My Husky Eats Raw Food! – Gohan’s New Diet!

My husky Gohan now eats raw food and this is life changing for us! I couldn’t be happier that we made this change to a raw diet!

– Reel Raw’s Amazing Pet food service:
– More written info on Raw Feeding:
Omega 3 Fish Oil – (Highly recommended)

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38 replies
  1. Gohan The Husky
    Gohan The Husky says:

    I hope you guys enjoyed seeing Gohan’s new change in his diet! I am SO HAPPY with the way it has been going! Gohan is now healthier than ever and I wish that for all of the dogs in the world. Lets educate each other on the foods we choose for our dogs!! Thanks so much for the support you guys. We love you all so much!! Make sure to read the video description too! ^
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    Want to send Gohan something? Be in our fan mail!
    Gohan The Husky
    PO Box 836750
    Miami FL 33283

  2. Jeeana Atmarow
    Jeeana Atmarow says:

    Good stuff! We did the switch 3 or 4 months ago – one of my huskies has a sensitive stomach, had gingivitis and trouble with anal glands! Raw fixed all of this 🙂 It definitely is a challenge but yes, doing a lot of research helps. Joining raw feeding groups helps a lot too – lots of experienced raw feeders on there. I'm still looking into the fish oil capsules, feeding sardines for the time being 🙂

  3. D Robinson
    D Robinson says:

    Awesome video. We just started our two dogs on the raw food and they love it. Our bullmastiff usually skipped a meal on kibble (just like yours), but now he does not and licks the bowl like yours. Thanks for the vid.

  4. Api Vlogs
    Api Vlogs says:

    I was going to get a husky for $200
    But I chose not to get it because we have a cat and I heard they kill small animals. Also they make huge holes so our backyard would be a mess. Not to forget I'd have to walk him for a long time and I couldn't have done that. Plus I obviously have to give him is shots and everything else with food. What's weird though is that I didn't see any holes in this backyard and he just seems like a regular big dog. Hopefully I didn't make a mistake by saying no to getting my dream dog!

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