Lose Diets – Because They Just Do not Work

When you deprive your body of calories – which most diets do – your body goes into what's known as "survival mode" and your metabolic rate dramatically slows down for conservation purposes. The adaptive capabilities that our body's possess are nothing short of amazing. Deprive it of calories and it will slow itself down to preserve nutrients. In other words, the fire in your calorie burning "furnace" will be extinguished.

Initially, the approach of restricting calories is all well and good as you'll drop weight. However, when you take this approach, your weight loss success will be short lived. Once you return to your regular eating habits, your weight will then skyrocket – often to new heights. When dieting, your body gets used to functioning on a restricted intake of calories. Once you've reached your ideal weight and get yourself off the diet, those extra calories are a lot more likely to be stored as fat because your body has conditioned itself to function on such a low intake.

So, you want to lose diets all together. Diets are a temporary solution. Rather than seeking out a temporary solution, what you need to do is opt for a permanent lifestyle change. The key to doing this is through education. The first step in the quest to lose diets and essentially change your life for the better is to start eating frequent portions of nutrient dessert food. Doing so will rev up that metabolic "furnace" so to speak.

I know all of this can seem somewhat complicated.

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