Man raises stink about raw sewage in Belen

“Sewer. Just open up your drain and stick your nose it in and that’s what it smells like,” said Brian Cox, who lives in the eastern part of the city.

Cox said he first noticed the smell last summer when it appeared his neighbor’s sewer line was in trouble.

“Got plugged up and I noticed it back then, called the city a couple of times,” Cox said.

The neighbor dug a trench, allowing sewage to flow out of the house, through the yard and into this irrigation ditch, according to Cox.

He said he confronted the neighbor but was threatened.

“I see their dogs in the yard eating out of this stuff. I see the kids are not allowed to play in the yard anymore, since this has happened and the other day, I was weeding at the end of my property line and I could smell the sewage,” Cox said.

Since then, he said he’s been raising a stink with the city.

City manager Leona Vigil told KOB 4 that utility workers will cut water service to the neighbor’s property until the sewer issue is fixed.

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