Normanton takeaway handed ONE STAR food hygiene rating by Derby City Council inspectors

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Inspectors have raised concerns about poor hygiene at a Normanton takeaway.

Karahi King, in Normanton Road, has been handed a one-star food hygiene rating following an inspection in January. One star means that inspectors deem there is “major improvement necessary”.

The report – recently released by Derby City Council – shows that the inspector was concerned about the risk of E-Coli “cross-contamination” being spread by sponges being used to clean both read-to-eat food areas and raw food areas.

E-Coli is a bacterial infection that can cause severe stomach pain, bloody diarrhoea and kidney failure.

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The inspector wrote: “You must ensure that separate cleaning materials including cloths, sponges and scourers are provided. Materials for use in clean areas must be stored separately and in such a way that they do not become contaminated before use.”

Concerns were also raised about raw meat kebab skewers were being stored in the takeaway’s display chiller beside salad. Under food hygiene regulations, cooked and read-to-eat food must be stored separately and above any raw meat.

The inspector suggested the takeaway put a plastic tray between the raw and ready-to-eat food to provide a separation between them.

They were also disappointed to find that there was no anti-bacterial cleaner on the premises. But the takeaway has said they thought the report was “unfair”.

The inspector wrote: “At the time of my visit there were no suitable cleaners on the premises that had any anti-bacterial properties for cleaning food and hand contact surfaces.

“Any surfaces which come into contact with food or the food handler’s hands must be regularly cleaned and disinfected to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination.”

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The chef was found to be wearing a dirty apron, and inspectors found a dirty cloth on one of the work surfaces.

Concern was also raised about cardboard being used on the floor as a non-slip mat.

The inspector added: “You must stop using cardboard as a floor covering in food preparation areas as it is absorbent and not capable of being cleaned. If you wish to stand on something, an anti-slip mat, which is capable of being kept clean, would be acceptable.”

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Manager Raja Hussain, who is the brother of the owner, described the report as “unfair” and promised customers “everything has now been fixed”.

He said: “We have sorted everything which the inspector raised in her report and we’re confident we will get a higher rating again when she reinspects. We’re hoping to call her next week to inform her that we’ve made all the improvements she suggested.

“I think it was an unfair rating, we have a nice and clean kitchen and there is no issues at present. We don’t use the same sponges for raw and cooked meat, we never have and never will.

“Out kitchen and chefs all follow strict hygiene rules. Hopefully we can have a high rating again soon.”

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