Raw Vegan Day! – Healthy & Yummy Ideas

I eat a lot of food raw for the obvious health benefits and I am vegan, but I have never intentionally eaten entirely raw for a day – so I decided to try out some fully raw vegan recipes and share that day with you guys. Raw food maintains the original nutrients and they are often more bioavailable too – so I think incorporating plenty of raw food is a great lifestyle choice, and the more tasty recipes you have under your belt the better!

A raw food day – my eats;
– mandarin and lemon water
– berry smoothie – 2 bananas, 5 dates, cup of berries, 2-3 tbsp flax meal, 3/4 cup water
– Lunch salad – greens, tomato, red onion, cucumber – garlic/avocado dressing
– some kiwifruit
– raw falafel wraps – cabbage, chick peas, garlic,pumpkin and sunflower seeds, carrot, lemon, onion, curry powder, salt, pepper tomato, capsicum, red onion, avocado
– date balls – almonds, dates, cocoa, water, shredded coconut

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How to Meal Prep 101 for a Plant Based (Vegan/Vegetarian/Raw Food) Lifestyle | Part 2

In this video we will learn how to meal prep for the plant based lifestyle (vegan, vegetarian, raw food).
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FREE EBOOKLET This is what kept me motivated to keep going with the raw food diet when I first tried it out about four years ago!

I found that after a meal of just fruit or a simple salad I did not experience the common after dinner fatigue that I was so used to. As I kept experimenting I noticed how I felt after eating cooked foods, fatty foods and I didn’t like it. Over the course of a couple of months I switched to a 100 % fully raw diet of just fruits and vegetables and I was fueled by a motivation to feel great all the time – including after I ate!

Fruits and tender vegetables are the most easily digestible foods for humans. They do not require as much energy to digest as more heavy food does. This means more energy for other activities than digestion!

Our anatomy is actually that of a frugivore. Fruit is the food our digestive system is designed for. Sure, we can eat almost anything for survival, but the optimal diet is certainly raw fruits and vegetables.

Give the low fat raw vegan diet a try by experimenting with big monomeals of your favourite fruit and see how you feel afterwards! Even better, try it for a few months and reap the full benefits!

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Mark Passio Changing Our Diet Raw Foods & Juicing Documentary

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Weight Loss On 2 Weeks Of Raw Food! – Raw Food Retreat

10 people get on camera get on a scale after eating only Raw Foods for two weeks straight on our Raw Food Retreat here in Vilcabamba Ecuador. Some of the results are miraculous, which aided them immensely in their weight loss journey.

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Cooked/Raw Food for Dogs! What i am feeding allergy prone Pitbull

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This video shows just a few things I have been feeding my dog Halo since taking her off of kibble aka commercial dog food…
Keep in mind there are many many other options for her this is just what I started out with. She is doing amazing. Her body is healing and that’s all we can ask for!
I have tried her on so many different commercial so called healthy dog foods and none of them worked out for her.
This diet was approved by my veterinarian and it was suggested to me by watching Dr. Karen Beckers videos here on YouTube. she is with Mercola Healthy Pets… Raw is the best diet for a animal hands down but if you cannot do raw then cooking the meat is the second best. This works out for our family and it is working out perfectly for our dog. If you do not agree with cooking I am sorry but it is very healthy for your pets and it was suggested by a holistic vet. so please do not leave any hate!!
we have been struggling with food and environmental allergy issues with her since she was a puppy so this is what’s best for her and I will not feed her dog food ever again…
thank you so much for watching!!

Junior is our 2 year old Chocolate Rednose American Pitbull Terrier from the bloodlines of Danger Zone & Boogie Man.

Halo is our 5 yr old Bluenose American Pitbull Terrier from the bloodlines of Watchdog & Colby…

My Pitbulls are loving, loyal, caring, athletic, determined, incredibly smart, perfect all around family and protection dogs that make our family complete. ♥ I could not imagine my life without them, and I will never be without a Pitbull for as long as I live…..

