My Top Raw Food Diet Tip for Beginners

After 6 years this is without a doube my top raw food diet tip for beginners. I highly recommend this to anyone following a plant based diet whether it’s the raw vegan lifestyle or a cooked version.

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10 replies
  1. The Existential Vegan
    The Existential Vegan says:

    Lots of great ideas in this one, Jack. Green smoothie cleanse: great idea! Celery in the smoothie: fantastic! You can probably tell, I love my green smoothies: spinach, arugula, mixed greens. With some berries, sprouts, whatever. Lol. I just bought a juicer too, and I'm loving it. Start the day off with a kale juice, then later a big smoothie (I divide it into two), hummus and sprout burritos…you're making me hungry. 😊

  2. yvettegisais
    yvettegisais says:

    I agree. Keep it simple. Like you said, as long as you are being a conscious eater and are appreciating it for what it is, you will find so much enjoyment in the simple things. Not to mention how great your body will feel with all that pure fuel. Thanks for the reminders 🙂

  3. Sam N
    Sam N says:

    Hahaha love your attitude, thanks for the tips! I'm slowly trying to transition into a raw vegan diet. I live in a cold climate an I think I'm going to keep eating cooked sweet patato and some cooked vegetables this winter. Would love to live in a warm tropical climate some day

  4. fitfarmingmomma
    fitfarmingmomma says:

    My classic smoothie is bananas, mango, and greens! Simple and super delicious! I had to also make sure I upped my calories when I went raw. I was eating 1800 on cooked but went up to 2000-2200 and it made a huge difference.

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