My Raw Food Diet Philosophy: Talking vs Doing

Clarifying my raw food diet philosphy today. There’s talking, then there’s doing on the raw vegan lifestyle. My main focus is to share the life saving information of a plant based diet.

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8 replies
  1. Liz H
    Liz H says:

    I've missed hanging out with you via Youtube land!!! You are just so chill. This video hit home for me. I was commenting and sharing alot with you and some other raw vegans about a year ago…even in your raw group on FB. I was going along well (did the juice cleanse than went fully raw for month's on end). Anywho…I slipped reluctantly out of raw veganism when I moved to Tasmania here in Australia. I was reeling because I couldn't find enough good produce and the weather is cold as heck. Excuses I know. But i think why also is that I got too overdone in the details and got myself in a flap!!! Fast forward to now and after having just been hospitalized with a mega bad kidney infection and dosed through the roof on medication, I found myself wanting to come back to raw. I think when it's your health (i only have one kidney) and the threat of losing your health and not wanting big pharma to dictate…It all really hit home. I totally agree that each of us has the intelligence to learn thing's for ourselves but to really listen to your body. This transition is more seemless than before. I have the basic knowledge of raw and what i experienced last time on it, what mistakes i made, getting to caught up in my own head etc. Now I don't know whether i will ever be 100% and who the f cares if i do. But one thing for sure….the more raw i am naturally adding each day because of the way I feel…is DICTATING to me naturally the better choices. It's more intuitive. I totally get the simplicity of it and that is why I wanted to share this cause you hit a note with me as a former raw coming back and making her own journey. Whatever happens this time, I am listening to my body and taking everything else with a grain of salt. There is balance to be had!
    Anyways I have rambled on a bit but this vidio spoke to me! It's great to see you still doing videos Jack, you are the real deal. And great to see your subscribers up. Last time i followed you, you were at 12,000 subscribers so great to see…you deserve more!!!
    Are you still going to live in Costa Rica?
    Anyways hope you are going great and can't wait to see more vids! Peace 😊

  2. William T. Kerr
    William T. Kerr says:

    I don’t know but I drank carrots and cantaloupe. I’ve juiced it all up. So good and I’ve juiced watermelon the day before so I had that. I’ve been reading that book “Jay Kordich’s Live Foods Live Bodies.” I have learned so much from that book. I’m still learning and I will never be that person that knows everything.

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