More Evidence Against Fully Raw Diets!

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Fruit and vegetable consumption and all-cause mortality: evidence from a large Australian cohort study

My video “Is A “Fully” Raw Diet REALLY Superior?”

Boiled and fried vegetables are healthier than raw vegetables


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48 replies
  1. Holly Tramont
    Holly Tramont says:

    you are going to discredit the Person therapy that SAVED PEOPLE'S LIVES FROM TERMINAL CANCER?? go tell THOSE people you think that the Gerson therapy is bull. Look, I understand if you don't want to do fully raw, but your advice is not helpful. if people want to get the best health, fully raw is the best. but it all depends on what level of health they WANT. Right beneath fully raw is high carb mixed of raw and cooked. bottom line. unsubscribed

  2. Cash4Fruit
    Cash4Fruit says:

    There's no arguing our original and natural diet was raw… but our bodies have been evolving with cooks foods for many centuries now (we have bigger bodies, require more food, have lost strength in our teeth or jaws)… we can't go back over night… also, the quality foods(ripe, sweet fruit) are just not there.. nor in consistent, abundant supply. It is extremely impractical, but I think there are a few who may commit and make it work for them. Personally I would love to go on a long period of raw food only.. in a tropical location and without too many obligations… just laying in the sun and gardening… haha that's the dream… but for now I got shit to do… I thrive off a plant cooked starch based diet.

  3. Kevin Mann
    Kevin Mann says:

    Raw foodism is an appeal to nature fallacy much like the paleo diet, the assumption that it is good because it is natural even though plenty of natural things like arsenic and hemlock are bad while unnatural things like clothing are good.

  4. Jason Simpson
    Jason Simpson says:

    I feel like saying that this study shows cooked veggies are better than raw is grasping at straws. There are so many other factors that could lead to the 4% and the fact that they kept separating the groups made the study much smaller than the initial 150k sample.
    I'll keep eating both, but I'd like to see more research on it. There are ways other than cooking to get more nutrients from them, too. Fermenting and macerating being the main ones.

  5. Mike P
    Mike P says:

    I keep it simple, I eat my fruit raw and the majority of my vegetables cooked. I do love green smoothies with spinach and kale though. I know we need certain enzymes only available from raw foods, but cooking certain foods can aid in the assimilation of nutrients. I guess the best advice is DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR BODY. Your body is the best "lab" you can get and will definitely show off the results of what you are putting into it.

  6. Callum Bedward
    Callum Bedward says:

    ill be totally honest with you well everyone I like to gather information from the human collective and its great but I have my own take on life and eating fully raw foods 9/10 just makes me well it makes me feel like something unexplainable.

  7. johncerasi
    johncerasi says:

    The portions where you use a mic doesn't sound very good. The audio from your camera sounds better, you should just use the audio from that.

    Great video though, I've always though raw or raw till 4 was pointless and stupid.

  8. Gold Dee
    Gold Dee says:

    Good one. Any idea if they were using culinary veggies and fruit or scientific ones? People will argue shit like almonds are a one seed fruit or something. Just asking. I don't think they should have to get that specific. And for all the trolls that say cooking meat improved our intelligence and help us evolve… how do they know it wasn't veggies first! BOOM!

  9. Ochoa 0592
    Ochoa 0592 says:

    Steaming or grilling veggies reduces part of the vitamins, like 16%. Well, eat 16% more, when cooked their volume decreases a lot, so what's the big deal?

    Also grilled broccoli with mustard>anything else.

  10. Jack Neely
    Jack Neely says:

    Cory, some of the comments here address the concern of blending vegetables, like adding spinach to a smoothie or shake. What's your take on this?

    I personally won't eat cooked spinach and I don't really like other leafy greens enough to eat them on a regular basis. Cooked spinach makes me gag, but I absolutely don't mind it, or really even notice it, when blended with soy milk or almond milk.

    I know you listed spinach as a great bodybuilding food. Well, how does blended spinach fare? How does this affect the nutritive qualities of spinach or other vegetables?

    I typically fill the blender to the top with spinach, and even push it down a little to add more. So I'm consuming sometimes 8 oz of spinach a day.

  11. MV
    MV says:

    The entire basis behind the raw food diet is the idea that natural food is best. Since cooking is a form of human processing, it must therefore make the food unhealthy.

  12. Astral Purpose
    Astral Purpose says:

    Raw backwards is War. A lot of raw foodists are so against cooked food it's like they're at war with it. What works for some body might not work for you. In my opinion quinoa is a superfood wether it's cooked or sprouted preferably the tri-color variety. Herbs are also amazing healers. Fruitarian a might disagree with this. I think raw foods are great but a fully raw diet is not what is right for everybody.

  13. Whole Life
    Whole Life says:

    Yes, fully raw is not optimal for health.
    But don't be so hard on fasting, although the whole detox/cleanse thing is bs.
    There are a few studies on fasting and some ongoing research with very promising results. Maybe do a video on it?
    I experienced great benefits from Intermittent Fasting and if i remember correctly you are doing 16/8 as well. ( Yes, i know a 16h fast is not really comparable to a 21 day water fast what i think you were referring to 🙂 )

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