Valley Milk Simply Bottled raw milk recalled

Raw milk produced and packaged by Valley Milk Simply Bottled
of Stanislaus County is the subject of a statewide recall and quarantine order
announced by California State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones. 

The quarantine order came following the confirmed detection
of the bacteria Campylobacter jejuni in the farm’s packaged raw whole milk
sampled and tested by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. 

The raw milk is sold in one-gallon plastic jugs and consumers are strongly
urged to dispose of any product remaining in their refrigerators that was
purchased or received on March 11 through March 19. 

CDFA found the campylobacter bacteria in a routine sample collected at the
Valley Milk Simply Bottled production and packaging facility.  No
illnesses have been reported.

Symptoms of campylobacteriosis include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and
fever.  Most people with camplylobacteriosis recover completely. 
Illness usually occurs two to five days after exposure to campylobacter and
lasts about a week.  The illness is usually mild and some people with
campylobacteriosis have no symptoms at all.  However, in some persons with
compromised immune systems, it can cause a serious, life-threatening
infection.  A small percentage of people may have joint pain and swelling
after infection.  In addition, a rare disease called Guillain-Barre
syndrome that causes weakness and paralysis can occur several weeks after the
initial illness.

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise – Easy Ways to Get a Fit and Sexy Look!

Are you looking for a simple solution to get an attractive body-line? Can’t take the hardship of workouts anymore? Want to learn how to lose weight fast without exercise? Any average person can get his/her dream figure with a little effort and it is possible without any exercising if some simple rules are followed. Let’s learn about 3 powerful & effective rules that can give you a fit and good looking body shape.

Tip #1 – Easy Dieting In A Changed Way

Proper diet foods that contain low carb, healthy protein, lots of fiber etc. can give you body fitness and desired weight loss. To get the full benefit of dieting you should take smaller meals 5/6 times a day replacing 3 huge meals. As a result your body metabolism rate will raise and more calories will burn. Thus you will get in shape quick attaining a slim and sexy body line that will impress all.

Tip #2 – Water To Limit Liquid Calorie

When it comes down to how to lose weight fast without exercise, checking the liquid calorie becomes an important factor. If you drink plenty of water as a replacement of beverages and alcoholic drinks then you will be able to take care of the extra calories easily. Moreover water will keep your digestion process smooth and clean. Thus you can easily get your body in shape and look far better than you do now.

Tip #3 – Set Your Target

By setting a target in the plan, you will get quicker results and will be able to measure the changes by your own. If you follow the schedule persistently, you will get the desired weight loss within a short period without the hardship of exercises.So all you need is strong willpower to attain success in your weight loss journey and make yourself look fit & sexy.

These simple but effective rules will make your efforts to lose weight without exercising successful and you can do this at home.

Vegan Blogger Rawvana Accused of Eating Fish


The vegan influencer community has been shaken yet again by a major scandal, and at the center of this affair lies the gravest offense someone in the fraternity could make: eating meat. (Yikes.) Let us enter the personal hell of vegan blogger Yovana Mendoza Ayres, better known on Instagram as @Rawvana, who has been accused of dining on fish, and has since faced an onslaught of vicious criticism for the “crime” she has committed.

Yovana Mendoza Ayres is a 28-year-old vegan, fitness, and lifestyle influencer and vlogger behind Rawvana, a brand that wants you to “reveal your authentic self by practicing daily gratitude and self-love,” and “eat an abundance of delicious fruits and veggies.” In the six years since she started Rawvana, she’s amassed an incredibly large following: nearly 2 million subscribers on her Spanish YouTube channel (and nearly half a million on her English channel), and 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Why a RAW FOOD DIET does not work for me.

A raw vegan diet can be totally healthy, but it’s still pretty tough to eat enough calories when you’re relying on foods that are very low in calorie density. Of my three main healthy food groups, starches are where I get most of my calories and those need to be cooked. I’ll explain some of the reasons why I find a raw diet very difficult to maintain. That’s not to say it cannot be done, but for me, well, it cannot be done in a way that would leave me feeling full and satisfied.

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15 things that ALWAYS go wrong on Food Network’s ‘Chopped’

Food Network’s Chopped invokes a certain kind of screaming-at-your-TV-screen carnal energy — the baskets! the knife injuries! the leaving an ingredient off the plate when it’s sitting RIGHT THERE! 

After 10 years and 40 seasons on the air, Chopped still delivers some of the most whiplash-inducing twists on television. Like say when host Ted Allen reads out a seemingly cohesive basket, only to have the last ingredient be something like pickle-flavored cupcakes

In Chopped‘s world of televised culinary surprises, there are still a number of things that always go predictably wrong. As the host of Chopped, Ted Allen has stood front and center for just about every kitchen disaster you can imagine, so we asked him to dish on the most common mistakes made by chefs tackling the unforgiving beast that is a Chopped basket. 

