My Daily Raw Diet

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Tim Van Orden shares his daily dietary routine. He also talks about how his version of a raw vegan diet has transformed over the past seven years.
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34 replies
  1. pollepost
    pollepost says:

    I sometimes think of raw food, and I only use a knife for cutting.. A blender is a very fast knife (factory made) and not natural preparation of food…

    I find it a little disturbing when people want to live natural, but they prepare food with moderne technology.

    Just my 50 cent

  2. karenKristal
    karenKristal says:

    I think this is quite fanatical. Most people wouldn't want to do something so ridged but I do think people should be more healthy. I think balance is the key, don't separate yourself completely. I suppose its everyone's choice though and they'll want to get information from somewhere.

  3. GabrielB28
    GabrielB28 says:

    Great video! I'm on a similar path but regaining muscle on a vegan mostly raw diet since last October, finding more and more raw each day as even simple cooked food is making me tired – thinking it's because my body is still screwed up from being up and down and too fat for years.. You've got a great mind set. I'm also in Vermont. Love what you said about food being entertainment, trying to work on that with my family. My 11 year old just switched to smoothies for breakfast, she's loaded with energy, tummy and headaches are gone, emotions are steadier, it's awesome. Going to watch your other videos now, be well, thanks.

  4. Nathanael Amare
    Nathanael Amare says:

    I eat 4000 cals from bread,potatoes ,pasta,fruits ,beans and I do not do cardio,only fast running and jumping etc,and I have BMI of elite sprinter .Don't be afraid of starch calories,Kenyans eat grains also .When I was eating raw ,I was eating similar to Tim and I wasn't be able to walk after few mnths ,loss of power ,strenght and endurance happened.Tim is obviousely superstrong for running because of genetics,I don't know,but I cannot live without 3500 cals a day ,but low fat eating .

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