Moldy food, temperatures off at Knox County Asian restaurant

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – An Asian restaurant known for its Korean style food has the lowest health grade of the week. Foodborne illness outbreaks have been rare in the East Tennessee in the last few years, partially because of the stricter food safety standards that restaurants must follow.

Kaya Korean, 7818 Montvue Center Way – Grade: 76

The Knox County Health Inspector gave Kaya Korean a 75 on their health inspection. While that’s a passing grade, Kayan Korean will be re-inspected soon.

Food temperatures were off. Kimchi, soy beans, and vegetables ranged in temperature from 49 to 53 degrees, but 41 and below is the proper cool temperature to prevent people from getting sick.

The inspector found a moldy container of food in the fridge. It was thrown away.

Also, raw meats were improperly stored above ready to eat food. You may do that at home, but at restaurant’s raw food is supposed to be stored below cooked food to prevent any bacteria filled juices from accidentally spilling.

The inspector found food stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler. The food should have been on shelves.

When the inspector asked the manager questions, the inspectors writes, the manager was “not performing his duties as needed.”

Don Gallo, 10681 Hardin Valley – Grade: 83

The next lowest grade is an 83 at Don Gallo on Hardin Valley Road. Again, 83 is passing, but within two weeks the inspector will return to check on the follow violations.

Several “ready to eat” foods in the refrigerator were missing date marks which is a critical violation. At restaurants food that is held over 24 hours in the fridge, must have a date mark on it and be used within 7 days of that date to prevent listeria.

The inspector also found some cooked pork and chicken in the refrigerator that was too warm. Forty-one degrees and below is the correct cool temperature, the pork was at 46 degrees.

Also, a kitchen worker was observed washing “food contact” items, likes utensils, in a hand sink. Dishes, glassware, and utensils are required to be washed in the dishwasher where they’re properly cleaned and sanitized.

When the inspector asked the person in charge about health rules, the manager wasn’t able to answer them. State health rules require managers to have a general knowledge of the rules so they can explain them to employees.

More online: Read this week’s full inspection reports [PDF]

Good to see so many local eateries will excellent health inspection grades.

Top Scores of the Week:

  • Fleming’s, 11287 Parkside Drive – Grade: 100
  • Hardee’s, 609 Campbell Station Road – Grade: 100
  • The Empty Cup, 9111 Executive Park Drive – Grade: 100
  • Salsarita’s Cedar Bluff, 104 Moss Grove Blvd – Grade: 100
  • Bojangle’s, 3813 Broadway – Grade: 100
  • Famous Dave’s, 208 Advantage Place – Grade: 99
  • El Metate Mexican, 4221 Sam Walton Way – Grade: 99
  • Kaizen, 416 Clinch Avenue – Grade: 99

Good to see so many local eateries will excellent health inspection grades.

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