The Raw Food Diet- A New Buzz In The Weight Loss Journey

The Raw Food Diet- A New Buzz In The Weight Loss JourneyThe raw food diet is as simple as ABC. It comprises eating sustenance in their natural form. The sustenance is neither cooked nor debased in any capacity.

By eating the main part of your nourishment in its normal and natural state, you will definitely feel a tremendous change in your wellbeing and energy levels.

Something beyond a weight reduction design or a wellness diet, this eating regimen is a philosophy and purely a lifestyle choice. What it demands is the awareness about the nutritional and medicinal value of the unprocessed food which is mostly wasted when cooked anyway.

They have lower amounts of saturated fats and sodium and high in cancer prevention agents and magnesium. They are free of destructive and harmful trans-fats. A raw food eating routine will detoxify your framework. It will prompt the weight reduction naturally.

Myths associated with the raw food diet

  • A person will have to quit eating cooked food

The Raw Food Diet- A New Buzz In The Weight Loss JourneyIn reality, you do not need to do it. In fact, raw food diet demands approximately 75% of the raw food or more so you’ll have the capacity to eat cooked nourishment too.

You should, in any case, avoid junk and highly processed food and try to cook food with as minimal ingredients as it is possible. Individuals do not want to eat cooked food once they get used to eating raw food.

  • Raw foods are always cold

In fact, truth is that just in light of the fact that raw food isn’t cooked does not mean it will cool. The temperature can’t go over 104 degrees F, yet it is possible to warm raw soups and different recipes like raw chili to enjoy in colder months of the season.

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  • Lack of variation in raw food diet

By acquainting yourself with new raw veggies you never had, and adding a variety of spices, herbs, and flavors in your raw food recipes, you will have an entirely new and unique variety of food.

A lot of many people who have switched to the raw food eating regimen discover raw foods more delightful overcooked food.

In raw food diet, one cannot get enough of proteins and other essential needed supplements

In fact, this is another basic misguided judgment. There are a lot of high protein raw vegetarian sources, for example, sprouts, veggies, seeds, nuts, grains, and beans.

The protein from plant sources is of higher quality and preferred for the human body over proteins come from animal sources. Supplements normally found in dairy products or animals like magnesium, calcium, and iron can easily get from plant sources.

  • Eating raw food is expensive

In reality, your financial budget for raw food diet can to a great extent be controlled by you, much the same as some other kind of eating regimen.

Surely there are some extraordinary ingredients that are costly and some raw food ingredients are more costly at specific circumstances of the year.

But you will be able to find deals in the market. Besides you can grow your own veggies which aren’t as troublesome as it might appear and can bring about huge savings for you.

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  • Raw food diet needs high maintenance

In reality, it may appear as troublesome and tedious to prepare raw food. There are various kinds of raw foods and a large number of recipes out there.

While some might be somewhat intricate and require a significant time to prepare, there are a lot of recipes that can be prepared in minutes.

  • Raw food eating regimen is considered as a diet

The truth about this myth is that raw eating regimen is more about the lifestyle choices. Other normal diets are thought of as impermanent shifting in eating designs for wellbeing or appearance benefits.

The raw food eating regimen is intended to be all the more of a permanent decision and not intended to have confinements as far as calories, the number of meals in the whole day, macronutrients, and so on like most different weight control plans have.

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Topmost reasons to switch to the raw food diet

  • Raw food diet is a way to healthy living

The Raw Food Diet- A New Buzz In The Weight Loss JourneyYou will eat significantly more beneficial and healthier food once you switched to raw food diet as these foods are low in saturated fats. Raw foods, in fact, are stacked with nutrition without the calories of highly processed, junk and cooked foods.

Eventually, your body will feel full and much more satisfied without the need of excessive calories. Moreover, it also reduces hunger pangs and cravings for foods.

Eventually, the result will be healthy weight reduction and essentially diminishing the danger of major cardiovascular-related illnesses, tumor, and diabetes.

