Corporations can legally put carcinogens in our food without warning labels — here’s why – Raw Story

A recent study by the Environmental Working Group revealed something horrifying: Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the popular weedkiller Roundup, was present in 17 of the 21 oat-based cereal and snack products at levels considered unsafe for children. That includes six different brands of Cheerios, one of the most popular American cereals.

I’ve written before about the limits of corporate free speech when it comes to public safety, but on that occasion I discussed this insofar as it involved corporate-sponsored climate change denialism. Yet here we have something more tangible, more direct: The safe glyphosate limit for children is 160 parts per billion (ppb), yet Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch has 833 parts per billion and regular Cheerios has 729 ppb. While the potential risks of glyphosate are fiercely debated, many scientists believe that it is linked to cancer.

So if there are unsafe levels of glyphosate in a cereal popular with children, why isn’t this disclosed on the cereal boxes? The complicated answer has to do with a legal case that defined free speech as something that non-human persons, like corporations, have a “right” to, in a sense. That sounds absurd, perhaps, and probably not something the framers of the constitution intended. Indeed, the idea of “corporate constitutional rights” is a relatively new one, yet one that corporations’ legal arms fight tooth and nail to preserve.

There are several activist groups working to amend the constitution to undo the notion of corporate personhood and make it so that this mind-bending and harmful interpretation of corporate free speech is no longer enshrined in law. Move to Amend — as in, the constitution — is one such group. Salon interviewed Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, the National Director of Move to Amend, to understand how this weird legal situation came to exist.

What does glyphosate do to weeds?

Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide, meaning it will kill most plants, not just weeds. It prevents plants from making certain proteins that are needed for plant growth.

What do peer-reviewed studies indicate it does to human beings and animals if they ingest it?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has labeled glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic” and the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment categorized it as a “chemical known to the state to cause cancer.”

How did glyphosate wind up in foods like breakfast cereals?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 250 million pounds of glyphosate are sprayed on American crops each year. Glyphosate is primarily used on Roundup Ready corn and soybeans that are genetically modified to withstand the toxin. Glyphosate is also sprayed on other non-GMO crops, like wheat, oats, barley and beans, right before harvest.

What have Monsanto and other companies done to suppress knowledge of its effects (lobbying, suppressing science, etc.)?



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American Bulldog Diet

To ensure your bulldog stays healthy and strong, a well-balanced diet is essential. Dogs like humans, have taste buds and definitely prefer some foods rather than others. They will rarely turn down a meal though, and will become accredited to whichever choices you make. As a rule, you should avoid feeding your dog human foods or making frequent diet changes in order to persuade him to eat. These practices encourage dogs to be picky over what they will eat. Avoid especially feeding him at the table – unless you want him to turn into a begging dog, constantly pleading for food.

The Home-Cooked Food Diet

There are numerous home-cooked dog recipes available to assist you with providing for your pet's nutritional needs. A medium-large, energetic breed like the American Bulldog needs plenty of protein, water and vitamins A and B in order to thrive. Bones and various raw meats – including fish and poultry – form the basis for the diet – with added cereals such as rusk or even plain rice for energy. Pay attention to the balance of the various nutrients (ie protein, carbohydrates, etc.) and attune these to your pets exercise and growth needs.

The Raw Meat Diet

Many pet owners are coming to realize what working dog owners have always known: that raw meat is the most natural way to feed your dog. American Bulldogs can gain immense benefits from switching to raw meat – in terms of health and happiness, as well as cost-effectiveness – although some have misgivings about the safety of such a diet. While this is understandable, it really is no more difficult than being a meat-eater yourself. First: find a reputable supplier. There is no shortage of these – but check that the meat is 'fit for human consumption'. Second: store the meat correctly – whether frozen or defrosted – and observe 'use by' dates. Third: introduce the diet gradually if your dog is at all sensitive (most with sensitive stomachs respond very well to this diet) and mix approximately two parts meat to one-part steamed rice and vegetables.

The Ready-Made Food Diet

The advantages of feeding your American Bulldog one or more of the proprietary ready-made foods available are obvious: convenience, nutritional balance and variety. There is a lot of advice out there as to which to choose but bear in mind that much of this is either advertising or promotion – by its very nature.

