Raw Food Diets | Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D.

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“Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” by Caldwell Esselstyn:

Bananiac asks Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, author of “Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease” what his thoughts are of raw fruit and vegetable diets in terms of treatment of heart disease.

Dr. Esselstyn makes it clear that although many diets seem to be getting popular in our society, many of them lack the peer-reviewed published scientific evidence to back up their claims. His thoughts on raw food diets is that they lack in high calorically dense foods such as potatoes and grains, which make it harder to get enough calories on raw food diets. This as a result makes a lot of people eat high fat diets because they do not eat enough calories from fruit, which are low in fat. Eating a high fat diet will NOT treat heart disease and that is Dr. Esselstyn’s biggest concern with raw food diets (and many other diets, as well).

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How To Shop For A Raw Diet On A Budget

I’ve been eating mostly raw since 2005 and all raw since 2007, and I’m not broke.

I could be, if I shopped like your average joe at a grocery store.

Instead, I’ve learned how to cut out the middle men and and save tons of money on fruits and vegetables.

In this video I tell you exactly what I buy in a week of eating raw, how much I paid, and take you on a tour of the wholesaler where I buy a lot of my produce.

More information about wholesale shopping:

More information about buying organic fruits and vegetables:

Learn how to eat a healthy raw food diet:

Why We Don’t Eat A Fully Raw Diet

Do we eat a 100% raw vegan diet? Do we eat a cooked vegan diet? Lots of viewers have been asking us questions about how raw or not raw our vegan diet is.

So we come clean here and share our story of exactly how we eat. If there’s one thing to take away with you, it would be to learn to listen to your body. If your body has trouble digesting a particular food, you may want to consider not eating that food.

All that we ask is that you go vegan, raw or not. Keep it high carb, low fat, and you’ll be on the path to great health.

Delicious high carb recipes. Health gurus & myths exposed. Weight loss. Let us inspire your healthy lifestyle journey with food, fun, and fitness. Look forward to two to four new episodes a week from these fit 40 somethings!

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5-6week old puppy raw diet

Starting this young puppy on a raw diet. Whole chicken quarters with cuts in it for easier grasping for the puppy.
This little guy was rescued days before this video as he was found in a basket on the side of the road. This is his second raw meal and he is eating like a pro!

Raw Diet – Pregnant Dog

My 4 year old Border Collie, Chiquita, has been eating a raw diet since she was 8 weeks old. She is now 8 weeks pregnant and doing very well on her supplemented raw food diet. This was a planned breeding and so far everything has went very well! 1 week to go!

Ferret Raw Diet Transition – Raw Soup Recipe

This video is a recipe to make raw soup for ferrets. A raw meat diet is most biologically appropriate for ferrets. My three are currently being switched from Nature’s Variety Instinct (grain free) kibble to a completely raw diet. At this point, they have not had kibble in about a week. This is the recipe for the soup that I make them. Click here for more info.

Official recipe (from the Holistic Ferret Forum):
8oz chicken meat
1-2 chicken hearts
1/2 chicken liver
1/2 tsp powdered eggshell

If you are interested in finding out more about switching your ferret to a raw meat diet, please visit the Holistic Ferret Forum here: http://holisticferret60.proboards.com/. There you will find extremely intelligent and helpful volunteer mentors who will guide you through the transition of switching your ferret’s diet (for free).

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Why Freelee & Durianrider Don’t Eat 100% Raw Food Diet All The Time?

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Raw Food For Beginners

Ask yourself this one question when you begin to eat raw foods and you’ll set yourself up for a lifetime of vibrant health!

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