“It’s a whole bunch of traps.” Allen says. “It’s nothing but traps.” 

1. Whenever anyone attempts to make risotto in under 20 minutes. 

“Planning comes into play,” Allen says. “Let’s say you’re in the appetizer round. It takes about 20 minutes to cook arborio rice. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but that’s probably not the best choice in round one.”  

Not only does the chef have to constantly stir the arborio rice to cook it to the right consistency, but then they have zero time to do anything else creative. Risotto is a labor of love — ask any Italian nona! 

Lesson: The judges won’t be happy with your undercooked rice. 

2. Trying to save face when the plates come out looking less than desirable. 

Don’t say it. Please don’t say it. We know you’re going to, and no one wants this, and yet here we are. You used the dreaded ‘D’ work. There it is…deconstructed

There are absolutely other words to describe the way the a dish looks. Maybe it’s Rushed. Sloppy. Mismatched. But the word you’re looking for is not the ‘D’ one, and it’s certainly not the ‘R’ word either (Rustic). 

Time management is key here, or as Allen calls it, rational innovation. “We want you to do something creative, but you have to recognize the incredible limitations you’re up against.”

Lesson: Take the time when plating (it’s one-third of the judging criteria, after all) and be honest when the presentation isn’t its best. 

3. Forgetting a basket ingredient. 

Okay, so…you know that feeling during the Big Game when the quarterback throws a perfect spiral, and the receiver is wide open, but he drops the ball anyway? Doesn’t that make you tear your hair out?

No? You know when a chef forgets a basket ingredient? The camera zooms in, and it’s sitting right there on the table? Same range of emotion. 

“We’ve almost never had a chef that didn’t get 4 plates made that are reasonably plausible,” Allen says. “But we did have one guy who did plenty of cooking, but he just judged his time so poorly that he got nothing at all on except for three edamame on one plate. Yeah, that was a rough one.” 

Lesson: It’s not the end of the world. Someone else’s dish could have literal raw bones and trash in it.

Why would this go wrong? Everyone loves ice cream, right? But the other chef is inevitably going to be making an ice cream too — it’s the easiest way to hide a funky ingredient, or showcase an ingredient with a milder flavor profile. But you can’t ALL use the ice cream machine, people, it’s just not possible. 

It’s also a documented fact that there is purposefully only one ice cream machine, just for the chaos of it all. That’s very Cutthroat Kitchen of you, Ted. 

Lesson: Make cookies or something. NOT ice cream.

5. Leaving bones, seeds, or otherwise hazardous material in the dish. 

One of the first rules new chefs learn is to taste their food as they go along. 

The hustle of the Chopped kitchen can cause even the most experienced of chefs to forget this tried and true rule. 

If the judges have to spend their precious time picking fish bones or seeds out of the dish, they will not be happy campers. For chefs that are unfamiliar with an ingredient, it’s even more paramount to check and check again. Because something inedible might be left over. Or something possibly deadly (Fugu fish, anyone?)

Lesson: Taste it now. Taste it again. When in doubt, taste it. 

6. Trying to make bread pudding during the dessert round. 

Bread pudding is such a popular dish during the dessert round, it might as well be made a requirement to win (please, no). 

The dish became so popular, Allen reveals that “we did have a ban on bread pudding for a while. But it seems to have been allowed to creep back in. It’s just that you don’t want a show where everybody always goes to that, so we kinda had to push people to be more creative and think of other approaches to things.” 

The Chopped kitchen god himself has spoken. 

Lesson: Get creative, even if you’re not a pastry chef. Make something no-bake! Elbow your opponent for the ice cream machine! Make some candy, anything! 

7. Not cleaning off the counter space. 

My feelings exactly.

My feelings exactly.

One thing Allen says that viewers rarely consider when thinking about the difficulty of the kitchen is the small counter space. Most of which, he says, is taken up by the 7 knives chefs are allowed to bring.  

“One pitfall that is often a giveaway [of who will be chopped] is people that don’t clean off their stations after they’ve done something, because of that lack of space. It’s always a good sign if somebody chops the onion, they put the chopped onion in a bowl, and then they clear off everything, and move on the next [task].” 

Lesson: A clean station denotes an organized chef. And if you don’t believe Allen, Ratatouille makes a pretty great point.  

8. Calling anything with chocolate and chili a “mole”.  

Every time a Chopped chef introduces a “mole,” the judging table reacts with grace, but you can see it in their eyes: Your mole sits on a throne of lies

There’s a wide variety of traditional mole sauces from different parts of Mexico, but the most ubiquitous kind typically includes roasted red chilis, nuts, spices such as coriander, cloves, and anise, and of course, chocolate. But very little chocolate is actually used, and it’s added more like a spice. 

