Why I Started Adding Some Cooked Food After Being Raw Vegan

I started my raw food diet journey back in 2009, together with Paul. It has benefited my body tremendously and I healed a lot of health issues I couldn’t heal on other diets.

When I got pregnant 4 years into my high-fruit and low-fat raw vegan diet, I began to have cravings for cooked starches and vegetables.

So eventually, I decided to add some into my diet. After I gave birth and during the breastfeeding stage in my life (I’m still breastfeeding), I still ate some cooked food here and there.

So in this video today, I am talking about my raw food journey and discuss some of the reasons why I now include some cooked food, on occasion.

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Burritos – Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

RECIPE BELOW for raw vegan burritos! A seriously delicious raw vegan burrito you can make it just a few quick steps! I promise the walnut taco meat is bananas.

Want more recipes? I wrote a RVNG COOKBOOK! Get it HERE:



for the wrap:
3-4 giant chard leaves

for the rice:
3 cups cauliflower florets, processed to “rice” consistency

for the walnut meat:
1 c walnuts, chopped
1/2 c sun-dried tomatoes, soaked 1-2 hours

for the spice blend:
1 tsp chili powder
½ tsp cumin
½ tsp smoked paprika
½ tsp coriander
½ tsp cayenne
½ tsp salt

for the pico de gallo:
3-4 tomatoes, diced
½ red onion, diced
½ jalapeno, seeded and diced (leave seeds in if you like some heat)
10 stems cilantro, chopped
juice of 1 lime
¼ tsp salt

to serve:
avocado slices


Add cauliflower florets to a food processor and blend until broken up into rice sized pieces. Transfer to a bowl.
To make the walnut meat, blend all ingredients in a food processor until well-combined. Transfer to a bowl and set aside.
To make the pico de gallo, combine all ingredients in a bowl.
To serve, place on chard leaf on cutting board, top with cauliflower rice, walnut meet, pico de gallo, and avocado slices, then roll up into a burrito shape.


SNAPCHAT – lauramillerRVNG

Director: Chris Low
Producer: Alex Healy
Camera: Peter Lau
Food Stylist: Sophia Green
PA: Jamie Dore
Hair and Make-up: Rachelle Blanco
Editor: Allison Baruck
Music: Ricky Reed

The Raw Diet For Pets

Are dogs returning to their raw food roots? There’s a movement to take dogs back to their roots, with a raw food diet. Lori Taylor of pet raw nutrition company, TruPet, LLC, and Anthony Santasiero join us to discuss the benefits of feeding your dog a diet that emulates what canines ate back in the day. For starters, TruPet’s line of dog food, called TruDog is made from real raw meat. We’re talking super food ingredients including beef, beef tripe, beef fat and more. There are no fillers or grain. And it’s the only direct-to-consumer dried dog food company that is actually supported by a full line of supplements as well. Be sure to tune in to find out how this food can enhance your dog’s life.


#TheBalancingAct #BalancingAct


Raw Food & Raw Food Restaurants in San Francisco – the Very Best Places to Eat Healthy

Raw Food In San Francisco

San Francisco is a raw food mecca–literally. There are numerous sources of fresh, organic produce in San Francisco, and plenty of vegan and raw food restaurants. San Francisco is a very health-conscious and “green” city.

The Best Places to Buy Raw Food in San Francisco

One of the best places to buy raw food is Rainbow Grocery, which sells 100% organic vegetarian food. Absolutely no meat is sold here. Rainbow Grocery is an independently owned cooperative located in the Mission district on Folsom Street. Other places to buy raw food include: Whole Foods Market (2 locations in the city), Harvest Urban Market, Buffalo Whole Foods, The Real Food Company, Valencia Whole Foods and Other Avenues Community Food Store.

How to Buy Raw Food–Fresh From Your Local Farmers

You can also buy raw food from local farmers through a program called a CSA. CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” When you join a CSA, you will receive a box of fresh produce each week from local farmers. Local CSA’s in the San Francisco/Berkley area include: Eatwell Farm, Mariquita Farm, Farm Fresh To You, and Riverdog Farm. To find a CSA near you, visit Local Harvest’s website.

Another great source of fresh produce is local farmers’ markets. Buying direct from farmers is cheaper than buying produce from a grocery store (usually). Plus, you can buy in bulk. Even better, S.F. farmers’ markets offer organically grown food–along with the standard, conventionally raised produce. Finding organically grown produce at farmers’ markets is not common in many East Coast cities. So, San Francisco is especially lucky in this regard.

San Francisco Raw Food Restaurants

Over the last 5 years, more raw food restaurants have opened their doors, as consumers seek healthier alternatives to the destructive American diet of processed foods and excess fat. Raw food restaurants are a great way to eat healthy when traveling. The San Francisco/Berkley area has five raw food restaurants, plus several juice bars. Be sure to grab The Raw Food Restaurant Guide for more information (see below).

