Mic The Vegan Slanders FullyRawKristina and Raw Food. Let’s ROAST Him!

So Mic the vegan made a video slandering Fullyrawkristina and the raw vegan diet. He used bad science, and a bad attitude and he’s under vegetable arrest 😉 Here’s the original video of his

Vegans attacking other vegans is stupid. The raw food diet, when done right is the most powerful healing tool we have. These science minded people who only look at the numbers are missing the big picture as to why the diet is so effective. It will be years before science catches up.

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35 replies
  1. Vegetable Police
    Vegetable Police says:

    Sorry for the audio quality. I bought an AC adapter to replace my battery, and it introduced a weird buzzing noise. I reduced it as much as possible, but it made the audio sound compressed and strange. May headphone users rest in peace 😉

  2. Bethesda Boy
    Bethesda Boy says:

    As an Italian, when you say garlic is bad, is that code for garlic is life? Fuck your bitch ass kidneys. Garlic burns your kidneys because your kidneys are fucking evil, and garlic is purifying them with holy fire.

  3. Mo Ko
    Mo Ko says:

    You've completely misunderstood mic, I think you've made a video based on not liking him and probably his intelligence, as well as trying to save the damsel in distress. He's just further dissecting the information comin from everywhere even the people in life making the same positive decisions he is, based upon science, which is how veganism will gain real popularity. I love your videos to, you make me laugh and offer a uniquely funny perspective as does mic. Embrace your brethren 😀

  4. Grey Fox
    Grey Fox says:

    They say, tumeric is amazing, but then people take it and nothing. Oh wait, shit is fucking hard to absorb and shit for bio availability. Looks good in a lab, but pretty much turns to curry piss.

  5. Raw and Cooked Vegan
    Raw and Cooked Vegan says:

    I like the general point you're making but of course you can't eat rice in its raw state and most folks don't eat sweet potatoes in their raw form. Most vegans are cooking things like rice, pasta or sweet potatoes and they're eating fruits and salads as well. For those vegans who only find optimum health on a raw diet, go for it, but don't extrapolate that then it must be applied to all other vegans. Not saying you're doing that here but sadly some raw fooders do.

  6. myflesh10
    myflesh10 says:

    Thanks for having some fucking instinct!!! Some open mind and the ability to observe and listen to your body. What did the whole of God damn Nature do for billions of years before Science came along?? Oh that's right it thrived!! What has Nature done post "scientific revolution"? Oh yeah it's gone to shit! Humans gotta wake up, listen to their bodies and tune in to Nature and most of all get some compassion before we're all dead. I appreciate you for bringing some sanity to the subject! Science is great as well but it ain't shit without some common sense and intuition, especially when someone turns it into a religion which it ain't. I've seen people get more dogmatic and intense about themselves being supposedly scientific than many Christians I have hung out with, they'll act like listening to ones body is pretty much worthless

  7. myflesh10
    myflesh10 says:

    Science can be awesome but not when people become dogmatic and all intense/narrow about it, the scientific attitude is one of curiosity, not certainty, objectivity, not partial and biased. If someone has a healing take place after a certain diet they can claim a correlation if they want, they don't need a study. Although it's always good to caution people to stay aware of course. Life is not without risk and same with healing and diet

  8. Jordan Metcalf
    Jordan Metcalf says:

    Dr Robert Morse is the smartest man I know and proves everything with science as to why raw food is the best, energetically and in chemistry. Ive heard you mention him, and if you are on that level of understanding you are on the right path. I eat cooked food but know how powerful raw food is. Just because you have strong genes and can eat alot of cooked vegan or dead animal ect. It doesn't negate that our species is made for, and the chemistry of our foods should be predominately fruit. (raw food) Some things are just common sense. If I were a cow, I could probably eat kale raw all the time no problem with multiple stomachs, but Im not, so I would just opt to cook it. Or rather, eat more fruit because its made for my species and suited for my gi-tract. Makes sense and has worked for hundreds of thousands in getting well. Not a mystery since we are, after all, islanders.

  9. Marco
    Marco says:

    @Vegetable Police did you ever try long water fasts? It seems your gut doesn't want to heal…I say this not as a criticism but to have a feedback, I too have severe problems of mucus and intestinal aches that have for sure gone into remission since going vegan about a year ago but still I feel better when an high percentage of my food is raw (except that I can't eat lot of fruit what is quite limiting) but a stronger detox happened after two 3 days fasts I did. It is reported that longer 7-10 days can heal the gut. I currently fast every day 18-20h but it seems not enough to allow the high percentage of cooked food needed to sustain the hard workouts…but can't imagine to eliminate things such as beans or cooked mushrooms from my salads.

  10. sooooooooDark
    sooooooooDark says:

    7:15 how retarded
    hes super certain that cooked grains are okay
    but meat (which has been shown to be cancer promoting among other things) has been eaten for much…much longer and is alledgedly totally off-limits
    like…come on…its like he cant put 1 and 1 together because that would ruin his favourite bean dish or something

    and funnily enough: there is abolutely nothing that can only be gotten thru cooked food….even resistant starch is in whimpy bananas

    normal veganism (with a lot of starches…no matter if whole food plant based or whateverthefuck) is worse than paleo
    however raw veganism is better than paleo
    ezpz evolution/adaptation to cooked foods debunk lul

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