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Here is the highly requested video about how to feed your hedgehog! This video is all about how I provide a raw diet, a natural diet for my hedgehogs. So that you can learn how to feed them raw meat, a variety of insects and some fruits and veggies. This is what a hedgehog would eat if it was in the wild. But I also include a simpler diet for those who cannot always provide raw.

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List of safe food for hedgehogs

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My family is forcing me to become a raw vegan. Is it healthy? (Query)

I am a 28-year-old software engineer. I come from a south Indian Brahmin household where non-vegetarian food was strictly banned. But today they have made a transition from veganism to raw veganism for health and spiritual reasons after they started following a guru who advocates this lifestyle. They eat only fresh fruits and vegetables without adding oil or salt to their food. Lately, they have been forcing me to go on this diet but I think it is making them terribly deficient in vital nutrients. Is this a healthy practice? 

This query has been answered by nutritionist Geeta Shenoy from Dietitian Geeta Shenoy’s Nutrition & Wellness Clinic, Chembur.

As you rightly suspected, any diet that is restrictive in nature will cause deficiencies. Do not follow such diets without proper research. The premise for raw veganism is that most nutrients are lost when we cook it. Ironically, a lot of enzymes in raw food get destroyed in the human gut. An only raw diet entails consuming vegetables, fruits and leafy vegetables in their uncooked form. They won’t be able to eat grains, lentils and pulses which will be too hard to chew.

Vitamin B 12 or cobalamin is a nutrient which is primarily derived from animal products such as shellfish, liver and mackerel and plant products like plant milk and soy. It helps protect nerve cells and produce genetic material for the human body. Vegans are often found deficient in this vitamin which adversely affects their neural health.

Similarly, vegans and raw vegans become deficient in folic acid, which helps in mental and emotional development. Studies say that the primary cause of folate deficiency is low intake of rich sources such as legumes, which is very difficult to consume if it is in the raw form. They will also become deficient in proteins if they forego rich vegan sources such as lentils.

Kindly advise your parents to visit a dietician or a nutritionist before they take up such lifestyles. In case they have underlying heath problems, they should consult their physicians first. Lastly, I would advise them to not impose their practices on you or your siblings.

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Published: February 24, 2017 1:06 pm

Dog Urinating Frequently? 5 Possible Causes and What You Can Do About It

Are you frustrated with your dog urinating frequently and in the most inappropriate places? There are a variety of factors that could be causing your dog’s frequent urination. The first important step is to take your dog to a veterinarian and get a proper diagnosis. The condition can become life-threatening if you don’t start treatment in time. Here are 5 possible reasons why your dog is urinating frequently and what you can do to stop it.

1. If you notice your dog urinating excessively, he could be ill and extreme thirst may be the first symptom you notice. Dogs that drink abnormally large amounts of water suffer from what is known as polydipsia. The cause could be a serious disease such as a pituitary tumor, high blood cortisol, diabetes insipidus, liver disease, central diabetes, or Cushing’s disease. Cushing’s disease increases the production of cortisol, hence leading to hormonal imbalance and excessive urination. It is important to report any increases in your dog’s water consumption to your veterinarian and have your vet do blood tests and other examinations immediately.

2. Old age can also be the cause of your dog urinating frequently. As dogs age, their sphincter loosens and it gets harder for them to hold in urine. There are medications that your dog can take to tighten his sphincter but they are not without their significant side effects. Instead, try giving your dog a homeopathic remedy that promotes bladder health and a healthy flow of urine.

3. Diet may be the cause of the symptom of your dog urinating excessively. If your dog is eating a diet high in salt that may be the reason why he is urinating so frequently. To avoid this problem, make sure to feed your dog plenty of raw food rich in minerals like magnesium, aluminum, and phosphate. Drinking plenty of fresh, filtered water is also important.

