Mimi Kirk │The Healing Power of Raw Food

Learn how to be your best from the sexiest and healthiest woman in the world: ♥ Mimi Kirk ♥
Mimi is a 78 year old (yes, you read that correctly) amazing lady who dedicated her life helping others and making changes in the world. As a mother, raw vegan chef, Best Selling Author, internationally renowned lecture and so much more she doesn’t let her age stop her at anything, in fact she feels like a 20-year old.
“Feeling like you’re in your 20’s at age 78, is quite an amazing thing… I accredit this youthful look and spirit not only to my attitude, but really to my way of eating which is a raw vegan – plant based lifestyle.”- Mimi Kirk
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♦️Producer: Bransha Gautier
♦️ Artists:
Aycin Bayraktarog
Felix Konczakowski
Sandra Toma
Gala Mirissa
William Barrington – Binns
George RedHawk
Cameron Gray
Federico Bebber


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Man Of No Ego: 1. Celestial Medicine 2. Tarra 3. Harmony of the Univesrse
Album: Blinkers Removed

Stale Mate – Jingle Punks Vespers
Vespers- Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

Closeup shoot of CG water

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Cool Divers – Bond Expirience

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