Ready-made foods range in price from very inexpensive to very expensive – as does quality. As a general rule, buy the best that you can afford but remember that this is not always the more expensive option. Much of the price of a commercial food reflects the company's expenditure on advertising and distribution – rather than quality of ingredients. Should your American Bulldog suffer from halitosis, flatulence, diarrhea or skin problems on commercial diets – you are best advised to try them on a home-cooked or raw diet instead.

What happens when a mum and daughter go on a digital detox retreat?

There comes a time in all of our lives when we stop holidaying with our parents and our phones become our main social lifeline.

But what happens when you stick a mum and (grown up) child together in the middle of nowhere for a weekend – with no technology?

We sent our reporter and her mum to a digital detox weekend at The Detox Barn in Suffolk.

Miranda is a vegan wellness millennial who’s used to all the yoga and raw food stuff…but hasn’t gone for over a decade without her phone surgically attached to her hand.

Her mum Margaret is in her mid-60s and loves nothing better than a roast pork dinner. She also has a chronic iPad addiction and is very definitely not here for any kind of spiritual awakening.

She was more than happy to come along, having been giving the promise of a luxury weekend in the country away from the travails of east London.

The aim? To see if 48-hours of being tech-free, meat-free and stress-free is enough to reconnect across the generations.

Daughter Miranda’s experience:

When was the last time you went 48 hours without your phone? Or the last time you went a week without a cup of coffee? How about the last time you spent 48 hours with your mum with no chance of escape?

Before I took my mum to the Detox Barn for a weekend of ‘gentle detoxing’, I couldn’t answer any of those questions. I couldn’t remember a time I’d gone longer than a few hours without a caffeine hit or a scroll through my phone.

Yet here we are a week later and I’ve managed to swap my morning cafetiere for herbal tea, ditched the sugar for an evening smoothie and haven’t had the urge to supplement my lunch with a bag of crisps. Oh, and my mum and I are now in our first ever WhatsApp group together.

The Detox Barn is a retreat run by sisters Sharon and Loretta Gavin – two actors who split their time between north London and Suffolk.

Sisters Lauretta and Sharon run the retreat which focuses on vegan wellness and reconnection (Picture: Miranda Larbi)

It’s a relatively common story these days; Sharon was struck down with an autoimmune disease which left her needing to use a wheelchair. Determined to heal herself away from a plethora of drugs, she took up a vegan diet, started juicing and today is the picture of health. It was the same with Deliciously Ella’s Ella Mills.

Their three-day weekender is set in glorious Suffolk countryside, with beautifully decorated bedrooms and communal areas and acres of garden.

We arrived on the Friday evening feeling the way any mum and daughter would having been stuck on the A12 for two hours, largely thanks to the fact that I got on the wrong train from work.

Sharon came out to usher us into a feast of sweet potato cottage pie, wild garlic and bean salad and a raw cheesecake as good as any I’ve had in a restaurant. After that initial bump, we didn’t have cross word again for the duration of the weekend.

Every day begins with a cup of lemon and hot water (which for some reason didn’t taste like the mug of Toilet Duck I seem to end up with when I try to do it at home), before an hour’s yoga led by the wonderful Wendy. Totally inclusive, with a number of modifications, everyone seemed either to improve or to gain more confidence in the practice.

Breakfast was served on the terrace – a fresh smoothie and bowl of oats and berries. Lunch is either courgette or soup (no pudding) and then you had to hold out until a 6.30pm dinner with the help of herbal teas and fruit.

If you’re like me then you’ll be used to eating until you’re really full and going between snacking and fasting.

If there’s been a day free from bloating in the past two years, I can’t remember it – until this weekend. Maybe it was the gut-friendly grub. Maybe it was mindfully eating at a table. Maybe it was binning coffee and snacking. Whatever, it felt pretty miraculous.

In the evening, we set out for a walk across wheat fields either talking and getting to know each other or in complete silence. For the first ten minutes all I could think about was how much of a hit my Instagram presence was taking from not having my phone. But you know how they say that taking a picture of something actually stops your memory from storing it as vividly? Well, I think that’s probably true – for the first time in ages, I think my senses were working around the clock.

The connections you can make when you have no distractions really made me worry about how much we’re missing on a daily basis.