4. The symptoms your dog is experiencing may stem from behavioral issues such as separation anxiety or territorial marking. A dog urinating frequently needs training if these behavioral issues are the underlying cause. Dogs that bond well with their owners may get distressed when their owner is gone and urinate frequently in different, inappropriate locations of the house. You can prevent this behavior by leaving your dog chew toys to play with, taking him out on frequent walks prior to your departure to tire him out, or leave the TV on to distract him while you are out. Marking happens when your dog urinates on objects in the home as a result of territorial instincts. It is most common among unneutered male dogs. To stop it from happening, neuter your dog and keep him away from the windows so he can’t see passerby.

5. Urinary tract and bladder infections caused by E. coli bacteria are most likely the cause of your dog urinating excessively. The infection can travel up to your dog’s kidneys and become fatal if left untreated. For this reason it is important to treat this condition early. Your veterinarian can do a pee test to determine whether a bacterial infection is the cause. If it is, he will probably recommend treatment with antibiotics but you should weigh your treatment options carefully prior to giving your dog drugs. The problem with antibiotics is that they only suppress the symptoms and do not treat the underlying cause of the problem. Furthermore, medication is known to aggravate UTIs. If you want to treat the problem naturally and get long term results, give your dog a homeopathic remedy.

Cannabis For Dogs? – Magnetic Magazine

Dog's get stressed too!

Dog’s get stressed too!

It’s been clear for some time that cannabis is a hugely beneficial medicinal plant, and now that medical marijuana has been legalized in 28 states, more people can safely use this plant-based medicine without fear of prosecution. Given this new widespread appeal many people wonder if their pets can benefit from cannabis too, and the answer is yes they can, but they need a different form of cannabis than the kind you can pick up at the dispensary.

A special kind of cannabis for dogs, developed by vets from the hemp plant, allows your dog to experience the relief that cannabis can deliver, but because this is a low THC form of cannabis, your dog won’t be exposed to any of the potential risks inherent with the regular strains. What’s more, this type of cannabis is legal throughout the country!

Recreational cannabis is high in THC which is the substance that gives marijuana its psychotropic effects, and low in CBD, the beneficial medicinal substance. Hemp is just the opposite. It’s high in CBD and low in THC.

Hemp Plant

Hemp Plant

Hemp Helps Reduce Anxiety

Dogs can experience anxiety under a variety of circumstances, such as being left alone during the working day, being shut away from the rest of the family (their pack), or being exposed to new people or something they’ve developed a phobia toward. And when they’re anxious, not only are they distressed, they can also be destructive and aggressive, which invariably worsens the situation.

For some dogs with anxiety, a gentle dose of the pet-safe form of cannabis will be enough to calm them down and alleviate the stress that they feel. Other dogs with more pronounced anxiety issues may need to follow a program of gradual desensitization exercises. Cannabis for dogs can be helpful here too, because desensitization is much more effective if the dog is calm and relaxed during the process.

Hemp Boosts Immune System Health

A strong immune system is vital for your dog. A healthy immune system fights off infection and responds quickly to dangerous changes in the body that ultimately lead to cancer. Hemp is rich in antioxidants—free radical neutralizers that prevent the cell damage which leads to disease. Adding cannabis to your dog’s daily routine can also help to alleviate allergies and enable your pet to stop taking the drugs which keep them under control.

And It Even Reduces Joint Pain

As dogs age, they become increasingly susceptible to stiffness and joint pain which significantly impacts their quality of life. One way to help alleviate this pain is to feed your dog a raw food diet. A raw food diet eliminates carbohydrates; a significant factor in the inflammation which worsens joint pain. This diet is very simple to transition to, simply feed your dog fresh meat and bones.

A canine cannabis supplement is complimentary addition to this feeding regime. Cannabis for dogs further reduces inflammation and supports healthy joints, allowing your dog to regain mobility and his zest for life.

Before giving your dog any new supplement you should satisfy yourself of its safety and quality. Any supplement vendor should have a certificate of analysis (COA) available so that you can verify the product’s exact constituents and its purity. If you have any concerns about giving your dog a hemp supplement, you should seek guidance from your vet.

Save Time And Money With A Healthy Food Delivery Service

When many people hear of a food delivery service, they think of the regular fast food. This is not the case as there are many food delivery services that deliver fresh, organic, healthy food.

