Negative Calorie Diet Review

You may have heard of a new diet plan called the negative calorie diet plan . What is a negative calorie, you might ask? Is that supposed to be the opposite of a calorie, you might wonder?

As you go through each day, your body expends energy in measurable units of calories . So if you eat a slice of bread, your body now has seventy calories more of energy at its disposal to use. As you go through the day, every activity you perform, whether it is something active like walking, talking, jumping, running, working, or playing, your body will burn those calories. If you burn more calories than you intake, you will lose weight. If you burn fewer calories than you intake, you end up gaining weight. If you burn as many calories as you take in, you will maintain your weight.

But did you know that your body burns calories passively, even when you are not doing anything? Even when you are sleeping, your body is burning calories. That is because your body expends energy even to perform the passive, involuntary bodily functions like breathing, digesting food, and pumping blood through your veins and arteries.

Once you grasp this concept that your body consumes energy in order to perform passive activities, it becomes very easy to understand the concept of "negative calories".

What if you could eat a food that takes more energy for your body to digest than the actual number of calories itself ? For example, if you could eat an apple that contains sixty-five calories. But your body may expend one hundred calories just to be able to digest it . So, these results in a "negative calorie intake" of thirty-five calories. By eating an apple, you actually burned thirty-five calories

On the other hand, a slice of pie that contains five hundred calories that takes your body one hundred calories to digest results in a four hundred calorie gain for your body.

The negative calorie diet plan involves integrating these negative calorie foods into your daily intake. You do not need to starve in order to follow this diet. When followed properly, you can lose at least fourteen pounds in two weeks on the negative calorie diet plan.

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