Raw Food Support Groups in San Francisco

The best way to succeed on a raw food diet is to have people who encourage and support you. San Francisco is lucky to have many raw food support groups and potlucks. According to Living Nutrition’s website, there are six raw food potlucks in the Bay area, including one in Marin. You may also consider forming a Raw Food Meetup group. According to Meetup’s website, 85 people in San Francisco want to form a raw food Meetup group.

Whatever you do, try to incorporate more raw foods into your diet. Your body will thank you!

Raw Food Weight Loss Diet – Easy Recipes!

Just a little bit ago, I answered some very popular FAQ’s about the Raw Food Weight Loss Diet. Now I want to take an even closer look at one of the biggest concerns most people have with the Raw Food Diet – What to eat.

This is a concern with any diet, whether for weight loss, detox, or just general health. Many times you’ll know the basics of what you can eat, but you will get bored with the basics pretty quickly. This pushes the door wide open so temptation can waltz in a foil your plan -again!

This doesn’t have to be the case, and is one of the biggest reasons I advise people starting this diet to get a Raw Foods Cookbook to help them out. Here are two very easy recipes I’ve come to love to help you through your day.

Tomato Cups

3 medium tomatoes

1/4 of a small cucumber

1 stick celery

1/2 of a small onion

1/4 cup of fresh parsley

1/2 tablespoon fresh mint

1/2 clove garlic

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1/2 tablespoon olive oil (optional)

Sea salt to taste

Cut the tomatoes in half and scoop out center, leave about a fourth of an inch worth of wall. Put the scooped out pulp in a bowl and set aside.

Finely chop (or use a food processor) all the other ingredients and put in the bowl with tomato pulp.

Mix well.

Fill the tomato halves slightly higher than the brim.

Makes 6 cups.

These are great for a snack, side dish, or anytime. You can even use smaller tomatoes to make them finger food. 🙂

Nuts Over Raw Salad

1 cup Almonds

1 cup Cashews

1 cup Walnuts

1 cup Peanuts

1 cup Pumpkin Seeds (de-shelled)

1 cup Raw Chocolate Nibs

4 tablespoons of Agave Nectar

Sea Salt

1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon

Mix all the nuts and seeds in a large bowl. Add agave nectar and stir well. Sprinkle cinnamon, chocolate, and desired sea salt amount and stir once more.

This takes only a few moments and can be eaten at breakfast, on the go, or even as a late night snack and I love the salty/sweet combination!

All it takes to ease into this diet is replacing your snacks with healthier choices like the salad above, and replacing one meal a day with a raw meal. I wish you tons of success!

New ethical vegan raw-food café in Glastonbury High Street 'fully booked since opening' – Central Somerset Gazette

Glastonbury Deputy Mayor Jon Cousins opens the new vegan café Excalibur in Glastonbury High Street

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A NEW café opened its doors in Glastonbury High Street on Thursday, March 10.

The former eaterie La Terre has transformed into ethical café Excalibur which serves sustainable and locally-sourced food.

Focusing on vegan food the team also specialise in “raw foods” and use cutting edge food technology to create “exulted deliciousness” – anything to “excite the tastebuds”, says co-manager Greg Manning.

Raw foodism (or following a raw food diet) is the dietary practice of eating only uncooked, unprocessed foods.

Mr Manning said: “The concept for the restaurant was born from a collaboration of dreams between owner Peter Jensen and author and fermented food enthusiast Kenny Sunshine. Glastonbury has been crying out for something like this as our restaurant really encapsulates all of the characters of Glastonbury.

“We have been well received and have been fully booked since we opened. One of the reasons we have been so successful is that there are so many unusual and esoteric food diets that people adapt to to ensure your health now, and we are able to cater to people’s needs in an incredibly healthy, environmentally friendly and of course delicious.”

Also part of the team working at cafe Excalibur is highly experience raw food chef Jivan Mukta, who has worked under Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver; Europe’s leading raw living plant based chef, raw master chef and food coach, Sarmado Sibley; and fellow raw food expert and chef, Yuki Ortega Yamamoto.

Sarmado Sibley talks about how to prepare and enjoy Wheatgrass & Kombucha.

Also to maintain the highest standards in the cafe, the restaurant owners used an air purifier matt wall paint to decorate the café which absorbs, filters and neutralises chemicals and pollutants, solvents and VOCs from the atmosphere.

They have also installed a full-spectrum EMF defence system which protects diners from pulsed radiation from mobiles, WiFi, wireless gadgets and EMFs.

As well as this, the cafe’s water is filtered and energised.

Owners at Excalibur say they aim to produce “a magical merging of fabulous food and amazing ambience that satisfies body and soul”.

Excalibur is open from 8.30am until late Monday to Saturday, opening at 9am on Sunday. It also has an alcohol licence to serve until 1am and offers cocktails, juices and organic wines. The cafe plans to have regular music nights too.

