Beginners! This is for you!

Daily Green Boost for Trace Minerals & Alkalinity: & Use code TEDCARR to Save 10%.

Chaga Tea for Immunity & Alkalinity:

Canada Fruit Fest:

► This is the Vegan Vitamin D3 I take in the winter if I’m in Canada & not getting ample sunlight:

► This is the Best Vegan B12:

► My Favourite & Most Affordable Top Quality Blender: – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Here are my top 3 picks which I consume everyday in tea form:
Chaga Mushroom for Longevity:
Reishi Mushroom for State of Mind:
Lion’s Mane Mushroom for Brain Repair, Focus and Memory:

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10 replies
  1. Hunter Eldridge
    Hunter Eldridge says:

    Omg , I just went and checked out meateor man cuz of the comment in the live feed about his molar lol…and his channel is gross, totally shouldn’t be on this live feed….omgggg
    And I’m a recovering addict as well ted, I’m recovering from opiate abuse and nutrition helped me so so much…as well as exercise too

  2. Lili Uhrin
    Lili Uhrin says:

    Hi! I'm from Europe, Hungary. I've been vegan for 3 years, and I was raw vegan throughout the summer. Your videos are very helpful and motivational, so thanks a lot for them. I really just wanted to ask, if I soak the oats overnight, are those raw vegan?
    Thanks a lot again😊😊

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