  • Raw food diet raises the levels of energy

The Raw Food Diet- A New Buzz In The Weight Loss JourneyOnce you switched to raw food diet, you will feel energetic throughout the day. You will not feel drained after consuming highly processed or spicy cooked food.

This is on the grounds that highly processed foods result in glucose spikes and afterwards it drops down and eventually depleting the levels of energy.

With the higher energy levels that keep going for the duration of the day, you will be considerably more active and productive and have the capacity to achieve significantly more. Raw food diet does not require much more energy to digest as compared to the cooked food.

  • Raw food diet to detoxify your body

Since processed foods are full of poisons and other awful chemicals, they store in your body with this kind of eating routine. When you switch your eating lifestyle to the raw food diet, your body will remove the poisons to the point that they are totally gone from your body systems.

The outcome is that the frameworks in your body will turn out to be more productive and will be less stressed too. You will see improved circulation, nervous system, respiration, and immunity. You will feel alive, energetic, and healthy.

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  • Raw food diet helps to lose weight

Individuals who are on raw food diet can easily their excess weight as compared to the individuals who are on cooked food.

Uncooked nourishment have more fiber in them so will influence you to feel more full without consuming abundance calories, and since raw food diets are packed with a lot of supplements and fiber, your body won’t crave for extra calories.

The outcome is less nourishment intake and less sugar consumption. There has likewise been a connection between healthy looking skin and raw food diet. This is because of the detoxification impacts and higher concentrations of anti-oxidants in raw foods.

Anti-oxidants are cancer prevention agents which kill harmful free radicals. At the point when there are excess radicals in the body, this can bring about dry and patchy and a poor complexion.

  • Raw food diet for mental clarity

Individuals on raw food diet generally feel mental clarity and increased concentration and focus.

With higher levels of energy and higher concentration, the inspiration to achieve your objectives and complete things becomes less demanding and easier. By and large, you will feel relaxed and tension free.

Super Seeds to Add to Your Dog’s Diet

Break out your grinder, dust off your food processor, find your power blender. You’ll need it to help your dog take advantage of a humble pantry staple: seeds. Whether big (pumpkin and sunflower), small (sesame, hemp, chia, flax) or grain-like (quinoa, amaranth), seeds supply an extra buzz of protein, along with fiber, amino acids, fats, vitamins, minerals and other useful micro-nutrition morsels. You can add them as an ingredient in your dog’s home-cooked meals or sprinkle them on as a topper.

Caveats: In order for your dog to benefit from their many pluses, seeds should usually be ground; some should also be refrigerated to avoid rancidity. Raw and unsalted are best. Because they tend to be calorie-rich, use them judiciously. Finally, try a single variety at a time in small quantities until you know how your dog responds to and tolerates them.

Quinoa and amaranth are “ancient grains,” seeds from plants that have been cultivated the same way for thousands of years. (If your dog has arthritis or kidney problems, it’s probably best to give quinoa a miss; it’s fairly high in naturally occurring oxalates, which can exacerbate these conditions.) Amaranth contains all nine amino acids, making it a complete protein.

Chia and flaxseeds are best refrigerated. Chia is said to be an immune-system booster and is credited with supporting dogs’ electrolyte balance. Flax is high in fiber, and both are high in anti-inflammatories.

In addition to being mineral-rich, sesame seeds have two unique elements, sesamin and sesamolin, which have been shown to increase vitamin E in animals and to protect the liver from oxidative damage.

Hemp seeds are a high-protein, easily digestible source of immune-system support.

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds both supply extra anti-oxidants. Pumpkin seeds rank high in zinc, a mineral recommended for dogs with copper toxicosis, aka copper storage disease. (Sunflower seeds, on the other hand, are high in copper, so if your dog has liver problems, check with your vet before feeding.) Pumpkin seeds are unusual in that their nutritive value has been shown to improve with age—those pumpkin seeds that have been languishing in the back of your pantry since Halloween are better now than when you bought them!

