannot even come close to competing with. With obesity and weight issues on the rise, perhaps more people ought to think about reaching their optimal healthy weight – before it is late! And what healthier, more rewarding way could there be than losing weight on the raw vegan diet? Let’s speak about powerful reasons why the raw vegan diet is ideal for weight loss.

Meat contains high levels of cholesterol and saturated fats which can lead to obesity and even heart disease. Lots of people today eat way much meat and wonder why they feel lethargic, groggy and cannot lose weight basically. Meat is difficult for the human body to digest which makes losing weight very hard. Raw living food on the other hand is simple to digest and assists in breaking down any undesirable obstinate fat stored in the body.
Raw Food Diet
Weight Loss Reason # two: The raw vegan diet omits all forms of heavy, indigestible dairy products.
Raw Food Diet
Dairy products cause similar issues to meat when slimming is of concern. Cheese and cream are both very fattening and high in energy (calorie) content – even a tiny amount provides undesirable calories that your body didn’t appreciate. Cow’s milk is made for the consumption of the kid cow, which has digestive compartments (within its stomach) and therefore can basically digest the milk. Humans on the other hand only have stomach which is why they are unable to properly digest the lactose from the milk of a cow. This often ends in bloating, flatulence and naturally, weight issues.
Raw Food Diet
So clearly, cutting out all forms of meat and dairy products from a person’s diet will enable their digestion to return to its healthy functioning state, and will permit the body to shed undesirable fat much faster. This is why eating a diet ample in raw living food will assist with weight loss.

Weight Loss Reason # three: The raw vegan diet is low-fat & low in calories.

Vegetables and fruits are naturally low in energy content when left in their natural raw form, and therefore a person can enjoy giant amounts of them without gaining any weight! Nuts, seeds and avocado are slightly higher in calories due to their fat content, but they actually assist with weight loss than delay it. This is due to the heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that the human body needs to function at its best.

These fats are much simpler to digest then the bad fats in processed oils, cheeses and most meat products, and therefore, do not obstruct weight loss. Raw living foods are also nutrient dense which means that food cravings will be kept to a minimal since our body will be getting fed all of the nutrients that it needs to function properly.

12 Best Ways to Avoid Mistakes on the Raw Food Diet

John from and eleven other pioneers at the Woodstock Fruit festival answer the question, “How to avoid pitfalls on the Raw Food Diet?” After watching this episode, you will learn 12 ways to avoid mistakes or pitfalls on the raw food vegan diet. In this episode you will learn from:
1. Freelea –
2. Don Bennett D.A.S. –
3. Tim Van Order –
4. Dr. Samuel Mielcarski-
5. Kristina Carillo-Bukram –
6. Dr. Robert Lockhart –
7. Harley aka Durianrider –
8. Dr. Doug Graham –
9. Grant Campbell –
10. Megan Elizabeth –
11. Dan McDonald The Life Regenerator –
12. John Kohler –

9 Reasons Why You Might Be Bloated on The RAW FOOD Diet

What Am I Bloated on The RAW FOOD Diet?

#1 Bloating can be caused by bad food combining. For example: mixing sweet fruit with fatty foods, like bananas and nuts. We recommend keeping your meals as simple as possible (mono meals). Check out our video “Food Combining for OPTIMAL digestion” for more information.

#2 It could be from your past diet. If you’re coming from a poor diet (The Standard American Diet) your colon is probably clogged up. The new foods that you are eating are just getting stacked on top of your old undigested food. If this is the case, the best thing you can do for yourself is to continue eating foods high in fiber, fruits and vegetables. Have patience and over time your body will heal this problem.

#3 Bloating sometimes comes from eating too fast. When you eat too quickly you may be “gulping” air along with your food. For optimal digestion it’s best to take your time and make sure your food has been properly chewed .

#4 Watermelon! (this goes back to food combining) watermelon digests the quickest! So if you’re eating watermelon after any food especially foods that are harder to digest, the watermelon with get stuck on top the other food and ferment causing bloating. Watermelon is BEST eaten alone and for breakfast!

