My weekly High Raw Food stash + how I use it | Vegan Food haul

Hi Guys!!!! Here’s a great example of what I usually buy for a week for 2 people. As we were traveling that week, we bought less fruits than usual but here you have almost all the type of produces that we weekly enjoy for our raw and cooked meals!! Most of the fresh produces lasted for about 4 days?
I hope you enjoyed❤

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Hey there! Welcome to my Channel! I’m Fabiola and I’m a young mom currently based in Chicago. This Channel is all about sharing my journey to spread awareness of the plant-based lifestyle.
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34 replies
  1. Doris Mastellone
    Doris Mastellone says:

    I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being such a great inspiration for all vegans, raw or in process, as well as people who are hesitant to adopt a vegan lifestyle.
    I send you my loving vibes and keep up the great work!!!! ??????

  2. solongsofa
    solongsofa says:

    Hey! I just thought you should know that while spinach has a lot of calcium in it, it is not a good source of calcium. This is because it has high levels of oxalate which prevents you absorbing the calcium

  3. Jacqueline Boynes
    Jacqueline Boynes says:

    Could you make a video of how you prep your food after bringing it home? I buy loads of fruits and veggies every week and I get too busy to prepare it all and some of it will go bad. I just keep trying every week. I will check more if your videos if you already have one!

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