When was the last time you spent 48 hours with strangers…without spending time scrolling through IG? (Picture: Miranda Larbi)

Seeing my mum make new friends, getting her first facial from the visiting therapist, tucking into vegan food and listening to people talking about quantum healing really gave us an opportunity to bond. She gets my lifestyle and is now kind of part of it, even if she’s not ready to swap her roast pork for a nut roast just yet.

For the first time in years, we were able to orbit the same world for 48 hours.

I left her to enjoy the last day on her own (and in peace) as I had to scuttle back to London – but I returned refreshed, focused, and caffeine-free.

Mum Margaret shares her experience:

No one in their right mind would choose to drive out of London during rush hour on a Friday night. However, having picked up my daughter, Millie, knackered from another arduous day in the office, that is just what we did, heading off on the A12 in frazzled silence to deepest Suffolk, for a long weekend of ‘gentle plant-based detox.’

Arriving late and still stressed, at the Detox Barn, we were immediately met by Sharon Gavin, whose delightfully open welcome immediately set us at ease. She and her sister Lauretta, had kindly delayed the start of dinner to accommodate us.

We had a number of juicing and smoothie making demos (Picture: Miranda Larbi)

And what a dinner it was. I must say that I had a few reservations about what a largely raw vegan diet entailed but the huge main course of sweet potato shepherd’s pie accompanied by a wild garlic and bean salad was to die for. As was the superb strawberry cheesecake – which was largely eaten in a silence only punctuated by sighs of rapture from each of the ten guests who were all amazed that anything so delicious could possibly be totally vegan as well as sugar-free.

After a superb night’s sleep in a beautifully appointed room, we were greeted with a cup of hot lemon tea before yoga at 8.30. What a way to start the day.

Expert yoga teacher, Wendy Brown conducted the first of two 90 minute sessions on successive days based on gentle and detoxing flow routines from which both beginners and experienced practitioners could benefit equally – and her air of calm and mindfulness set the mood rubbed off onto the rest of the group.

If you’d asked me previously to enthuse about the thought of cold porridge for breakfast, it would have been a no from me – but the pots of overnight oats run through with a generous portion of berries and topped with cinnamon, taken together on trestle tables in the sunshine surrounded by shrubs heaving with bees and butterflies, had everyone groaning with surprised delight.

Loads of free time and lots of life-affirming activities (Picture: Miranda Larbi)

The rest of the morning was ours, to lounge in the two acres of garden reading and chatting with only the sounds of birdsong, insects and the occasional horse clopping by. It was bliss. Not one phone was seen or heard until the final day. And nobody had missed them.

The rest of the weekend was made up of more yoga and meditation sessions and of walks through gently rolling fields of wheat and rye. Particularly appreciated was the silent walk, led by Sharon, on which one was obliged to listen intently to all the natural sounds surrounding us – completely unpunctuated by engines or other man-made sound of any kind.

How to recreate your own digital detox at home

The beautiful thing about The Detox Barn is that the premise is so simple. It’s a supposed to be a complete break from mental and physical stress. That’s it.

That means turning off your technology and helping the digestive system to repair from all the strain it’s usually under.

Here’s how to do it:

Also very much appreciated was the five mile walk on the Monday morning led by the marvellous Margaret Bull, a stalwart of the local Ramblers’ Association, and a mine of information about local history as well as about plants and their myriad uses. It is also, by the way, Margaret who supplies most of the organically grown produce used by Lauretta and Sharon in their meal preparation.

Come Monday morning, nobody wanted the experience to end. We were a varied bunch – each there for their own reasons – and we had all gelled marvellously. So much so that we immediately created a WhatsApp group, the better to share recipes for the type of meals, smoothies and juices we had just experienced – as well as to arrange new meet-ups in the future.

Yep, that’s another smoothie (Picture: Miranda Larbi)

Of course, everyone wanted to return, at some point, to the Detox Barn. For me, it was a rare opportunity to reconnect with a generally time-pressed and stressed Millie in a meaningful way and without the intrusion of any kind of social media.

Having dropped her at the Stowmarket station the previous afternoon, I made a solo journey back down the A12 on the Monday reflecting all the while on what a rare, delightful and surprising experience it had been. For once, I had had no abdominal discomfort and had breathed more easily than I had in months.

Miranda – a dedicated practitioner of veganism for the past couple of years had been proved right – and I had been set on the road which will hopefully culminate in a lifestyle largely based on an organic plant-based diet.