3 Great Reasons to Switch to a Raw Food Vegan Diet

Raw food is generally defined as food that has not been heated beyond 115F. Generally, people on a raw food vegan diet eat raw at least 75% of the time. There are some great reasons to consider such a diet.

Benefit 1 – Rapid Weight Loss

People who eat a such a diet experience rapid weight loss. This is due to the fact that the vegan food has a lot of fiber and few calories. The fiber gives you the feeling of being full, hence people on raw food vegan diets eat their fill and yet drop pounds.

Benefit 2 – Improved Health

In addition to making you slimmer, which alone results in less chance for many diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, a raw diet has many other health benefits. Many vitamins, healthy bacteria and digestive enzymes are destroyed when food is heated over the 115F threshold. Raw eaters benefit from such nutrients, which eases digestion, boost energy levels and improve skin.

Processed food is loaded with sugars and preservatives, which can cause a low energy state. Since raw foods don’t have preservatives and have significantly less sugar. Eating a raw diet can make a marked improvement for your overall health and well being.

Benefit 3 -More Environmentally Friendly and Ethical

Most meat eaten in the United States comes from CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feed Operations). These mega feed lots have an atrocious environmental impact and are known for horrendous animal living conditions. In the contrary, an organic raw food vegan diet takes people out of the CAFO system and provides them with food that is ethical, healthy, and better for the earth.

Vegans should make sure to supplement their diets with B12 since it is only found in animal products.

So drop some pounds, be healthier and do something great for the earth.

Young Latinas are prominent voices in raw vegan movement – Fox News Latino

While most nutritional guidelines agree on the benefits of eating a good amount of fruits and veggies as important, those who follow a raw vegan diet take this concept to a whole new level.

One of the most prevalent voices in the community, the half Ecuadorian Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, is building an empire on the idea of community and eating raw, organic foods.

“I studied in Costa Rica, and I studied agriculture there at that time,” Carrillo-Bucaram, 28, told CNN en Español. “Using that experience, I was inspired to create my co-op in Houston called ‘Rawfully Organic.’”

A raw vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and steers clear of all animal products, including eggs, butter and cheese. Eating raw (nothing cooked at a temperature higher than 118° Fahrenheit) and organic – as well as staying away from processed foods – are the pillars of the raw vegan philosophy.

Although there is a great variation from nation to nation, the typical Latin American diet is focused on meat and animal fats, complemented by vegetable-based dishes like rice and beans. When you consider how that food is treated here – with pesticides, genetic modifications and preservatives – it shouldn’t be any wonder that many U.S. Latinos are turning to an alternative diet that turns this concept on its head: raw veganism.

Carrillo-Bucaram’s raw vegan co-operative is the largest such business in the country. It distributes organic produce to thousands of families in and around Houston. She also published a cookbook, “The Fully Raw Diet,” in January, which is the No. 1 seller in Amazon.com’s Raw Cooking category.

When asked by ChicVegan about her future plans, Carrillo-Bucaram replied, “I want to see my co-op expanded into more cities across the nation. There are still so many people to reach in regards to sharing the amazing perks of a raw vegan lifestyle. I have put so much love and energy into my cookbook, so I hope to see that project do really well. This cookbook has incredible recipes that anyone, regardless of diet preference, can enjoy!”

With three Fully Raw companies running and hundreds of thousands of views on her recipe and motivational videos, there is no sign of her slowing down. 

Another prominent Latina in the raw vegan movement is Mexican-American vlogger Yovana “Rawvana” Mendoza. Rawvana is known for applying the raw vegan treatment to popular Latin dishes like ceviche and tostadas. A San Diego native, she has also lived in Mexico City and is a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Asked by SanDiegoVille about the influence of being a Latina on her raw vegan lifestyle, Mendoza said, “My Mexican heritage plays a big part in my food preferences. I really like cilantro, spicy [flavor] and onions, and everything I make always ends up having a Mexican twist, whether I want it to or not. I love to use nopal in salads and juices,” she said, referring to the cactus paddles eaten throughout Mexico. “If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you do. It has many benefits for the body. One is that it improves digestion. If you don’t like it raw, even steamed or grilled in tacos is great. I have a video on a nopal salad [in Spanish] on my YouTube channel.”

Videos showcasing creative dishes like Mexican-style cauliflower “rice,” raw veggie tacos and her Mexican vegan bowl – a mix of both cooked and raw plant-based foods – have earned Mendoza a loyal fan base on various social media platforms. 

With almost 400,000 followers on Instagram, more than 32,000 on Twitter and almost a million subscribers to her YouTube channels, this young Latina is making a mark on the vegan world. And she plans to expand her brand into raw classes and books soon.

Amber Lowry is a college associate at Fox News Latino. She is currently a senior at Montclair State University studying Communication and Media Arts.

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