Effortless Weight Loss on Raw Food Diet

I’m talking effortless weight loss on raw food diet and this comes from experience! Losing weight is pretty easy on most forms of a plant based diet if done cleanly. But with a raw vegan lifestyle, I’ve literally got a license to eat!
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Boost Your Performance Without Energy Drinks

Daytime drowsiness, balancing alcohol consumption and increasing performance are all given by people who drink energy drinks. The quick, pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon or on a long drive somewhere can help you to stay alert until dinnertime. Then sleep time comes and you regret your action. The stimulant can keep working longer than you anticipated it would and ruin a good night's sleep, which does more to recharge the batteries naturally.

A typical 8-ounce energy drink supplies 80 mg or more of caffeine, and 25 g or more of sugar. This combination works at opposite ends of the energy spectrum, with sugar creating an insulin response and leading to weight gain. Meanwhile, the caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic, which makes you dehydrated and creates more demand for more fluids.

The side effects of all of this caffeine can be risky to your health, and children in particular should avoid it. Young children do not have a well-developed metabolism that can process high levels of caffeine and sugar effectively. The short- term side effects can include increased anxiety, irritability, nervousness or moodiness.

Children who drink high-caffeine, high sugar energy drinks tend to be more antagonistic and unfocused in school. When energy drinks were banned from a school in England, visits to the Principal's office declined nearly forty percent in the first month. The teachers report that the academic performance of the children has increased markedly as their behavior has improved.

Consuming large quantities of caffeine can also cause heart palpitations, convulsions and even death. Continued use of energy drinks loaded with sugar increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Psychological and emotional issues are also associated with long-term heavy consumption of energy drinks, including an increased risk of depression, habit-forming and dependence on alcohol. Because energy drinks are typically consumed quickly, they are more likely to lead to a caffeine than overdose than strong coffee, which is typically consumed slowly over several minutes.

A popular mixture with college kids and teenagers is energy drinks and alcohol. The energy drinks act as stimulants, while alcohol is a depressant. The desire with this mixture is to reduce the effect of the alcohol by disguising the toxox and the fatually normally associated with alcohol consumption. Essentially, the body is unable to detect when it has consumed enough, or too much.

The drinker will feel alert, as if they were not drunk, yet their blood alcohol levels may be dangerously high. The result is people who drink this mixture often drink a lot more than they would without the energy drink. To make matters worse, the combined effect of caffeine and alcohol is a super-dehydrator, which creates a much larger hangover the next day.

This yin and yang between stimulant and depressant puts your body into a very stressful condition. The effect is similar to an acute stress response when you face sudden danger that causes the organs to work overtime. Your heart, liver, brain, digestive tract and kidneys all go to work and may tire themselves out to protect you during the sustained period when the chemicals are present.

The natural way to build your energy reserves and maximize your performance is to get adequate sleep, include physical activity in your daily routine, and eat a healthy diet. Stay away from the energy drinks and please, keep them away from your kids.

Consumer Reports: Is raw pet food right for your dog?

There’s a growing and controversial trend in pet care: the raw food diet.

It’s not just cutting up raw meat – sales of commercially prepared raw pet food have soared – more than tripling in the last seven years.

Proponents claim better health and more energy in their pets. But Consumer Reports said raw food can be dangerous for both the animal and their families.

Kaibab is a 6-year-old mixed-breed who loves to run free in the mountains and woods. Owner Gregory Kanter attributes the dog’s health and energy to a diet of raw supermarket chicken.

“Her coat is shiny. Very healthy looking teeth,” Kanter said.

However, Consumer Reports said an exclusive diet of raw meat may not contain everything your pet needs, whether it’s from the meat aisle or is a commercial formulation found in the pet section.

There are also safety concerns. Public health agencies and many veterinarians, including Dr. Daniela Goldman, said raw food can contain bacteria like Salmonella, E.coli and Listeria.