The takeaway

Going tech-free is a bit tricky at first. You have no idea how much…time you have on your hands – literally.

We fiddle, we stare, we swipe away aimlessly and although ten minutes here and there don’t seem like anything, it all adds up.

Getting rid of your phone actually seems to slow life down a bit.

And as for spending time with our parents/kids when everyone’s grown up? Well, we just don’t do it enough.

We learnt a load of stuff about each other from seeing how we intereacted with other people and from chatting openly while we walked in the countryside. Our lives are very different but this was an opportunity to invite each other to share in a kind of half-way moment.

You don’t have to go to a retreat to reconnect but in an age where we’re having better relationships online than we are in real life, we can’t afford not to take a pretty dramatic step if we want to protect our most valued connections.

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My Favorite Thing About Raw Food Diet

Sharing my favorite thing about a raw food diet today. Contrary to popular belief it’s quite easy to follow a plant based diet and even the raw vegan lifestyle isn’t that difficult once you get through the early stages.
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How to Increase Blood Flow to Your Penis – Tips to Achieve Harder Erections Naturally

Erection quality, as I’m sure you’re aware is entirely dependent on good penile blood flow – physiologically speaking at least. If for some reason that blood flow becomes impaired then at best you’re likely to suffer from weak erections and at worst, complete erectile dysfunction. But what regulates penile blood flow and how can you increase it naturally to maintain harder erections? Well…these are the questions you’ll find answered below.

Clearly, maintaining the health of the arteries which supply the penis with blood is fundamentally important. Several studies have shown that atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries caused by the build up of fatty plaque on the artery walls) can first manifest itself if the penile arteries. The penile arteries are of course, more susceptible to the effects of atherosclerosis simply because they’re comparatively small – in other words, it’s easier for them to get blocked. The resulting effect of any arterial build up of plaque in these arteries will naturally lead to a reduction in erection quality.

So the first, pretty obvious piece of advice is to watch your diet. Most importantly, limit the levels of saturated fat entering your body by reducing your consumption of dairy products, red meats and fried foods. Saturated fats play a key role in clogging the arteries because they raise levels of LDL – the ‘bad’ type of cholesterol. LDL is basically public enemy number one when it comes to arterial health. So to start with, if you want harder erections, cut the fat.

To actively improve penile arterial health, you should also check out ellagic acid – a polyphenol antioxidant derived from pomegranate. A number of studies have reported that ellagic acid improves circulatory health, and therefore increases blood flow to the penis, by actively helping to slow or reverse arterial plaque build up.

In fact, a recent pilot study published in the International Journal of Impotence research gives an insight into the potential of ellagic acid for the treatment of poor erectile function. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Los Angeles involved 53 men suffering from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. The participants drank a daily dose of 8 fl oz of pomegranate juice and after four weeks, 47 percent of the men reported harder erections. The researchers stated that these ‘statistically significant’ results suggested that ellagic acid had potential as a natural alternative to drugs such as Viagra in the treatment of ED.

It’s also been suggested that ellagic acid helps to maintain harder erections through another physiological mechanism – by increasing blood levels of nitric oxide (NO). NO is a chemical messenger essential for a multitude of physiological processes, including the maintenance of normal erectile function. The penile arteries secrete nitric oxide during sexual arousal, which instructs the surrounding tissues to relax, thereby allowing the arteries to expand. By doing so, NO plays a key role in increasing blood flow to the penis. Like many things, NO levels decline with age and can therefore be a contributory factor in the development of weaker erections.

Another compound that may help to increase nitric oxide levels is the amino acid L-arginine. The body uses L-arginine and oxygen to produce NO; and supplementation with this amino acid has again been shown to help improve blood flow to the penis and thus promote harder erections. In a double blind, placebo controlled trial published in the British Journal of Urology, sufferers of erectile dysfunction with abnormally low levels of nitric oxide showed significant improvement in the quality of their erections after six weeks of supplementation with L-arginine.

So if you want to improve blood flow to your penis look after your arteries and help your body to maintain healthy nitric oxide levels.

There are many other natural pro-sexual ingredients that can also improve blood flow to the penis. Just a few include ginkgo biloba, ginseng and Horny goat weed. What’s more, when combined in the right quantities, these ingredients are known to interact with one another to produce very powerful effects.

Feel-good factor for Wylie Wellness Centre