My Raw Food Diet Transformation Story

Sharing my raw food diet transformation story today. The journey for me started even before I began to follow a plant based diet. Things started happening even faster when I adapted to the raw vegan lifestyle.

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16 replies
  1. Narges Nourshahi
    Narges Nourshahi says:

    Hello New Friend. Thanks for this kind of massage on youTube. I am new to your YouTube channel and I am so please find you .
    You are most realistic and honest person in food and life style industry and in this web side. Long story of mine short I am trying to adopted the way you are eating. ,but i cant i need support, last few years I have funky stomach week digestion back and fort In ER and home from food burn. I am sick and tired of it. Doctor can not find noting wrong in my health . I am not Alcohol drinker and i am not heavy animal product eater either, but i am not well too. do you have any idea how i can get help?

  2. Sarah LaChance
    Sarah LaChance says:

    Great vid today! Thank you for sharing your journey and experience. I have been cutting back my drinking almost entirely but then I'll slip and a few nights ago I did and I'm regretting it. I'm present so I'm not beating myself up but I definitely know it doesn't serve my body, mind, or spirit. My desire is to end yoyo-ing with my health kicks. Every day I learn a little bit more. 😊

  3. nicadrmar
    nicadrmar says:

    Great vid, I didn’t know your story before. Do you recall if you had detox symptoms when you first started in this lifestyle? The past couple of days I have eaten raw, a lot of mangoes, cantaloupe and salads. I’m not allergic to any of it that I know of. My knee that is regularly problematic is now causing me excruciating pain. I thought eating clean would do the opposite and I would feel amazing. I’m wondering now is this a detox symptom since my regular diet is barely clean? If it is I sure hope this feels better in a day or two, I can barely walk.

  4. charlotte Yarbrough
    charlotte Yarbrough says:

    It's great to be older but feel like a 20 year old. I'm 40 and feel better and better as the weight keeps dropping. My son says that people my age are old normally but he says I'm not. Funny cause I point out that person is the same age as me lol

  5. Viv -
    Viv - says:

    Thank you for this video, I feel the same way when I consume sugar as I have a strong sweet tooth. I am so out of it and want to get into bed and feel very much like garbage too. I am so looking forward to this lifestyle. I am 44yrs and I know realised it's now or never. Awesome video.

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