“Even raw pet food that you buy commercially, prepared in a pet store, is still potentially dangerous because it can still contain harmful bacteria,” said Julia Calderone, Consumer Reports Health Editor.

The symptoms in animals?

“Certainly seen vomiting and diarrhea come in with raw food diets,” Goldman said.

“The harmful bacteria in raw pet food is not only potentially dangerous for your pet, but it could be harmful for anyone in the home too,” Calderone said.

That’s because the bad bacteria can be transferred to whatever the raw food touches.

If you do choose to feed your pet raw food, Consumer Reports said to take these important precautions:

-Use hot soapy water to clean everything the raw food has touched.

-Then disinfect either with a commercial product or a solution of one tablespoon bleach and four cups of water.
-Wash your hands vigorously for 20 seconds with warm water and soap after handling raw food, playing with your pet or cleaning up after her.
-Kisses from your pet can also transmit bacteria. Avoid that as well.

Consumer Reports said before making any big changes to your pet’s diet, consult with your veterinarian to ensure your pet will be getting all the nutrition it needs and to discuss any safety issues.

All Consumer Reports material Copyright 2017 Consumer Reports, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Consumer Reports is a not-for-profit organization which accepts no advertising. It has no commercial relationship with any advertiser or sponsor on this site. For more information visit

Quick and Easy Weight Loss Using the Banana Diet With Baby Food?

So can you achieve quick and easy weight loss using the banana diet and baby food? Heck, what in the world is the banana diet anyway? This article will give you all the answers you need to know to achieve a healthy weight loss WITHOUT doing anything drastic!

Quick and Easy Weight Loss

First off, what is the banana diet?

It's a diet where you eat 2 bananas BEFORE breakfast, 2 BEFORE lunch, and 1 more BEFORE dinner. That's basically it. Eat 5 bananas a day.

Are you allowed to eat normal meals on the banana diet? Yep! You can eat whatever you want, but of course you'll get better results if you eat a little more healthy.

How much weight can I expect to lose doing this? You should average around 1.5 pounds lost each week … or 6 pounds a month.

That is a solid and safe amount of weight to lose each week … WITHOUT even having to do much of anything let alone totally change your diet.

Now, here's a bonus tip to help you even more. EAT BABY FOOD for snacks.

Baby food is higher quality food with VERY LOW calories. The government regulations on baby food make it so they have to be higher quality. So basically, anytime you're hungry between meals, eat a little jar of baby food.

Just be sure it has 80 calories or less. Personally, I prefer the banana baby food, but it really does not make much of a difference which you choose. So if you were to eat 2-3 baby foods along with the 5 bananas as part of the banana diet, you should achieve a RELATIVELY quick and easy weight loss without any problems whatever.

Football Star Héctor Bellerín Credits Vegan Diet for Health and Sleep Improvements

Footballer Héctor Bellerín, who plays as a right-back for English club Arsenal as well as for the Spanish national team, has spoken out about his vegan diet. According to Bellerín, eating plant-based has improved his sleep and overall health. 

“When it comes to nutritional literature, everyone is very old-school,” Bellerín told fashion publication Mr Porter. “[People think] ‘You need milk, eggs, meat.’ But actually, you are able to get the same amount of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins from plants.”

Bellerín explained how his energy had improved since making the change. He said, “I used to be that guy who snoozed the alarm 20 times. Then all of a sudden I was waking up with the sun at 7.00am.” According to the publication, Bellerín also commended the positive effects that his vegan diet has on the environment. 

The athlete added that his post-game recovery time had undergone vast improvements, something he has commented on in a previous interview. Bellerín first spoke out about his vegan diet in a video for Players Tribune. At the time, he had been following a plant-based diet for six months. He accredited the meat and dairy-free lifestyle to reduced inflammation post-exercise. “I always had a little problem with my ankles when I had played very hard games they would get a bit inflamed and stiff, and now I don’t even have to strap them to play anymore,” said Bellerín.

When the athlete isn’t practising his football skills, he can be found engaging in meditation and yoga.

