My Raw Food 1.5 Week Benefits & Orvel Douglas Fruitarian 5 Years! PART 1

I have been fullyraw for over a week but today I am 99% fruitarian and plan all fruits going forward. Had a tiny percentage of almond butter in some dates. Today I have had lots of energy climbing up a nearby mountain and walking home. I’m feeling fantastic very light in my body and I can feel there is less inflammation. I also woke up very good this morning compared to usual and needed less sleep so it’s all adding up. Thank you Orvel Douglas for your help. ☁🍃🍂🌱🌸 P.S I vibe with him more and really appreciate his ongoing help to humans including his time to answer questions to others AND myself!
My Raw Food 1.5 Week Benefits & Orvel Douglas Fruitarian 5 Years! PART 1

Orvel Douglas 30 Day Fruitarian Challenge:

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I want the BEST life for you! We are spiritual beings have a multi-dimensional experience, and right now we’re here on Earth in mostly 3rd density slowish type “reality”. I’ve been thru deep suffering; depressed, sad, lonely, long term anxiety, fear and didn’t even want to live anymore. I’m a mischievous, playful, fun-loving person but have a great depth to me. I only want the best, happiest and most fulfilled life for myself, and for YOU. Hence why I have written books, make youtube videos, have a herbshop, and especially also do Spiritual Life Coaching. I hope these help you, and I share MUCH LOVE to you. Feel hugged, loved and supported by me and many more!



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Thank you for all your love & support**

Know Thyself
Love Thyself
BE Thyself

Take 100% Responsibility for your life
Then Change your life for the better!

Eat plenty of fresh raw fruits & vegetables!
Clean Your GI Tract & Strengthen Your Organs With Herbs, Superfoods, Deep Breathing, Nature, Sunshine, Juice Feasting!

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4 replies
  1. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer!
    Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! says:

    Thank you all for all your love and support, for sharing, liking, and leaving your questions and sweet lovely comments, it really means a lot to me! Have and CHOOSE to MAKE the best day ever! Make it beautiful, enjoyable, fun, loving, positive, improving your life, LAUGH OUT LOUD-big belly laughs!

    Exercise and MOVE your beautiful body, get out in the healing elements of nature – water, sun, air and earth. Walk barefoot, swim shower or bath, get the sun on your skin and deep belly breath for maximum health! ❤💜💛 Make a beautiful memorable day, and relax and enjoy yourself.

    Everything is working out and you are exactly where you are meant to be, and new beautiful positive change can come very fast too! In the meantime savor the magical journey one deep grateful conscious breath at a time!

    You and we all are worthy ❤✊👊✌

  2. Andy P
    Andy P says:

    Thank You Owen for a great product in "Rejuvenate." I've been taking for about 8 days now and I have to say my kidneys already seem to be better. Healing my adrenals fully will take awhile though. I'm curious to see how my sleep improves as that has been my biggest problem for several years. I've changed a lot in my lifestyle in order to facilitate healing my nervous system. This product is simply the icing on the cake. I happy I purchased. Next time I need nettle root I'll be ordering more from you.

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