“No More Raw Food Diet… I’m Liberated!”

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Today is day 14 of the 14-day high-carb raw food diet challenge. That means that you did it! Well done and I hope that this challenge has helped you to taste more raw foods and assist your body in detox, weight loss and finding greater health.

Just to remind you that I have been logging all of my meals for the duration of this raw food diet detox and weight loss challenge on our facebook page. Please see this link and like us on here: www.facebook.com/Rawsomehealthy

So, since this challenge has come to an end, does it mean that we are liberated from the raw food diet?

Here is the latest update, where we talk to our friend the health educator, Grant Campbell from www.rawaussieathlete.com

Make sure to check out Grant’s website at: www.rawaussieathlete.com/

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Wishing you abundant health,
Paul and Yulia Tarbath

My New Raw Diet & Changes In My Body | 40BelowFruity

Now that you know I’ve tweaked my diet a bit I’m going to give you a breakdown of the exact changed and benefits I’ve notices in my body. A hint – They’re all positive!

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What I Eat in a Day as a Raw Food Vegan with Recipes

John from http://www.okraw.com shares with you what a successful 20 year long term raw foodist eats in a day when he is home. In this episode you will see each of John’s fully raw vegan meals that hopefully will give you some ideas about how to eat a healthy raw plant based diet. John will also share all his recipes with you so you can re-create the exact meals he had in your kitchen. You will see this fully transparent video of all the food that goes into John’s mouth when he is at home in this single day. John will also share the different raw foods he can choose from in each meal to give you some flexibility and options with your diet.

After watching this episode, you will have a pretty good idea of what you might want to eat on a raw food diet.

Here is a lecture John gave on how to make a raw food soup:

Here is the lecture John gave on how to make salad dressings:

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LOSE WEIGHT on the Raw Vegan Diet

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Why I No Longer Eat 3000 Calories Of Raw Food | 40BelowFruity

Once upon a time I adhered to a dogma of eating 3000 raw food calories per day. Now I no longer do…Find out why…

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Best Way to Transition to a FullyRaw Diet & More Raw Foods Q&A

In this episode, John shares his 20 years of experience eating a vegan, plant sourced raw foods diet with you. In this episode John will answer the following questions:
01:01 What is the best way to fully transition or convert to the Raw Food Diet?
08:06 How do you prepare for traveling when eating Raw?
10:07 How do you get into the mindset of eating Raw Foods?
12:26 Is it ok to eat conventional instead of organic produce?
13:48 How can you sustain a healthy Raw diet without having a Garden?
14:42 Why is raw garlic not good to eat?
16:53 Can I eat Spirulina or Chlorella instead of leafy green vegetables?
19:24 What are the best products to eat on a vegan diet?
22:00 How much leafy greens should we eat in a day?
25:32 What are your opinions on eating raw eggs?
27:47 Your opinions on Oats, Nuts and Cooked Bean Stew?

After watching this episode you will learn the answers to the above questions and learn so much more than will help you on your journey of eating a healthier diet of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables including leafy green vegetables.
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How to Travel Raw (1 hour presentation)

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Eat Fresh and Local Foods without growing a garden (Wild foods)

How to keep cats from peeing and going bathroom in your garden:

Eggs vs Cigarettes:

Are Eggs healthy and safe??

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How to Feed Your Bengal Cat (Covering Raw Diet, Prey Model Raw & Commercial Cat Food)

This is the first video in a multi-part series on how to give a Bengal cat a happy & healthy life. To receive one more free video (things about Bengal cats that you WON’T learn from the internet), sign up for our newsletter, and gain access to the Bengal cat digital educational course information, visit

Making cat food by Lisa A. Pierson:

Lisa A. Pierson’s Raw Cat Food Recipe:

$10 off first iHerb order:

Meat grinder I’ve used for 3+ years:

Taurine powder (don’t buy the capsules!):

Vitamin A:

Vitamin D:

Vitamin B-50 Complex:

Vitamin E:

Salmon oil:

Glandular supplement:

Lite salt with iodine:

Other words you may use to find this video:
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feeding bengal cat raw diet
prey model raw for cats
best cat food for bengal


All the information on my life, diet, experience and transition after doing the Raw Food Diet. I talk about what I learned, my perspective and where I am now (links below)

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Feeding French Bulldogs BARF Diet Raw recipes

We feed our French bulldogs a raw diet following the BARF (Biologically appropriate raw food) protocol. Frenchies can be a challenge when feeding raw and we receive quite a few questions from people wanting to know how we prepare a raw food diet. This short video explains what we do to prepare a balanced raw meal and why we do it. Our Frenchies thrive on this diet and have wonderfully shiny, soft coats with minimal dander. The droppings are also halved as compared to feeding a diet based on or in part on dry food. Droppings are also less offensive to the nose and dry up to crumbly chalk consistency within an hour or so. No play-dough droppings stuck to your shoes! Care must be taken when feeding French Bulldogs a raw diet as they cannot chew up large bones and smaller bones can be a choking hazard. We show you how to get around this in the video.

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