Benefits of a healthy food delivery service

Healthy food: This is an obvious benefit . Since the food delivery service will be supplying you with healthy food, you will eat healthy food thus live a healthy life. In addition to being more productive in life, eating healthy food also results in weight loss. This increases your self-confidence and life expectancy.

Convenience: With a food delivery service you do not have to go to the kitchen to prepare the food. In fact, you do not have to leave your seat. All you need to do is make a phone call or place an online order and the healthy food will be delivered at your doorstep. It does not matter whether you are in the office or at home-the they will deliver the food to you.

Save money: Let us be honest- healthy food does not come cheap. Many people believe that they will save money when they prepare their meals but this is not the case. Since you will be buying small units of the foods, you end up spending a lot of money. Since they buy the food in large amounts, they usually attract large discounts thus get the food at low prices. Consequently, they supply you the food at lower prices.

More options: The delivery companies provide you with many types of food to choose from. You should choose the food you want depending on your needs and budget. If you have a special condition such as diabetes, most of the companies will supply you with the special meals.

Tasty food: Since the delivery companies are in business and want to have you as a repeat customer, they prepare their meals professionally which ensures that the meals are not only nutritious, but also tasty and pleasing to the eye.

Who should go for the healthy food delivery services?

The delivery companies are ideal for everyone looking to enjoy a healthy, tasty meal. Bachelors, professionals, and women with small children are the most common people that should consider it since they have little time to search and prepare the meals. If you are a career person, you are held up most of the time in the office. With the food delivery service, you have the convenience of the food being delivered to your desired location at your desired time.

Guide to choosing a food delivery service

There are many healthy food delivery services but few are right for you. For you to have an easy time you should consider a number of factors before you settle on a given company. One of the factors is the ease of use of the company's platform. As rule of thumb, go for a company with an easy-to-use platform. You should also consider the reputation of the company. For peace of mind, go for a company with a great reputation.

台客劇場》希望告訴你的健康秘訣!Raw Food 生機素食

台客劇場》希望告訴你的健康秘訣!Raw Food 生機素食
TKstory 》Why I am choosing a raw food cleanse
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3 Insane Mistakes Acne Sufferers Make That Cause Severe Acne Breakouts

How badly do you want to cure your acne? Do you stand in front of the mirror studying your face, just wishing that your acne would vanish sometime soon? I know exactly how you feel as I suffered with acne for five and a half years. I have 3 mistakes to share with you that you need to begin avoiding now. Avoid them and begin to implement the solutions into your life if you want less frequent acne breakouts.

Mistake # 1 – Consuming too many omega 6 fatty acids and not enough omega 3 fatty acids. The ideal ratio is 1: 1, but the average American has a ratio of 20: 1 in favor of omega 6s. Some nutritionists say a ratio of 4: 1 is ideal. Omega 3s are known to fight off free radicals which will lead to fewer breakouts.

Solution # 1 – Eat more omega 3s and less omega 6s. Do this by consuming more fatty fish, by taking a fish oil or krill oil supplement, eating more walnuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, and other similar foods that have a good dose of omega 3 fatty acids. Consuming grass finished beef and other meats with more omega 3s will help too.

Mistake # 2 – Not eating any raw food. Most of us cook all our meals. This destroys the enzymes present in food, making it harder to digest, and it adds carcinogens to meat. It is important to feed your skin nutrition but when you cook food the nutrition is lost.

Solution # 2 – Steam your vegetables. Eat a ginormous salad for lunch with lots of color vegetables. Drink a green smoothie for breakfast. Cook more of your own food instead of buying prepackaged food that is often cooked too much.

Mistake # 3 – Avoiding sunlight. Do you avoid the sun and / or protect your skin from the sun with sunblock lotion? Doing this is a deadly mistake. Vitamin D3 is the most important vitamin that our body needs. The best source is the sun. Your skin loves the sunlight and will thrive with more of it.

Solution # 3 – Get outside more. Do not burn yourself but make sure you are getting sunlight every day if possible. For those of you who live in climates where its cold in the winter months, take a Vitamin D3 supplement. I live in Michigan and thus do this myself.