Lesson: Of course no one’s going to be judging on complete culinary purity when the basket ingredients are a wild mix. But if you melt a Hershey’s bar and put some cayenne in it, don’t call it a mole. You will be in the wrong. 

9. Not planning out a dish before jumping into the cooking. 

This one is hard. According to Allen, chefs get, at most, a minute or two to think after they open the basket, and they certainly don’t know what’s in the basket beforehand. The four ingredients are often so wildly different (such as Korean short ribs, canned spaghetti, purple artichokes, and baby pineapple) that there’s no obvious connection. 

“What often indicates that someone might do well is, instead of just jumping right in, taking a moment to plan. If you pointed to an 8-pound Peruvian leg of lamb, I mean I’ve literally seen people salt it and pepper it, then throw it in the oven whole before it occurred to them that, wait a minute, that’s never gonna work.” 

Lesson: It’s all about taking a second to think about what is doable before it’s 5 minutes left and you have an inedible raw lamb. 

10. The goddamn siphon (aka the whipped cream canister).  

Why does this one piece of kitchen equipment never seem to work? It might just be that chefs don’t typically come into contact with a siphon on a daily basis, now that we’ve moved beyond non-dessert ‘foams’ and ‘whips’ that dominated the trend of molecular gastronomy. Or it could just be cursed. 

Lesson: Shake it like a polaroid picture, or prepare to just see a spittle of sad sauce drip out. 

11. Throwing any of the basket ingredients on the plate at the last minute, or as a garnish.

Part of the beauty (and the challenge) of Chopped is to take four disparate ingredients and transform them into one cohesive unit. But the keyword here is transform

The chefs are under immense pressure, so it’s easy to get all knees weak, arms spaghetti and forget a basket ingredient. But sometimes chefs will knowingly leave an ingredient to use at the last minute as a garnish. 

Where’s the showmanship? The pizzaz? You are not dripping in any culinary finesse if you don’t figure out a way to incorporate all the ingredients. 

Lesson: “Have the judgement to fit those mismatched pieces into a puzzle without masking them with too [sic] much with items from the pantry,” Allen says. 

12. Relying too heavily on the pantry ingredients. 

Leaning heavily into the basket ingredients tends to score bigger points with the judges, however strange they might at first glance. You might not want to touch that black chicken, but at this point, what choice do you have?

Depending on what’s given to the chefs, though, they might actually do worse the “better” the basket might seem. 

“When you’ve been given a basic basket — with a T-bone steak, and a sweet potato, and butter, and a carton of heavy cream — it seems like such a layup, but it almost seems like [the chefs] do the worst job when they don’t have enough of a challenge.” 

Allen says that while something like pickled giblets might not be “the first thing you’d ask for,” it might force chefs to get more creative. 

Lesson: You don’t always get what you want, but you might just get what you need. 

13. Using rookie culinary techniques, such as adding truffle oil or a mint leaf. 

If a Chopped judge utters the words “why are they going to the pantry, oh god, there’s only 30 seconds left,” you know this isn’t going to be good. 

Most of the time these last-minute additions are at best, superfluous, and at worse, ruin the integrity of the dish as a whole. The perfectionist anxiety to add ingredient upon ingredient in search of making your dish stand out is understandable. 

“I mean this in a positive way, a chef is generally a control freak,” says Allen. “Someone who has a strong point of view, something that they want to say with food. On Chopped, we take away all of that control, all of it.” 

Lesson: At a certain point, the dish is going to be what it is. And tossing something like truffle oil or saffron on top with five seconds left won’t make your dish any fancier

14. Trying to hide your basket ingredient through the magic of blending. 

Blending is the one technique that shows you’re either the smartest person in the Chopped kitchen, or you have no idea what the hell is going on. 

Okay, sometimes there’s really nothing left to do when there’s a basket that’s mostly normal, but has one giant curveball. In that case, feel free to hit the judges with some foot-long oversized gummy worm gastrique

Lesson: If the Chopped judges have to ask where you a put an ingredient, and the answer is “…it’s in the sauce”, perhaps the blender was not your best friend. 

15. Starting to cook ANYTHING, or plating, with less than a minute left. 

Hmm, I think my dish is missing something. Let me just whip up a little salad dressing real quick…oh, I should probably get my stuff on the plate too. How much time do I have left? 45 seconds? I got time!

Then, shockingly, they did not have time. And there is never really enough time. But as we’ve established, the secret ingredient to winning Chopped isn’t necessarily killer cooking skills, it’s killer time management.

Listen to Ted Allen on this one, kids: “If it’s going to take 20 minutes to make something, I might be able to pull off a ham sandwich. 20 minutes is nothing. It’s just nothing. Take a second to plan and realize that you’re gonna have to slice something smaller or make something that’s doable.” 