While the athlete donned a number of animal products in his photo shoot with Mr Porter, including wool, and leather, it is possible Bellerín will later adopt an entirely vegan lifestyle. Increasingly, the public is shifting to “flexitarianism” and celebrating small changes over time. Fellow sportsman Lewis Hamilton initially adopted a plant-based diet after watching the 2017 documentary “What The Health” but has since made ethical connections to the lifestyle. Musician James Arthur followed a similar path when he went vegan after discovering the ethics behind the lifestyle. Before this time, Arthur had followed a plant-based diet for health reasons.

The footballer is among many athletes ditching animal products to boost their performance. NBA player Kyrie Irving credited his plant-based diet for his increased energy, while Yankees pitcher CC Sabitha adopted a raw vegan diet to improve his performance recovery time. 

Image Credit: Hector Bellerin


A Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Eggs Is Spreading & Here’s What You Need To Know

With all of the reports of food borne-illnesses as of late, you might feel like the only things that are safe to eat and drink are bread and water. While this isn’t exactly the case, unfortunately, more illnesses are being reported. A salmonella outbreak linked to eggs is spreading, according to CNN, and there are a few things you should be aware of in order to stay healthy. You may remember the chicken-salad salmonella scare back in April, and the ongoing E. coli romaine lettuce debacle. Now, you can cross eggs off your list of safe foods to eat, especially if you bought your eggs at Walmart or Food Lion, the Centers for Disease Control reported.

The CDC noted that the contaminated eggs have been traced by to Rose Acre Farms’ Hyde County farm, and 35 people in nine states have been sickened over the last month. While 11 people have been hospitalized, no one has died as a result of the salmonella contamination. According to the CDC, the eggs were sold under a number of names, including Coburn Farms, Country Daybreak, Food Lion, Glenview, Great Value, Nelms, Publix, Sunshine Farms, and Sunups. If you purchased one of these brands, the CDC recommends you check the package for the following numbers: “P-1065 (the plant number) and another set of numbers between 011 and 102 (the Julian date), or, for Publix and Sunups egg cartons, plant number P-1359D and Julian date 048A or 049A with Best By dates of APR 02 and APR 03.”


If you discover that you do have these eggs in your fridge, throw them out immediately, even if you’ve already eaten some and haven’t gotten sick. Next, the CDC advised that you should disinfect the shelves or drawers in your fridge were the eggs were stored. And, just to be safe, you might want to skip eating any kind of runny eggs, even if they’re not on the recall list. “Eggs should be cooked until both the yolk and white are firm. Scrambled eggs should not be runny,” the CDC noted.

Although some people with salmonella infection don’t have any symptoms, others can experience severe gastrointestinal distress. “Others develop diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps within eight to 72 hours. Most healthy people recover within a few days without specific treatment,” the Mayo Clinic noted on its website. “In some cases, the diarrhea associated with salmonella infection can be so dehydrating as to require prompt medical attention. Life-threatening complications also may develop if the infection spreads beyond your intestines.”

Adam Berry/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You can contract salmonella infection from eating undercooked foods or from drinking contaminated water, the CDC stated. This is why it’s important to keep raw foods, like salads and vegetables, separate from raw meat. “Cross-contamination of foods should be avoided. Uncooked meats should be kept separate from produce, cooked foods, and ready-to-eat foods. Hands, cutting boards, counters, knives, and other utensils should be washed thoroughly after touching uncooked foods. Hands should be washed before handling food, and between handling different food items.” In fact, unclean cutting boards are a major source of food contamination.

What’s more, if you’re preparing food, make sure to wash your hands before touching anything edible. This is especially important if you’ve been handling animals, or performing a task like cleaning Fluffy’s litter box. In the first five months of 2018, six salmonella outbreaks have been reported by the CDC, which is why it’s always a good idea to be vigilant about making sure your food is cooked thorough. However, if you have intestinal distress that won’t stop, it’s time to see a doctor to make sure you don’t become dehydrated.