Raw Vs Cooked Food Vegan Diets | Dr. Michael Greger

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Bananiac asks what Dr. Greger thinks about raw food vegan diets and what the research shows. Are raw vegan diets superior to just regular vegan diets?

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I love juices smoothies and salads. Raw living foods will change your life. Get your energy high with recipes like this. Peace.

Markus Rothkranz-Raw Foods And Healing

Markus Rothkranz has been spreading his inspiring message about raw foods through media (his You Tube video has had over 170,000) and through speaking to standing room only crowds. He released a documentary about free food and medicine. He has been traveling internationally for speaking events and is the nutritional consultant to the national guard.

What is a Raw Vegan Diet or “High Raw” Diet?

A high raw vegan diet is a dietary practice that involves consuming 50-70% of the foods you eat in their uncooked, natural living state. Eating a combination of some whole cooked foods along with ample amounts of raw fruits and vegetables helps to provide fiber, nutrients and enzyme content.

While not advocating that it is necessary to follow a 100% raw, nor a completely vegan diet, we feel it’s wise to base 50-70% of any diet one follows on raw fruits and vegetables coupled with high quality raw adjuncts such as raw superfoods and whole food based supplements.

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Dogs learning table manners, feeding time, raw diet, feeding 4 dogs, Chicago dog training

Just like children, dogs need to learn “table manners”! Watch as my 4 dogs learn to follow my instruction. The dogs should stay while I prep the food, eat only when released to do so, and if they finish first they should leave the room after eating. You don’t have to do this every time you feed, but it’s good practice for impulse control. If you are seeing food aggression, resource guarding, please consult a dog trainer.

Q&A About My Raw Food Vegan Pregnancy And Birth

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I received a lot of questions about my fruit/raw-based vegan pregnancy and would like to thank those of you who sent them to me.

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In this video I answer your questions about my fruitarian/vegan pregnancy, including:

– Did I do anything special to get pregnant
– Did I remain 80/10/10 fully raw vegan during my pregnancy
– Did I take any supplements
– Was the birth easy
– How much weight did I gain during my pregnancy
– And other questions…

So check out this video to discover more.

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Wishing you abundant health,
Paul and Yulia Tarbath

50 YEARS ON RAW FOOD – Dr. Fred Bisci – PODCAST #1

Dr. Fred Bisci is a clinical nutritionist living on raw foods for over 50 years. In this podcast Dr. Fred Bisci talks about his early life in Staten Island New York and his introduction to raw foods, fasting and spirituality. At 85 years old Dr. Bisci still leads a fully energetic and athletic life. He has completed eighteen marathons and two ultra-thons. He was formerly an Olympic style weightlifter.

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Dr. Fred Bisci: www.anydoubtleaveitout.com


And remember: We’re just talkin’ here! Nothing said is intended to replace medical treatment or the advice of your healthcare provider.

How to Switch Your Cat to a Raw Meat Diet

In case you missed it, a great question was asked at Jackson Galaxy’s Google Hangout. How exactly should you begin the transition to a raw meat diet, especially if your cat is picky or refusing to eat the new food? Jackson answers it in this episode.

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