Avoid these 3 mistakes and you will be headed down the correct pathway to clear skin. But, doing just these 3 things will not necessarily cure your acne although they will certainly help a lot.

Q&A with Raw Food Chef Julie | Vegan Protein, Green Smoothie Tips & Gluten Free Bread Recipes

Answering your Qs on trying raw food, green smoothies, vegan protein powder & homemade gluten free bread!

All questions answered are listed below.

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– I would love to give raw food a try but I seem to have a lot of difficulty digesting raw vegetables. What would you advise?
– I don’t like bananas – what can I use in smoothies to replace them?
– I’ve heard that by blending fruits and greens you lose part of the vitamins. How can I prevent this?
– I’m thinking of investing in a powerful high-speed blender. Which one would you recommend?
– My husband really misses his bread since we started eating raw and gluten free. Do you have any bread type recipes?
– Do you add protein powder to your smoothies and if so what brand would you recommend?

VTT’s vision of the era of smart and consumer-centric food production

We are moving into the era, where food production and digitalisation will merge to form a new food economy. The transition is already under way – led by consumers. Together with companies in the sector, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has created three change paths towards the Food Economy 4.0. They are based on identifed drivers and emerging technologies.

Internationalisation, urbanisation and ageing are transforming the consumers and the living environment. In the future must be produced for demanding consumers with clearly smaller environmental burden. Our future food will be based on more efficient use of ; foods are more plant based and made from novel kind of ingredients.

Digital technologies and services will be in a key position in Food Economy 4.0. Consumer-centric business activities will take into account individual needs and values. Smart online retail combined with agile distribution, new service models using emerging technologies, and customized food production close to the consumer are examples of the transition under way. Big Data combined with smart interaction between processes, actors and consumers via IoT is increasing convenience and transparency.

Together with food industry representatives, VTT’s multi-disciplinary team of experts has created three change paths for the transitioning food production and distribution, and presented new business opportunities based on these paths. The Food Economy 4.0 roadmap published by VTT in February 2017 describes new ways of thinking about the production, delivery and purchase of food.

From mass production to individual solutions

In addition to safe and tasty, consumers want healthy and easily available food. Ethical values and local production are also important. Digital services and production technologies will increase the possibilities of consumers to make product and service choices in line with their own needs and values. Combining personal and product data will enable matchmaking of one´s dietary needs with food offering. Smart packaging and automated monitoring of the quality and quantity of food will ease the lives of consumers both within and outside households.From traditional food supply chain to agile production and distribution

Personalised food production will also change production processes. Food supply is becoming a more networked and consumer-driven business environment. This transition is driven by digitalisation, new production, distribution technologies, and service-based business models.

Online platforms offer a cooperation channel and marketplace for producers capable of scaling their deliveries for end consumers or the food industry. New web-based solutions are creating market models in which small producers can connect to bigger consumer groups. The development of distribution and logistics systems plays a key role in agile food production.

In the new food economy food is more often prepared for the consumer directly, at the point of purchase. Grocery stores could have elements of production units. The current development of service robotics and 3D printing is improving the ability of vending machines to prepare personalised portions.

Well-being for the planet

In addition, ensuring food production while using natural resources sustainably is a global challenge. Centralised production, long transport distances and storage cause a great deal of waste at different stages of the current . Agile production and distribution with smart quality control can also tackle this challenge.

More efficient use of natural resources and food raw materials as well as novel solutions to produce food ingredients are in a key role of future food economy. Biotechnology and insect farming are valid examples of future production technologies. Transition from horizontal to vertical food production is accelerating.

Three change paths

VTT’s Food Economy 4.0 roadmap describes three change paths, which form an integrated ecosystem. Information flows in the ecosystem affect the consumer’s purchasing decisions while, through his or her purchasing decisions, the consumer can create an ecosystem in which raw materials are produced sustainably and used efficiently, with a view to the further processing of raw material flows.

Many examples show that we already are moving along change paths. The first to move and those who best serve the customer will be the winners in the new digital environment. In addition to cross-border technologies, out-of-box thinking and rapid prototyping pave the way ahead.

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