Long Term Raw Vegan Has a Stroke: Why a Raw Diet May Not be Healthy

John from talks with his friend, David who had a stroke after eating a raw food diet for the last 16 years. In this episode, you will discover how a raw food diet does not make you immune to having a stroke or cerebral infarctions.

A plant based diet is often said to reduce the risks of having a heart disease, a heart attack, a stroke, or infarctions. Find out how a plant based diet alone does not make you immune to these serious health challenges.

You will learn David’s story and how Raw Foods actually saved his life. You will then discover the 4 reason why this stroke may have been caused so that you may be able to avoid stroke and heart disease on a raw vegan diet by making adjustments to your lifestyle now before its too late.

At the end of this episode, David and John will share there top tips for you so that you can be as healthy as possible on a raw plant based lifestyle.

After watching this episode, you will be better educated on how to better eat a raw vegan diet so that you are not another statistic.

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39 replies
  1. The Artificial Society
    The Artificial Society says:

    Why the transition to beans? Beans have a association to good health perhaps because people substitute beans for meat. But high protein is associated with worse longevity. Granted, the amino acids of primary concern were in animal protein but beans had higher levels also compared to other grains. So perhaps to maintain a low protein diet the other grains and potatoes should be looked at as the focus of calorie supplementation rather than beans. People are prejudiced by the whole protein mythology and hence they first gravitate to high protein substitutes like nuts, beans, soy products and this is exactly the wrong mentality. At least for younger adults, potatoes and grains should be the basis of caloric supplementation not beans, nuts.

  2. Lemon Fresh
    Lemon Fresh says:

    Food is our strength. And thats different for different people. A naturally large or muscular man has different caloric needs than a 115 lb female thats 16 years old. people keep comparing our diet to the Japanese and other countries, but look at their body composition, they are small naturally.

  3. YahzyelEdits
    YahzyelEdits says:

    sulfur based biologies and carbon based biologies react different to certain diets. I wouldn't recommend raw for certain biologies. Raw food is beneficial to carbon based biologies. Sulfur based biologies not so much and this is factual based of of this video.

  4. peapotter3
    peapotter3 says:

    Jack Tipps, ND, Phd in his book, The Pro Vita Plan, explains why Vegans and Vegetarians can eventually have a heart attack and stroke.  He says that while raw food is cleansing and low stress on the liver, the low protein diet eventually causes the body to rob protein from the vital organs like the heart,  causing heart attacks.  He says that you need to eat one cooked vegetable when eating protein.  Lightly cooking vegetables breaks down the cell walls of the plant cells and releases RNA and DNA factors that help digest and assimilate protein.  Raw fruit and vegetables have low stress proteins and so we feel "light" and good on raw food, but it is possible to make medium stress proteins such as grains, seeds and legumes into low stress proteins.  One should soak seeds and nuts with pineapple juice and sprout grains and beans.  Then cook the grains and beans at a very low temperature (not quite boiling).  The grains and beans become less starchy this way and less stress on the liver and digestion.  He discourages eating brown rice as it has rancid oils, but wild rice is a better alternative. (Avocados place a high stress on the liver.)

  5. James Ward
    James Ward says:

    The Raw Vegan Diet is healthy. And the The Meat Diet is healthy too. Thus practice exclusively The Raw Vegan Diet at least one or two days per week. Furthermore, walk briskly 30 consecutive minutes daily. Sleep 8 consecutive hours daily. Make money through activities you enjoy. Love people. And live in Jesus Christ.

  6. TobiasHeath Brown
    TobiasHeath Brown says:

    Also, in addition to oils (and I'm pretty sure John is a big coconut eater), David stresses eating greens now right? Over fruit. However, note that lower salt is recommended for vascular issues and some greens are quite high in salt content. For example, check Swiss Chard.

