My Top 5 Foods To Avoid + Raw Vegan Food Haul (Whole Foods, Plant-based)

A plant-based (or vegan) diet isn’t fool-proof! Animal products aside, there are still processed, package, refined, junk “foods” that can wreak havoc on our bodies if we’re not careful. Check out my Top 5 Foods to Avoid or minimize as much as possible to look and feel your best + see what I like to get on my Raw Vegan Food Haul!


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39 replies
  1. Taylor Farano
    Taylor Farano says:

    The fat you eat is not the fat you wear…. That saying is getting super old. I know you probably are just referring to refined fats as being the fat your wear, but whole plant fats are extremely necessary for our bodies to function properly.

    STARR RIVERS says:

    Welcome back!!! So happy to see your beautiful, smiling face today. I agree with the salt and oil and processed foods being horrible for our health. As my partner and children transitioned to a plant based diet I bought plant based meat substitutes. I didn't feed it to them everyday but I did make them aware than when they finish, I would not be buying anymore. My children and partner are not vegan yet. I guess some people need more time. They are however eating vegan at home and strictly vegetarian when they eat out. They said that meat or fish are something that they would not ever want to consume again. I'm happy about that. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and informative video. May God bless you and Dusty always. Sending you guys peace, love and positive energy always xoxo 💖💖💖💖🌸🙏🏽🌸💖💖💖💖

  3. Dennis Kimetto
    Dennis Kimetto says:

    Not all gluten is bad. It's really modern wheat that's the main problem. Einkorn wheat can probably be tolerated by almost everyone. It's also a waste of money to buy gluten free oats except for the very few who react to extremely small amounts of gluten. Eating a few tiny crumbs of wheat makes no difference for 99% of the population.

  4. Joe Caner
    Joe Caner says:

    I ostensibly agree with your list, although, salt isn't really a food. Then again, I don't consider refined sugars and oils to be foods either. One gets all the sodium one needs from their food, and if you can tolerate it, gluten from whole grains are incredibly healthy as is green tea. A whole foods vegan diet is an excellent dietary pattern for health and longevity.

  5. Kelly Beechen
    Kelly Beechen says:

    I never added salt in my foods and every year I was super low on sodium in my blood work where doctors were concerned. So I added the pink himalayan salt regularly to foods at dinner on my brown rice and I don't like to taste salt on my foods. I want to taste the food not the salt. Very informative video.

  6. Zehra Çınar
    Zehra Çınar says:

    Hello from Turkey! 😊😊😊 You are amazing! Being a raw vegan in Turkey is so new and hard. Most people don t know what it is. But I try to care about my health and be raw vegan as much as I can… Thank you for your awesome and helpful videos😊

  7. dreamdoll1988
    dreamdoll1988 says:

    hi im worried about cavities as both me and daughter are fruit aholics lol and we love our fruit but know they can be high in sugar wats best for this craving without harming ur teeth and also what fruit or vegies can help them be stronger

  8. Ritza Francois
    Ritza Francois says:

    What do you guys think about bread? I go to whole foods where they make fresh multigrain bread and whole wheat bread. Im not gluten free but have found that from time to time i like having bread for a sandwich . Also my favorite food at the moment would have to be cara cara oranges. They are in season right now and are packed with vitamin c!

  9. Tai Khoan
    Tai Khoan says:

    Cool 😀 Sugar, salt and oil are definitely death food. Self-education and Critical thinking are extremely important. Life or death is a matter of choice. It's all up to YOU, not the doctors, right?_WFPB

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