If you are interested in the breed, do lots of research before you commit. This is one of the strongest breeds, despite their body size. They are determined, intelligent, loyal, respectful, gentle yet protective and aggressive if they are not trained and treated properly.

A Pitbull puppy is one of the most active, destructive animals that I have ever known but this is ONLY if you let them be. If you train them properly you will have the best all-around family dog there is in the world, hands down! That wild puppy will grow into the most amazing adult you will ever know. They will lay down their lives for you w/out a blink of an eye and you will never feel alone or more protected with a Pitbull.

A long cotton training lead (10-12ft) attached to a Pitbull puppy is the best thing that you could ever do. By doing this you can have immediate access to correction and control of a wild Pitbull puppy and they have no choice but to follow you everywhere you go if you simply attach it to yourself. Just put it on them when supervised and let them go about their day.. I still use a lead on my adult when we have company if she won’t settle. As soon as I put it on her she become a completely different calm dog, just like magic!

Pitbull puppies need constant care and supervision so if you don’t have the time or energy I strongly caution against getting a puppy. Adopt an adult one that is already trained, they are amazing, resilient and grateful dogs that love nothing but second chances.. Even an adopted adult will still lay his life down for you and your family and love you like no other with the intelligence and loyalty of a Pitbull, you can never go wrong….

God Bless you

NUTRICIÓN RAWFOOD con Javier Medvedovsky

Conferencia de Javier Medvedovsky, espiritual chef donde nos explica en qué consiste la nutrición Rawfood.

La alimentación viva o Rawfood propone comer los alimentos crudos o no sometidos a mas de 45 grados de temperatura. La explicación a esto es que en el proceso de cocción se destruyen cerca del 80 % de las vitaminas y minerales y alrededor del 100% de los fitonutrientes y enzimas de los alimentos.

Por lo tanto, cuando elegimos incorporar una mayor cantidad de alimentos vivos a nuestra vida estamos realizando un acto de auto-ciudado invaluable: estaremos entregando a nuestro cuerpo todos los componentes necesarios para que este pueda regenerarse diariamente, para que el manejo del estrés se realice de una manera óptima y para que podamos vivir mas felices y sanos.

Mas info en: www.espiritualchef.com


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Javier Medvedovsky – Espiritual Chef

El alter ego de Javier Medvedovsky es Espiritual Chef, un proyecto en el que ejerce de cocinero privado para mostrar este tipo de alimentación al gran público. El chef, que trabaja en los fogones del cafè de la Blue Project Foundation de Barcelona, reivindica que la raw food no es aburrida y que no es solo una dieta, “es un estilo de vida”. Él hace casi una década que es crudívoro y cuenta que lo único que añora de su anterior vida gastronómica es el pan casero acabado de salir del horno que hacía su madre cuando era pequeño en su Argentina natal.



5º Congreso de Alimentacion Viva y Consciente

se celebró el 14 y 15 de febrero 2015 en el Auditorio Axa de la Illa Diagonal en Barcelona.


Queremos alimentos con nutrientes, alimentos con vida, que sean creados con conciencia. No queremos quimicos, toxicos, y alimentos que nos perjudican la salud, inventados por empresas sin alma.

La eleccion de compra es nuestra. Podemos decidir a quien damos nuestro poder. Nosotros queremos ayudar a los pequeños productores que producen alimentos con conciencia, sanos, nutritivos y con vida.

Por ello y despues de cinco años de gran exito aportando los conocimientos sobre alimentacion que nos ayudan a ser libres, esta nueva edicion viene con la fuerza de ofrecer una sabiduria alimentaria que hace que recuperemos el poder de decidir, de escuchar al cuerpo lo que necesita, de tener la certeza si la comida que vamos a ingerir esta viva y llena de nutrientes.

Expertos ponentes, conscientes y con sabiduria alimentaria nos ofreceran una variada aportacion de conocimientos para recuperar nuestro poder.

Junto al Congreso se organiza la tan esperada feria de alimentacion consciente, donde productores conscientes nos ofreceran alimentos sanos, ecologicos, y cosmetica natural, etc.


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