  7. Terri Lynch My Life
    Terri Lynch My Life says:

    I would like to eat more greens, but I have IBS. I can eat spinach , but not lettuce. Kale is a high gas food for me as well as broccoli and coli-flour. Not sure what greens will be ok with my system. Any suggestions on what may not cause intestinal problems for me?

  8. Stephanie Lederman
    Stephanie Lederman says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I am just getting started with veganism and also diving into eating a lot more raw. As someone who is brand new to these lifestyles I am so thankful that information like this is out there. I totally agree that young people getting into a raw lifestyle should really seek out and look to the veterans for true wisdom and advice on how to be safe, happy and healthy on this type of lifestyle. I see so many young people now choosing fruitarianism and it does make me wonder about the long term health effects. I hope they stumble upon this video too!

  9. Vicki Earls
    Vicki Earls says:

    This may seem like a new concept and it is to many. I implore you to look into a new health tool. I've recently bought the FASCIABLASTER. Fascia in our bodies goes array and restricts blood flow. Blood, nerves fat and toxins get stuck from for lack of a better word "over grown" fascia. I am I thrilled to get to see and feel the benefits this is giving me. Seriously check this amazing tool out. This can def cause a Herxheimer effect so you absolutely know it is for real.

  10. Michael Greenwood
    Michael Greenwood says:

    First, all vegans need a vitamin B12 supplement. Second, vegans and especially raw vegans get a lot of anti-nutrients like phytates, oxalates and lectins. Besides soaking and sprouting, I think that fermenting is important for raw foodists to reduce these anti-nutrients. Third, it's still necessary to do periodic cleansing with herbs, enzymes and fasting. Finally, it's important to try to get a complete spectrum of nutrients daily and some of the top foods are bee pollen, hemp seeds and sprouted lentils. I immediately mix fresh, local bee pollen with raw honey and it seems to preserve it perfectly as well as dissolve the outer layer of the pollens to release the nutrients. I realize bee pollen and honey aren't vegan but I include them as well as whey from goat milk yogurt for lacto-fermentation.

  11. R freenie
    R freenie says:

    People need to start realizing genetics are genetics. We gather up the most information we can and eat what we consider to be the healthiest calories possible, but we must realize we are only giving are body the best support to combat against disease and aging ect.. and eating perfect does not guarantee a disease free life, it just guarantees you are giving the the genetics you were born with the proper fuel it was designed to use and thrive on.

    I simply look at eating a specific way such as 100% raw organic vegan as increasing my odds against contracting disease such as cancer, heart disease ect… I know full well that it does not guarantee that I will live to be 120 yrs old disease free, there are so many other factors out of our control and it starts with genetics.

    795,000 people have a stroke per year, yet we focus on the 1 person who had a stroke after eating raw for 16 yrs. How many less strokes would there be per year if everyone ate a raw plant based diet? If the number was cut down to 2, there would still be people arguing against a raw vegan diet because 2 people had a stroke and not zero.

  12. crosswind76
    crosswind76 says:

    Interesting video. I avoid Flax, Sesame, Chia, Sunflower seeds and beans because they are HIGH estrogenic foods. I had to go back to eating Fish oil & Borage oil for my Omega 3 & 6. Flax oil (by Barleans) & Chia seeds made my PMS worse. Many other women in the estrogen dominant healing group have shared the same negative side effect from foods high in phytoestrogens and estrogens. If you have COMT gene mutation or other mutations that cause me to detox estrogen slower. I have MTHFR which makes my liver more sluggish and I'm an Over-Methylator which burdens my liver more. get your genes tested at 23andme.com.