#5 Salt! – Sodium retains 100 times its weigh in water! if your diet contains salt you are carrying around extra water weight. We suggest cutting salt out of your diet. Salt distorts your taste buds which will stop you from tasting the natural flavors in fruits and vegetables. Eventually you will learn that using salt is unnecessary.

#6 Hydration is optimal for digestion! We recommend drinking water before every meal, it flushes whatever was left over out and gives your body a fresh start for digesting each meal. Another thing is that if you’re not hydrated your colon holds on to what’s in there…clogging it up.

#7 Eating Late at Night. If your eating late at night, especially if it’s a heavy meal, your body may not be having the time it needs to digest in-between your last meal and breakfast. We recommend getting to bed early and eating your last meal a few hours before bed.

#8 Inefficient colon. It may be that you have abused your colon in your past diet so much that it is now working less efficiently. It just needs time to heal. The best you can do to help this healing process is to eat high carb, low fat, low salt, “low” protein vegan meals with as much fruit and veggie intake as you can do.

#9 Listen to your body, everyone reacts differently to different foods. In the beginning we recommend keeping track of what you eat and how you feel, this way you can track which foods you thrive off and which foods will keep you from feeling your best.

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The 5 Biggest Dangers Eating A Raw Food Diet (And How To Avoid Them)
If you end up watching this video, you may have heard already about the amazing health benefits of a raw food diet.
What the raw foodies do normally not like to talk about are the dangers there also are, if you don´t do it right.
I am a passionate raw foodiest since 10 years and in this video I talk about some of the biggest dangers there are eating a raw food diet and how you can avoid those dangers!



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I Guarantee! Best Raw Food Pasta Recipe Ever! I guarantee! That the raw pasta recipe in this video below is the best raw pasta ever created! Ever since we shot this video 5 days ago, Angela has been using this new and exciting technique to take her raw pasta to the next level 😉

Maybe I’ll just tell you the details here, for those of you who don’t feel like watching a 10+ minute fun-filled video with my ego flying all over the place with this new creation that I personally invented 😉

Not only Angela, but I think everyone who eats raw food meals is going to frequently do this after they watch the video below or hear about this!

Angela was making some pesto kale chips for our family. When lunch time came, the kale chips had only been in the dehydrator for about 3 hours or so. I was bummed, because I wanted to have some of these kale chips during my main meal of the day and they normally take around 24 hours to be fully ready. However, I thought to myself, I bet that these kale chips are crazy good just dehydrated for a few hours. I opened the dehydrator and I was blown away. The kale was still soft and the sauce had hardened up a bit and everything was warm. It tasted like grilled fat wet goodness and I ate a bunch right there on the spot!

I then thought to myself, “Wait a minute!” What if we make our raw pasta for lunch in the morning and put the sauce on the pasta and throw it in the dehydrator until lunch time!?

I saw the heavens open up, and an entire new movement was created right in front of my eyes 😉 I knew for a fact that the next morning I was going to make raw pasta for Angela and I. I also knew that it was going to be so ridiculously, sinfully good that it would feel like it “shouldn’t be allowed”, on a healthy diet 😉

Lo and behold! The next day at lunch, as we tucked into our warm, delicious, sumptuous fare, direct from the dehydrator, the first word out of Angela’s mouth was, “Ridiculous…” Whenever I make raw recipes for Angela, this is what I’m going for. Not only has Angela been using my newly found raw pasta technique daily, but I have a feeling that this raw pasta trick is going viral all across the world! 😉

I served our deliciously warmed “grilled cheese-like” raw sauce on zucchini pasta made with the spiral slicer. It comes out like thin angel hair pasta. Angela used the Mung Bean Pasta. You can use any type of pasta you want actually. You then just throw on the sauce and leave it in the dehydrator for a few hours and you are set, with very healthy, tasty food that…does not seem healthy 😉