Lesson: Don’t do the culinary crime if you can’t manage your kitchen time. 

Sure, we’d love to think we know everything about goes down during Chopped‘s intense 20-30 minute rounds, but we’re just Average Joes yelling about coulis and beurre blanc to a screen. The Chopped competition turns us all into pseudo-culinary experts, while perched on the sofa eating half-frozen chicken nuggets. 

Allen says that if you ever find yourself getting frustrated at the chefs, “set the clock to 20 minutes, and ask your wife or husband to take out four weird ingredients, and see how you do. ‘Cause it could be an eye-opener for you.” 

But that’s the fun part! Chopped manages to show us a life lesson best expressed in Ratatouille:  Anyone can cook. And, just as important, anyone can think they can whip up a risotto in 20 minutes and fail miserably. 

“In this business, you’re only as good as the last plate you cooked. So the stakes are pretty high.”

Ted Allen is right — the chopping block is a great, delicious equalizer. 

How to Lose 100 Pounds Fast With the Calorie Shifting Diet

If you want to lose 100 pounds fast, you should consider making an adjustment to your diet. I'm not talking about just changing what you eat, but also change your eating habits. In some cases, the way you eat: the size of your meals, the time of day in which you eat certain food groups, the time between meals, and the number of meals you eat each day, can have a larger effect on your weight than the amount of calories that you consume.

If you want to lose 100 lbs fast, a possible weight loss method for you to use is Calorie Shifting. What is this weight loss method and how does it work?

Here are the basic principles of Calorie Shifting

1. You eat 4 reasonable sized meals each day based on a specific and personal menu.

2. These 4 meals contain all food groups (carbs, protein, fat).

3. You need to eat the meals at least 2.5 hours apart so they're spaced out throughout the day.

The menu spreads the 4 meals throughout the day which causes a metabolic effect which contains the rate in which your metabolism drives. This causes your body to born calories faster than it does with other diets.

It will take a few months to lose 100 pounds with the Calorie Shifting diet. I'm writing it because you need to understand that this is a gradual process. But with the Calories Shifting diet, you will be able to lose those 100 lbs as fast as possible.

You can lose 100 pounds by shifting your calories. However, it will take some time, so you need some patience and you will get there.

Healthy Crash Diet Before Wedding

The joys of preparing for a wedding can be stressful and sometimes a little frustrating at times. However, there is an area the bride wants to be sure she has covered and that is looking great in her dress. To make sure the gown fits perfectly the bride may have to go on a healthy crash diet. It is not unusual for some brides a couple of weeks prior to their wedding to go on a crash diet but one that boasts healthy techniques that are not counterproductive.

Okay, so you are getting married, it is a day that every bride dreams of when she is a little girl. With that thought come feelings of wanting to look like a princess because it is your day and all eyes will be on you. The thing that always becomes an issue is looking great and fitting into the wedding dress and being comfortable to move around for the duration.

Perhaps you want to shed a few pounds and you have tried diets before only to gain the weight back. One reason is because unrealistic diets do not work. You have heard of some of them, the no carb low fat diets or the liquid and starvation diets. One thing is sure if you are a bride to be, you do not have time to waste on something that is not going to work. It is a good idea to start either a month or two before try to trim a few pounds here and there. But if time runs out, or you are only reading this two weeks before your wedding, it's okay. You can still try to drop those pounds by doing a healthy crash diet.

With the wedding day drawing near, two weeks does not seem like much time for a diet, but here is good news, there is a system where you can experience big results. You can lose body fat and inches and keep it off to look like a slimmer, beautiful, glowing bride.

These are some of what you can expect with this system:

Experience big results in a short space of time
Lose 10 to 14 pounds in two weeks
You can lose pounds of pure body fat a week
In 2 weeks you can look and feel better
Lose inches around your waist
With this diet plan you get to eat more and lose more
You get to eat the right calories and the correct amount of food

Too many things to do before the wedding and so little time to do them, and now something else has been added to your list; losing weight and fitting into your dress, but it is a necessary addition if you want to be that slim, beautiful looking bride.

In the mean time, instead of eating 3 big meals, eat 6 smaller portions, drink lots of water and have more healthy deserts …. like fruit. I know this may be a little difficult to do, but until your big day you may have to stay from some things like chocolate, ice-cream, and oh yes cake. You are trying to lose weight not gain!

Try to stay away from eating the wrong foods?
Try to not eat during the wrong times of the day, like midnight.
You know those empty calories you like to eat while watching your favorite TV Show? … Try to stay away. Remember how you want to look on your big day.
I know you do not like to exercise, but you need to.

If you put away the "bad habits" and try to incorporate a healthier lifestyle it would definitely show on your big day.