  13. crosswind76
    crosswind76 says:

    Fyi: MTHFR Gene Mutation is linked to CLOTS, DVT, Stroke because MTHFR thickens our blood. It is why those of us diagnosed
    with MTHFR are told to take either Methyl-folate OR FOLINIC Acid, but to AVOID ALL Enriched Foods with “Folic
    Acid” AND Packaged foods, drinks, with it and avoid birth control pill; Folic is synthetic and needs to be converted by body FIRST before it can be utilized.  If you have MTHFR, you cannot convert, so it accumulates in the body unused AND uses up Folate Receptors in the brain. One leading MTHFR expert, Dr. Lynch said food alone is NOT enough for some people with MTHFR who might need higher levels, so we take Folate supplements. I eat dark greens AND take FOLINIC  ACID (Not Folic Acid). You can get tested at 23andme.com to see if you have MTHFR C677t or MTHFR A1298C. On FB go to #MthfrSupport, #DrBenLynch #DrAmyYasko, and MTHFR SNPs. Thx for sharing your story.

  14. Martin Tornberg
    Martin Tornberg says:

    It is unfortunate that he claims that eating too much fruit is bad due to the fruit sugars, but he seems unaware that there is a very simple solution to this: avoid eating the fruit any time close to when the inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids (from nuts & seeds) are consumed. Proper food combining eliminates the problems with fruit. He also complains about having had a way-too-high ratio of 16-to-1 of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fats on his raw vegan diet, but that was not a function of being on a raw vegan diet per se, it was a function of his choices of nuts & seeds. Just eating more chia seeds and hemp seeds, and fewer other nuts & seeds, would result in a much better ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3.

  15. Martin Tornberg
    Martin Tornberg says:

    The reason he wasn't able to stay on a raw vegan diet, he explained (at 54 minutes), is that his fat ratio was out of whack (too high ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3), so he cut back on his consumption of nuts & seeds & olive oil, but this caused him to lose too much weight due to not getting enough calories, so he decided he had to add cooked food. While that was a perfectly reasonable choice to make, I wonder what would have happened if he had fixed his fat imbalance and lack of calories within the raw vegan framework, which might have been easy to do just by adding chia seeds and hemp seeds (which are both high in Omega 3 and don't have an excess of Omega 6), adding macademia nuts (which are very low in Omega 6), adding coconut meat and/or coconut oil (which has hardly any Omega 6 at all), and perhaps getting some more calories from fruit. It would have been interesting to find out whether that would have worked for him, so from that perspective, it's too bad he didn't try it.

  16. Winifred Currie
    Winifred Currie says:

    After Dean Ornish completed his groundbreaking studies on reversing heart disease he was rubbished by the medical community, which does this all the time, which is what people generally listen to. It's all they get because there are actually laws against talking about natural methods of healing. So the public at large are at the mercy of MD's and Oncologists if they allow themselves to be and don't research. Doctors can make you very sick.

  17. Raw LawGirl
    Raw LawGirl says:

    what saddens me a little about this is that is diet was and is probably better than 95% of the population raw or cooked, yet he seems so defensive and nervous as if he has to justify why he added some cooked Vegan food to his diets. Although I have experienced the incresible benefits of raw foods, it is schedule to me tmhow we become thw raw food/Vegan police and fight and argue about who is wrong about what. Can we ever know what works best for someone else? Can we ever know AND understand what predispositions they have due to genetics? I have been a Vegetarian/Vegan for 40 years. Most of that time Vegan except my first 2-3 years. I was very militant about it in my first 25-35 years, but have since come to realize that MANY factors play a part in health and that what works for me MAY not work for someone else and vice versa.

  18. deathlightdb
    deathlightdb says:

    Hey, I just wanted to thank you. There are so many raw foodists who scream and rage, and get so mad at others, and have such a cemented frame of mind that doesn't allow for any kind of deviation from their ideas, that the people who follow them almost form cults. I believe the diet has many benefits, but also needs to flex to the person. I love your videos, because you talk to people who do what you do, and people who don't, and you're much more mature than so many people in the raw food and vegan community. Best wishes

    JAAPIOJO says:

    at greens,sweet potatoes,chia seeds and other superfoods like hemp seeds,wheat grass,omega 3 sups do some yoga.When you have difficulty getting to sleep take a real big inhale and very slowly exhale you can repeat it as you wish.

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